Is Commissioner Gordon in BvS?
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
June 3, 2014

Ever since we learned that Batman would be in the sequel to MAN OF STEEL, the most often asked question I’ve been asked is how much of the “Batman Universe” will be included in the film. In particular, fans want to know which members of the Batman Family might show up in BATMAN v SUPERMAN. We already know that Batman’s right hand man/partner/father figure, Alfred Pennyworth, is in BvS and will be portrayed by Jeremey Irons. There was some early buzz that Dick Grayson/Nightwing would be included, but currently, there’s nothing to substantiate that rumor. BUT…

I heard the following from a good and longtime “FOBOF” who always has his ear to the ground out there when it comes to Batman movie news. This dude shot me an email about a week or so ago letting me in on a bit of info he heard and wanted to know if any other FOBOF’s might have heard the same thing. I checked around, but I did not hear anything (yet) that allows me to proclaim this as anything rumor. So with that disclaimer out of the way, here goes…

Is Commissioner Jim Gordon in BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

According to the aforementioned FOBOF, that’s what he’s hearing. Since the Batman of BvS is supposed to be a “seasoned, weary, grizzled crime-fighting veteran,” it’s safe to assume that most – if not all – of the Batman Family (and Bat-Villains) already exist in the new DC Cinematic Universe. Based on that line of thinking, a short appearance by Jim Gordon certainly isn’t out the realm of possibility. However, I’ve got to think that since the role of Gordon is such an iconic and important part of the Batman mythos, if the character was really in the film the part would have already been cast and we’d know with whom.

(UPDATE! Another good FOBOF says that even though a casting announcement about Jim Gordon hasn't happened as of yet, that doesn't mean it can't happen in the future. "Why would we have heard it by now," he says, "the movie is SO far out [from release]. Look at what's going on [casting-wise] with STAR WARS.")

Personally, I hope this rumor turns pans out. I’d love to see at least one (rooftop) scene between Batfleck and an older Jim Gordon set in Gotham. Since there hasn’t been an actor cast (so far) that would fit the bill for an “elder statesmen” Gordon, there’s not even anyone we can guess might be playing Jimbo. Therefore, chalk this up as nothing more than rumor at this point. My choice for the new Commissioner Gordon? Kurt Russell. How about you? Would you like to see Gordon in BATMAN v SUPERMAN? Who would you like to play him? Sound off in the comments section below!

BATMAN v SUPERMAN hits theaters on MAY 6, 2016.

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