RUMOR: Did Kevin Smith Write a Fake BvS Script for WB?
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
July 4, 2014

UPDATE 1/JULY 8, 2014/8AM CENTRAL: So, did Kevin Smith really write a fake BATMAN v SUPERMAN script at the request of Warner Bros. to throw off “scoop sites?” Here’s my take/what I know…

From what I’ve been able to find out, Smith WAS NOT commissioned by Warner Bros. to pen a fake script, nor did he write one on his own volition. Thus, I’m calling BS on this particular story. HOWEVER...

I am aware that several fake scripts and “sides” have been given to various websites (which I shall not name, but including BOF) and those websites (not BOF) did indeed publish stories claiming to have a “scoop” or "exclusive" regarding the plot of BvS, characters in the film, and how characters in the film are being portrayed. I've been told that all this was done in order to "F-over scoop sites." Therefore, it is my belief that most of the stuff we have heard about the film – unless it has come from Zack Snyder or Warner Bros. publicity – is NOT TRUE. If I'm ultimately proven wrong, I'll certainly own up to it.

The original story is below after Kevin's Tweet. - Bill "Jett" Ramey

UPDATE 2/JULY 8, 2014/4PM CENTRAL: As you can see below, Kevin Smith confirmed what I said earlier today: KS did not pen a fake BvS script. The bottom line here is that someone wrote a fake script, fished it to several online outlets, and many of them bit...hook, line, and sinker (not BOF). And yes, I have this fake script, know first hand that it is fake, and know it was the same script from which these outlets got their info. I'm not trying to calling anyone out - some of these guys I like, respect, and are friends with. However, I've got an obligation to the BOF audience to call it like it is and let you all know when BS is BS.

UPDATE 3/JULY 8, 2014/6PM CENTRAL: And does anyone think I'd actually post THIS...

...if that script was LEGIT? Y'all know me and BOF better than that! #Truth

Now this is both CRAZY and AWESOME!

Via various online outlets, Warner Bros. commissioned writer/director Kevin Smith to write a fake BvS script which they then leaked to various "scoop sites."

Kevin Smith

For me, I'm taking - and have been taking - everthing I've heard about the film through various sources and friends with a HUGE grain of salt. Fake script or not, I'm sure that there's A LOT of disinformation about the film out there. Are Batbots, Batdrones, Mr. Zsasz, Jim Gordon, etc. really in the film? Who the hell knows?!

As someone who hates film leaks and spoilers, I applaud Warner Bros. for this tactic if true. Now, would they go as far as having another writer/director write a fake script and then leak it? I don't know about that. But if they did...BRILLIANT. I'm sure I speak for most fans when I say that we really don't want know that much about the film before we actually see it. Here's hoping Mr. Smith says something about this on one of his upcoming podcasts.

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters on MAY 6, 2016.


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