Kurylenko Tests for Wonder Woman? Dick Grayson in BvS? - UPDATED!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
November 7, 2013

UPDATE #2 (11/9/13): According to THE WRAP, Adam Driver has emerged as the frontrunner to play Dick Grayson -- AKA Nightwing and formerly Robin -- in Zack Snyderís BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. For the full details, click on the link provided. My take...

Though I had heard that Dick Grayson was going to be in the film, I had not heard any names tied to the role. As the story reports, Grayson and Bruce Wayne are not on speaking terms in BvS. I also have been told that even though Grayson is Nightwing, only Dick Grayson is in the film, not his crime-fighting alter-ego. As I've said previously -- and this is just a guess on my part -- I figure that this is a cameo-esque appearance and we'll see more of Grayson and Nightwing in the first solo Batman film to spring from BvS.

Adam Driver

UPDATE #1 (11/8/13): Per VARIETY.COM, Gal Gadot and Elodie Yung have tested for female lead in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN along with the previously mentioned Olga Kurylenko. Though I had heard about Kurylenko's testing -- which is most likely for Wonder Woman -- I had not heard about either of these new candidates. Also, the report claims that Barry Allen -- AKA "The Flash" -- is set to appear in the film as well. Click on the link provided for the full story. I contacted the fine folks at Warner Bros., but got the standared "No comment" response which I expected. My take...

Of the three young ladies rumored for this "female lead" in BvS, I like Ms. Gadot the best. As far as The Flash showing up, UGH! A Wonder Woman cameo I can handle, but now we're going to get other superpowered beings in this film?! Granted, I don't know how all of this will be executed, but it's starting to look a little crowded to me.

Gal Gadot (left) and Elodie Yung (right)

ORIGINAL REPORT (11/7/13): Two big BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN rumors have dropped over the last 24 hours, so letís recap them and Iíll give you all my thoughts on each.

First, SMOESKNOW.COM is claiming that actress Olga Kurylenko tested for the part of Wonder Woman in BvS. My take? They are 100% on the money. How do I know? I heard the same thing two weeks ago from several "FOBOF" ("Friends of BOF") and was not at liberty to say Ė though I did kinda hint at it in THIS BOF REPORT. Will she ultimately get the role? I have no idea and Iím pretty damn sure theyíve tested other actresses for the part, including Jaime Alexander from the THOR films. IN THIS BOF STORY, I made the bold claim that there was no way Ms. Alexander would get the part. However, I might be wrong with that assumption, as Iíve heard some intel over the last few days thatís swayed my opinion.

Secondly, my friend El Mayimbe from one of my favorite sites, LATINO-REVIEW.COM, says that Dick Grayson is also in BvS and that Warner Bros. has put out a casting call for a ďa young John Hawkes typeĒ of actor for the part. (Check out El Mayimbeís video report at the conclusion of this story.)

My take? Again, this is probably true Ė I heard the same thing from a couple of FOBOF along with the Kurylenko rumors. Since the Batman of BvS is going to be in his mid-40s, Iím quite sure that his Bat-verse will already be established. Thus, itís no surprise that Dick Grayson, Alfred, Jim Gordon, etc. already exist and may show up in the film. Iím not sure if weíll get Dick Grayson in full Nightwing regalia Ė Iím of the mind that thatíll come in the first solo Batman film featuring Affleck post-BvS. Perhaps Graysonís appearance in BvS is simply to help set up the next solo Batman film.

Why didn't I reveal any of this info? That's because BOF isnít a ďscoop siteĒ -- never has been, never will. Iím more concerned about how Batman will be portrayed in BvS and in future solo films afterwards. What I'm banging the BOF drum for is to have Ben Affleck write, direct, and -- of course -- star in the first solo Batman film after BvS. Hell, I want the dude to take over the entire cinematic Bat-franchise and give us his own Bat-trilogy! Anyway....

Make sure you check out the original reports via the links provided above (and the video report below), as well as Mark Hughesí latest on Wonder Woman in BvS via his FORBES.COM BLOG.

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN hits theaters on JULY 17, 2015.

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