OPINION: BvS Trailer #2 Review/Thoughts
Author: Rick Shew (Follow @SHEWRICK)
July 14, 2015

If you have read my previous op-eds on this site, you should be well aware of my unwavering love for “The Dark Knight Trilogy" from director Christopher Nolan. You may also recall my review of the first BATMAN v SUPERMAN teaser trailer where I spoke about the promise of greatness, and how impressed I was that Zack Snyder looks to clearly be continuing Nolan’s respectful treatment of The Batman by highlighting perhaps his most important character: Dignity.

When the three-minute trailer was released last week, I clicked “PLAY” with a nerve-racked sense of reluctance; what if this trailer fell away from the promise of the teaser? What if digital, over-stylized eye candy and disaster porn rained all over my teaser-raised expectations? What if my hopes for a post-Nolan cinematic Batman were all but lost?

What is clear, without question, is no matter how the film ultimately turns out Ben Affleck and his director are taking The Batman very, VERY seriously.

As opposed to doing a frame-by-frame analysis (Jett already did that brilliantly), I thought I’d just freestyle some of the thoughts bouncing frantically through my head and, hopefully, entertain you in the process.

Allow me to discuss MAN OF STEEL for a moment. In short, I liked it. In fact, I have grown to like it even more with multiple viewings. However, like many fans, I always took issue with the copious amounts of destruction in the film, particularly the last forty-five minutes. So, one of my favorite things about this new trailer is how the destruction of Metropolis will play a huge part in BvS. It does not go unchecked. In fact, it serves as a catalyst for the paranoid skepticism about Kal-El and appears to fuel Batman’s vengeful rage throughout the entire film (more on that in a moment).

This brings me to my personal favorite moment in the trailer. Bruce in Metropolis during the epic battle between Zod and Kal-El. When you see Bruce caught-up in the destruction around him and screaming into the phone (who is he talking to?!) it makes you realize how serious an actor Affleck has become over the years. Then, pure magic: Bruce Wayne runs straight INTO the roiling cloud of destruction! Like a wild animal, he does not hesitate to protect those he loves, even in the most fraught and dangerous circumstances. In the post 9-11 world, that scene is truly powerful.

As the trailer unfolds, we see so many fascinating moments. Including Robin’s suit (who is presumably dead), but which Robin is it? Personally, I hope it IS Jason Todd and that Nightwing is alive and well, but Jett’s theory that it could very well be Dick Grayson, actually makes perfect sense. Will we see the scene where The Joker kills and/or tortures The Boy Wonder? If you saw the SUICIDE SQUAD trailer that Warner Bros. released today, then surely you saw the chilling scene at the end with Jared Leto’s Joker. Clearly he is about to torture someone, could THAT person be Robin? My guess: very possibly.

On that note, I love how The Joker is very much a part of the BATMAN v SUPERMAN storyline (and boy, does he seem like one sorry S.O.B.!). The scene with The Joker mocking Bruce’s deceased friends via the newspaper gave us the most pissed off Bruce Wayne on film we have seen to date. I want more! (Side note: The SUICIDE SQUAD trailer is also amazing, and our first live action Harley Quinn may just be tone freakin perfect!)

The trailer also gave us some nice moments with Perry White and Lois Lane, and Jeffery Iron’s Alfred intrigues me. I mentioned in my earlier teaser review that I wasn’t sure I’d want to see a cinematic Bruce and Alfred again after the beautiful scenes between Christian Bale and Micahel Cain in the “Trilogy.” But that the teaser trailer showed the promise of equal greatness. What we are seeing so far is just that: Greatness.

I am sold. Take my money. Twice. Probably twenty seven times!

I am also thrilled that Henry Cavil is back in the red cape. I thought he gave such a nuanced, wonderful performance in MAN OF STEEL. It is also nice to have the first cinematic Superman to appear in more than one film since the late, amazing Chris Reeve. My only quibble is why on earth have we not heard him say one single word in either trailer? I have seen MAN OF STEEL and I just watched THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. trailer, so I know he can act! Hopefully, the next trailer will give him the verbal spotlight.

I also cannot wait to see what our new Lex Luthor is up to. I have loved Eisenberg’s work ever since THE SOCIAL NETWORK and I, for one, am confident he is going to be amazing in the role of Luthor. “The red capes are coming. The red capes are coming…” Boom. Marvelous delivery.

So, my fellow Batman fans, this is my take: I never thought I would want a Batman on film with other superheroes, but this may just work, and work brilliantly. The small glimpse we got of Wonder Woman was very cool, and every scene where The Batman and Superman are on screen together sends tingles down my spine all the way back to my page-turning, twelve year old self. I think this film will usher in a new era for DC movies and, in the process, I think it will retroactively make MAN OF STEEL an even BETTER movie. - Rick Shew

Rick Shew is a lifelong Batman fanatic.

His love for Batman traces back to the ripe age of 5 when he became obsessed with the 1960’s TV show and later a diehard Batman bomic book reader (THE KILLING JOKE remains his all time favorite).

As an actor, Rick has appeared in numerous films, local & national commercials and over a dozen theatrical productions. However, his favorite gig of all time was playing Superman, alongside Batman, Batgirl, The Green Lantern & Wonder Woman in the "DC Comics Live" show at Six Flags San Antonio, TX.

Although Rick attended The University of North Texas, he is a diehard Texas Longhorns football fan. He is a HUGE fan of THE Dallas Cowboys as well (#DezCaughtIt).

Other likes include cooking, reading and hosting his left leaning political page LeftShewPolitics.

Rick resides in Dallas with his 3 beautiful women (his wife and their 2 daughters), his kitty cat and his dog, Cooper.

Even though Rick has a full-time job with a hospitality/software company based out of San Francisco, he also helped conceptualize a bar in Dallas (where he also sits as a financial investor), NICKEL AND RYE. So, when in Dallas, please come have a bite and a drink!

Follow Rick on Twitter @SHEWRICK.

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