"1st Batfleck Batflick? I've Got a Suggestion!"
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
July, 1, 2014

So, what do we know so far about the new Batman on film to be played by Ben Affleck?

Well actually, not very much.

We know that he’s older – in his mid-40’s – and his characterization is influenced a lot by Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Heck, he looks a lot like Frank Miller’s TDKR Batman in the suit too!

And that’s about it, right? Oh yeah, there’s something else. We also know he’ll be mixing it up with superpowered beings, aliens, magical creatures, and monsters.

While some Batman fans have no problem with a Batman existing in a world with all that sort of stuff, a good segment of our Batman brethren – and that includes me – roll our eyes and let loose a resounding “UGH!” just over the thought of it.

Here’s the deal Batman fans: We’ve now got a middle age/past his prime Batman on film who is part of a team that consists of an invincible flying alien, a chick who is a descendant of a god, and a dude who lives underwater and talks to sea creatures. What the heck does all of this mean when it comes to the solo Batman film series?

And really, how many solo Batman films can you get out of a Bruce Wayne who is nearly 50?

Since this Batman exists in the (new) DC Cinematic Universe, does this mean that the solo films will be full of cameos by other DC characters? Furthermore, does this mean that the solo Batflicks will have to account for the storylines in other films?

Lots to consider, yes?

So here’s my hypothesis (or maybe “suggestion” is a better term to use): When it comes to the solo Batfleck Batflick: Make it a prequel.

If the events of BATMAN v SUPERMAN and then JUSTICE LEAGUE take place when Batman is 45ish, why not turn the Bat-calendar back a decade or so for the solo cinematic adventures of Batfleck? Let me give you an example…

Supposedly, Ben Affleck’s Batman – in BATMAN v SUPERMAN – has been “retired” for a bit and is using Batbots and Batdrones to fight crime in Gotham City. What made Bruce Wayne retire – or semi-retire I guess – and take on the scourge of Gotham via technological stand-ins? Since – allegedly – a lot of this new Batman on film’s characterization is based on THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, perhaps it was due to the death of Robin 2, Jason Todd? If that’s maybe the case, don’t you all think there would be a hell of a story about that on film? I certainly do.

Ben Affleck, PLEASE write, direct and star in a solo Batman film. Thank you!

When it comes to Ben Affleck’s age, yes, he’s closer in age to the Batman he’ll be playing in BvS and JL than to a Batman in his mid-30s – especially when his solo Batfilm comes out in 2019 as rumored. However, this dude is in pretty damn good shape and can easily play a man 10 years younger than his actual chronological age.

Think about it BOF’ers, since we now have an “old, grizzled, and battle-worn” Dark Knight – who has been Batman for well over a decade – he’s definitely had TONS of Bat-adventures before Superman and his Super Friends showed up on the Earth and built the Hall of Justice.


And here’s another benefit: The filmmaker who ends up directing that solo Batfilm (Ben Affleck!) won’t have to worry about DCU on film continuity. Basically, the events will take place before the existence of superpowered heroes and villains. AND…

Bada bing, bada boom...problem solved and everyone’s happy! Whether you want to blast Batman off into space and have him battle aliens (oy vey!) or not, Bat-Fans of various Bat-tastes can have their cake and eat it too.

So, what do y’all think? Am I genius (YES!) or I'm a crazy (I'm not...I'm NOT)? Sound off in the comments section below!

Oh yeah, one more thing...

Make the Wayne family decedents of wealthy ancient Kryptonians. - Bill "Jett" Ramey

BATMAN v SUPERMAN hits theaters on MAY 6, 2016.

UPDATE: My response to two arguments...

“Iron Man/Black Widow/Hawkeye – all humans like Batman – worked alongside superpowered beings in THE AVENGERS.”

None of these characters – even Iron Man – are as popular as Batman amongst the mainstream audience. Furthermore, none of these character’s mythos are as well known amongst the mainstream as Batman’s. Batman’s popularity is derived from the fact that he is human and doesn’t have superpowers. In film – where the aforementioned mainstream audience experience Batman – he has been presented “relatively realistic” in all of his cinematic endeavors and that’s what that audience is used to seeing when it comes to Batman. Putting him on screen alongside superpowered beings, gods, aliens, monsters, and magical entities has the potential to make him look silly. Regardless, you fans of the full-on DCU Batman ARE GETTING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT.

Bottom line: No one outside of comic book fans care for Hawkeye and Black Widow. And I suspect if you asked the regular Joes out there whether or not they had superpowers, they wouldn't have a clue. As far as Iron Man, yes, he’s human; but he wears a suit that makes him a superman. Plus, he was introduced to the mainstream audience in a world where superpowered beings, gods, aliens, monsters, and magical entities existed because they were setting up THE AVENGERS. This is only world of Iron Man that this audience knows. None of these characters come close to the popularity of and knowledge about Batman that the non-fan audience has.

”If it works in comics and in animation, then it’ll work in live-action film.”

Complete nonsense and utterly false. We’ve addressed that line if thinking on BOF before, so as my retort, I’ll suggest THIS ARTICLE BY MARK HUGHES and THIS ONE BY YOURS TRULY.

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