I Was There & Most of You Were Not!
(AKA Jett's Take on the BvS SDCC '14 Footage)

Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
July 27, 2014

While I find the idea of “reviewing” less-than-a-minute clip from a film that’s still basically TWO YEARS FROM RELEASE absolutely ridiculous, I figured what the heck, you know? Since I was one of the very few on the entire planet that got to see it live and in person – and I am the world’s #1 Batman fan according to Mr. Michael Uslan – I thought I’d put in my two cents for what it’s worth. Oh yeah, and I run a website titled “Batman on Film,” so this surprise BATMAN v SUPERMAN footage is probably something I should “analyze” a bit more that my already-posted synopsis. So here goes, “Scattershot” style…

* I liked it…A LOT.

* I’m not going to lie and say that seeing Batman and Superman on film together for the first time was pretty damn cool – ESPECIALLY when it came to the footage that director Zack Snyder chose to show. So yeah, the little kid that’s still within me got one hell of a kick out of it.

* I knew that Ben Affleck’s Batman was going to wear an armored suit in the film – and I’ve long told you all that here on BOF. But I didn’t realize how much it would look like the one from Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. OK, maybe I should have because, supposedly, there’s A LOT of TDKR in this movie when it comes to how Batman is portrayed. Honestly, I thought it would be a little more sleek – perhaps a tad of the armored suit from KINGDOM COME thrown in there – but from what I saw, it’s straight-up Miller/TDKR…or Lego Batman.

* Batfleck ripping that tarp off the Batsignal and cranking it on…at night…in the rain…on a rooftop…gave me chills! It looked to me – and I might be completely wrong here – like this Batsignal hadn’t been used for a while. In fact, it’s covered with a tarp and sparks and smoke emit from it when Batfleck pulls its switch. Does this add to the validity to the scuttlebutt that this film’s version of Bruce Wayne hasn’t been Batman in a few years? Again, very TDKR if true.

* The whole thing was VERY “Batman,” if you will.

Night. Rain. Rooftop.

So I’m wondering…are Superman fans down with this as much as Batman fans? Clearly, Warner Bros. and everyone behind bringing this specific clip of the film to SDCC ’14 believed it should be extremely Batmanmish. And hey, that’s OK with me as a Batman fan first and by far foremost.

Shakin' the money maker!

* Where’s all the “Ben Affleck will SUCK dude!” hyperbole now, huh? Some folks will never learn (Keaton, Ledger, Hathaway).

* Now, let's turn to the question at hand and that I promised to answer: Do I think Warner Bros. should officially release it online in HD with all the bells, whistles, and Batsignals?

Unequivocally, NO - and I say that with peace and love, peace and love.

On one hand, I say release it online as soon as it's presented at Comic Con. That would certainly take the wind out of the sails when it comes to bootlegs popping up online. But doing that just ain't right. It's caving into the pressure of the "screaming loudest" vocal minority of fandom.

I’m sorry folks, you are NOT entitled to see it. If you couldn’t go to San Diego Comic Con, or you were there and couldn’t get into Hall H, too bad. Cry me a river, really. A harsh reality? Yes on both the harsh and the reality.

The bottom line here is that Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder – who does love him some San Diego Comic Con – did the fans a favor. If you were there to see it, congrats! If you weren’t, you STILL heard about it and were able to read the scene’s descriptions via every damn media outlet that was in Hall H and witnessed it.

Frankly, in the last 24 hours, everyone who wanted to see it, saw it – be it there in person or via a crappy cell phone bootleg online. Releasing this video online right now will do nothing in terms of hyping up BvS for the mainstream audience. Why? Because the mainstream audience – who will make up 95% or more of this film’s audience – doesn’t even have BvS on their radar right now! Thus, there’s no point for WB/Zack Snyder to post that video online right now as it’s only going to be watched by those who saw it in person or a bootleg online. Not one more ticket to BvS will be sold by putting that video online right now, period.

Look, I’ve got A LOT of empathy for the majority of good Batman fans who simply would like to see a HQ version of that video and couldn’t due to money or logistic reasons. They want to see it, can’t, but then they move on 'cause they know the world aint' coming to an end. BUT...

And I know what some of you all are thinking, “Why aren’t you sticking up for us Jett?! Why aren’t you DEMANDING that WB give us that video?”

Well, I’ll tell you why I’m not: I’m sick of the “entitlement mentality” that a lot of fans have and it’s not BOF’s job to contribute to that nonsense. BOF's job is to lobby WB for the best when it comes to Batman on film. Other than that, I'm not your huckleberry. It’s fine time that the spoiled children of fandom DON'T get what they want just because they throw an anonymous social media fit and say they want it NOW!

Peace and love.

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters on MAY 6, 2016.

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