Producer Charles Roven Talks BvS & Batfleck
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October 13, 2014

Via an interview with THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, BATMAN v SUPERMAN producer Charles Roven (who also served as one of the producers of "The Dark Knight Trilogy") had a few interesting blurbs about the film and its star, Ben Affleck as Batman...

"[Ben Affleck] was the first guy we went to. That's who we wanted. We knew that we wanted a very mature Batman, because we wanted to juxtapose him with this very young Superman. So we wanted a guy who was tougher, rugged, who had signs of life, who had lived a hard life, and we wanted the guy to have chops, for sure. So when we went down that list, there just weren't a tremendous number of guys who could carry that."

"We also wanted a guy with big stature. Ben is 6' 4". Henry [Cavill] is 6'1". We wanted Batman to tower over Superman. Not hugely, not like a basketball player. Superman needed to 'look up' to Batman. We wanted that dynamic, and Ben could do that, easily,"

Also, here's what Mr. Roven said about Chris Nolan's involvement with BvS...

"[Nolan] is an executive producer on the movie, as is Emma Thomas, his wife. And I would say that he's much more focused on the movie INTERSTELLAR, writing, directing. He co-wrote it with his brother...They were off doing that movie."

And, here's a little bit about how Batman and Bruce Wayne will be portrayed in the film...

"He's much more of a social animal in the Bruce Wayne incarnation, but he's also an extremely rough guy in the Batman incarnation very, very, very rough."

Let me say this about Mr. Nolan's involvement with BvS: It's very little from a creative POV. In fact, as a director, I'm quite sure Chris wanted it that way. He was done with Batman on film after "The Dark Knight Trilogy" and he had no desire to be Warner Bros.' DC film Ggodfather." So instead of taking a job that he couldn't/wouldn't give 100% of his heart and soul, he was/is more than willing to let others who do have that passion (Snyder) do their thing. He's a stand up dude and I have the most respect for both Chris and Emma. ANYWAY...

For the full interview, click on the link provided or watch via the video below.

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters on MARCH 25, 2016.

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