Kevin Smith Talks Up Batfleck's "Cloth" Batsuit
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July 7, 2014

Greetings from somewhere on I35 in Minnesota just south of the Twin Cities! I'm literally working on BOF in the car while my wife drives! That's dedication boys and girls! On with the story...

Kevin Smith - who allegedly penned a fake BvS script for Warner Bros. to leak - talked more about Ben Affleck's Batsuit and how it is "cloth" during one of his recent "Fatman on Batman" podcasts. It seems Smith - who had legendary Batman artist on as a guest and who seems to like Bruce Wayne sporting spandex - pointed to a statue of Batman from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and said, "They’re doing that one for the next movie. Like he looks like that."

Batman from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS (left) and Ben Affleck as Batman (right)

Mr. Adams then brought up the "cloth suit" from the fan film, BATMAN: DEAD END which prompted Smith to say, "I tell you, that’s what they’re doing in this new Batman movie. It’s him in material. None of this body armor sh#t!" On a "cloth suit roll," Smith continued, "And when he wears the cloth suit, you know what’s going to happen? They’re going to make that much more money, because everyone’s going to be like, ‘Did you see the F#cking cloth suit at work, and it works."

Yes, the suit was certainly inspired by Miller's Batman from TDKR. However, if you look at Batfleck's suit it detail (CLICK HERE and then on Batfleck to see a big, HQ pic), you can tell that he is NOT wearing spadex/tights. It's a cloth-like material most likely over some sort of "body armor." And how in the hell does a "cloth suit" equal more money made from the film? For the record, I thought the cloth Batman suit in DEAD END looked like crap - I'd NEVER want to see that in a big-budget, live-action Batman film. Really Mr. Adams? THAT'S What you'd want the Batman on film costume to look like? And truth be told, I don't like DEAD END AT ALL - I thought it was garbage. Look, if Kevin is simply saying that suit - on the outside - looks like "cloth," then I'm with him. But to suggest that it's tights/spandex over Ben's body, I don't agree with that at all - especially when comparing it to the suit from DEAD END. Anyway, you can listen to the full "Fatman on Batman" podcast below. Oh yeah, one more thing...

I "met" Mr. Adams at the premeire of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES back in July of 2012 in New York City. After the screening, I was standing around waiting for my "date" - my friend Darren - and Mr. Adams approached me and asked if I could get his coat. I said, "Sir, I have no idea where the coat check is, sorry." And he goes, "I'm sorry son. You just look like a guy who knows where coats are kept." WTF? Hahahaha!

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters on MAY 6, 2016.

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