BvS Michigan Shoot Update & More
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February 8, 2014

UPDATE (2/12/14): "Doctor Detroit" is back with an update on the story below...

"According to my source, the filming that is going on in LA that GM is involved with is actually for 'Tomorrowland', NOT 'Batman vs. Superman'.

Furthermore, my source said the Batmobile design I originally told you about a few months ago has, in fact, been scrapped altogether because WB was dissatisfied with it (I'm assuming as a result of the Affleck/Terrio takeover), and that GM is no longer involved in its design. No word on whether or not GM will be involved in the build process.

Disinformation? Maybe. But jives with what I was told around the time Terrio took over. Time will tell what is fact and what is fiction."

Here's the original story...

Our good 'ol friend "Doctor Detroit" is back with some BvS scuttlebutt/rumor/news. Don't worry, there are NO SPOILERS below, trust me. Here goes...

"One minor update and one potentially major update. I've been told that Michigan shooting will start at Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac. I'm hearing mid-March as the start date. Michigan location shooting won't start until late spring (May or possibly June) at the earliest.

Now, I specified ‘Michigan’ shooting above, because we know a scene has already been shot in Los Angeles. However, with Chris Terrio now [re-writing the film], that footage is likely scrapped. There was speculation that everything up to the point of Terrio taking over had been scrapped as well (including Batsuit and Batmobile) but that does not appear to be the case. BECAUSE…

My sources tell me a shoot is currently taking place in the Los Angeles area. What's being shot? Well, I've been told it involves the highly anticipated, new BATMOBILE! Whether this footage will end up being used in the film or is for the purposes of testing/promotion is not entirely clear. But it does reveal that pre-Terrio/Affleck designs have been retained.

This information coincides with what I'd heard previously about the new Batmobile being tested in late January/early February."

Batfleck and Terrio

So there you have it BOF'ers. It appears that some MAJOR changes have been made on this project. One's got to figure that this could be the main reason behind the 10 month release delay from July 2015 to May 2016. As I've told you all several times, Ben Affleck has A LOT of sway on not only how Batman is being portrayed, but on the film in general. For more on Batfleck's BvS influence, let me direct you to a great article by BOF's Mark Hughes on his FORBES.COM "REEL ESTATE" BLOG." And as always, stay tuned to BOF for the BEST and NON-SPOILERISH coverage of BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN...or whatever it ends up being titled.

BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN hits theaters on MAY 6, 2016.

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