From West to Affleck, Who is/was the
Most Physically-Suited Batman/Bruce Wayne on Film?

Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
February 8. 2015

Though we’ve yet to see Ben Affleck as Batman on the big screen, we have seen enough of him – in and out of costume – as Batman to draw an opinion on his Batman from an aesthetic standpoint.

So, from West to Affleck (omitting Mr. Wilson and Mr. Lowery from the two 1940s serials), which actor was/is the most physically suited to play Batman? Furthermore, I’ll add Bruce Wayne into the mix and judge these cats based on a combination of The Dark Knight and his alter ego (see what I did there?).

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#6 Michael Keaton (BATMAN & BATMAN RETURNS)
Look, I loved Michael Keaton as Batman, but let’s be real here, OK? It’s obvious why this dude ranks last on this here list. He is short, balding (now bald), and doesn’t have the movie star/leading man looks that’s required to play Bruce Wayne. Regardless of how good he was as Batman (and “quirky” as Bruce Wayne), it was hard to believe that he could do the things that Batman does, physically, with his stature. Again, I love MK, but it is what it is. And NIGHT SHIFT is STILL his best film!

#5 Adam West (BATMAN 60s TV Series & BATMAN: THE MOVIE)
Yes, Keaton looked WAY better as Batman in costume, but Mr. West gets the nod over MK because his Bruce Wayne was more Bruce Wayne-ish. Plus, his “Pow, Zap, and Wham!” fighting prowess looked better than Mr. Keaton (and his stunt double) could do in that suit of 80 lbs!

#4 George Clooney (BATMAN & ROBIN)
Looks-wise, this cat might be the best Bruce Wayne of them all. On the BW front, he certainly gives Kilmer, Bale, and Affleck a run for the money. As Batman, well, not so much – though he did indeed have the proper chin to play Batman. If the dude had bulked up a bit more, then I think he might have ranked higher on the list. He certainly is one of the best thespians to ever don the cape and cowl. And despite the fact that B&R was a train wreck, Mr. Clooney admits taking that role opened doors and helped make him the movie star he is today.

OK, we've got Affleck, Bale, and Kilmer left. How do you think I'll rank 'em? CLICK HERE FOR PART 2! And how would YOU rank all of them? Post your list in the comments section below!

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