In honor of Batman's 75th anniversary,
I'll be blogging about my almost 50 years as a Batman fan!

#1: "My Earliest Bat-Memories"
Author: Jett (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
January 26, 2014

My earliest memory of Batman is the 60s TV series. Well actually, it’s the 1966 movie based on that TV show. I must have been about three years old and the film was actually being run on network television – ABC I believe – on a Saturday night. I don’t remember if I knew that it was going to air on TV or that my Mom tuned it in for me. Regardless, I must have wanted to watch it and I was already a Batman fan.

As far as the aforementioned BATMAN TV series, I don’t remember watching it while it was actually airing first run on ABC, but I know I watched it because my Mom told me so. However, I do vividly recall coming home from school – and I started my public school career when I was four years old in a pre-kindergarten – and watching it via syndicated reruns.

My GOSH, did I love that show! And make no mistake about it, I took it as serious back then as I do “The Dark Knight Trilogy” today. Without it, I wouldn’t have become a Batman fan.

Since I loved Batman and that 60s show so much, my Mom drove me up to a Woolco department store in Beaumont, TX to see Burt Ward – in full Robin regalia – autographing pictures. I went dressed in that suit you see in the picture above. Unfortunately, I have no idea where that picture is today. Thanks Mom for help making me the fine Batman fan I am today!

Another one of my earliest Batman memories was my 3rd birthday party in 1968. One of my presents was a homemade cloth Batman suit that my Mom had sewn for me (see the pic, above and right). Since I was turning three and it had been made when I was still two, it’s pretty clear that my Batman fandom predates the third anniversary of my birth. Anyway, back to that suit, I wore it out – literally. Even with the holes it acquired, I “played Batman” in it until I couldn’t fit into it any longer. When the body suit wouldn’t fit any longer, I continued sporting the cape and cowl. Eventually, c. 1973-ish, my paternal Grandmother made me another one that was based more on Batman’s SUPER FRIENDS look than the 60s TV show – though they sorta looked the same, right?

A few other of my very earliest memories of Batman include the animated THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN (with ROBIN THE BOY WONDER) Saturday morning TV series of the late 60s, Batman and Robin “guest-starring” on THE NEW SCOOBY-DOO MOVIES in the early 70s, and SUPER FRIENDS in the early 70s as well.

I’m sure many of you reading this are probably thinking “This cas liked THIS goofy Batman stuff, and he presents himself as a fan of the 'dark and serious Batman'?!” If so, I get that. None of this went on to become “My Batman.” Regardless, it was this stuff combined that made me a Batman fan and cemented my Batman fandom, well, forever.

Looking back, it's clear that Batman was both a role model and father figure to me. My Mom and father divorced when I was two years old – serving in Vietnam really F'ed him up, so said my Mom and his parents, my wonderful Grandmother and Grandfather. Consequently, I never knew my father, so both my grandfathers and -- down the line a bit -- my football coaches were my "Dad," but so was Batman. I guess it wasn't a coincidence that I ended up becoming a football coach. I would've become Batman, but that wasn't an option.

Hell, when I think about it, since my Mom and both sets of grandparents have passed, my relationship with Batman is definitely the longest-running one I’ve got! Of course, the relationship continues on to this day and I don’t foresee us breaking up.

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