10 Bat-Questions With..."Bat-Cat Fever"
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow: @BATMANONFILM)
February 15, 2014

BOF’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman with another installment of “10 Bat-Questions with….” Below, you’ll find my Q&A with longtime Bat-Fan and BOF supporter "Bat-Cat Fever." Enjoy!

BIO: "Bat-Cat Fever" has loved Batman since she was old enough to appreciate a smart guy in a mask. She's now too old to pretend that Batman is not only a hero in everyone's eyes, but the most unattainable attainable eligible bachelor of the comicverse. And this matters deeply to her. When she's not reading comics and cheering on Selina Kyle, she designs magazines by day. But who knows what she becomes by knight! Follow BCF at KTTYBAT.TUMBLR.COM.

In this photo, Wanyi's with her real superhero, her Grandma!

1) So, what's your very first memory, or memories, of Batman?

Bat-Cat Fever: BATMAN '89. I think I'd just come to the states and it was 1989. I remember the logo. I remember seeing Keaton Batman picking up Joker. I remember being disturbed by the chatting bloody teeth on the ground. I didn't get it then (was that supposed to be fake teeth?). I remember thinking Vicki Vale was really sly to pretend to like The Joker because she was kissing up his sleeve. And that's probably the FIRST memory I have of Batman.

2) Outside of the comics, what's your favorite interpretation of Batman?

BCF: I used to be ENTRANCED by BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. I just remember it was so twisted and dark and cool. The episodes that really stuck out to me were "The Cat and the Claw" (I fell in love with Selina then!) and the "Demon's Quest" 1 & 2. Ironic that my second favorite episodes were with Talia. But there wasn't a bad episode in the bunch to me. Years later, I was like wow...I really liked "Cat Scratch Fever?: And you know what? Yes. It's amazing.

Can we just take a moment here to acknowledge the whole cast of BTAS? I mean, not just the bad-assery of Conroy and Hamill, but Clayface? Babydoll? That Harleen Quenzel? I treasure my BTAS DVD's like pirate booty!

3) What's your favorite Batman comic book cover?

BCF: It's not actually a book. It's the issue of "What Ever Happened to the Caped Crusader?" Alfred's holding the cowl, looking destitute. I liked it so much I drew it myself and sent it with my college application. But over all, aside from Jim Lee's general amazingness, I am absolutely crazy, pun not intended, about ARKHAM ASYLUM. That's just hands down, stylistically, the best Batman comic book ever.

4) What's your favorite Batman film?

BCF: I'm going to get a lot of slack from you (Jett) about this...but you know, with good humor! It's BATMAN RETURNS. BTAS and B89 were my firsts, but RETURNS was what got me really obsessed. I focused mainly on the dialogue and the relationship between The Bat and The Cat. To this day, Michelle Pfeiffer's protrayal of Selina Kyle is the most nuanced and tortured of them all. I also think I connected with the film because of the genuine chemistry between Keaton and Michelle. It's easy for me to overlook the gruesomeness of the penguin and the hilarity/uselessness of Shreck. The dialogue is so layered that everything is a double entendre. Years later, I bought the special edition, and in the background story, Burton said that he focused most on the eyes. And Keaton and Pfeiffer–those were four amazing eyes right there. I felt it when I was a teen and I still feel it now.

And does MASK OF THE PHANTASM count for silver metal? Because that animated feature was everything you'd want a full length to be. And Bruce wasn't such an A-hole, as he later became in the Justice League.

5) RETURNS? Really? Ugh! LOL! What's your favorite Batman comic book story -- graphic novels included?

BCF: HUSH, because Selina and Bruce FINALLY get together! It's the most innocent yet satisfying. But you know, AKRKHAM ASYLUM still holds a very special place for best everything.

6) Favorite member of the Batman Family that isn't Batman?

BCF: It has to be specifically Michael Gough as Alfred. There's no other wry, dry, fatherly, adorable, witty, warm, endearing Alfred than he. And I've always had a soft spot for Jason Todd, UNDER THE RED HOOD version.


BCF: The BATMAN RETURNS Batmobile -- which is pretty much identital to BTAS Batmobile no? I had most exposure to that one. I definitely prefer sleek over a TANK!

8) Favorite performance by an actor as a Batman villain in any of the live-action films?

BCF: In my dreams, it would be Denzel Washington as Two-Face (And thanks Lee Bermejo for agreeing! >>> Denzel Washington as Two Face by Lee Bermejo). I'm going to go with the crowd here and say Heath Ledger as The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. That's 99% why I re-watch that film. OK, and can I pat myself on the back here and say I always thought he was going to be amazing? And I wasn't even his fan? Because sometimes you can just sense an actor's limits through their eyes. I have a thing about eyes.

9) Who was the best Bruce Wayne in the live-action films?

BCF: This is a split question since there's two Bruce Waynes. There's the real one when he's not wearing a mask, and there's fake Bruce Wayne. I LOVE Christine Bale's pompous "Patrick Bateman" Bruce Wayne. No one plays ignorant douchebag/A-hole like he can. He's pretty much cornered the market on that one. And I love Michael Keaton's brooding Wayne. In the opening of BATMAN RETURNS -- when the Batsignal goes up in the sky --and he stands up in response, that's pretty much how I see the real Bruce in my head. A very socially disinterested guy who's just waiting for his job to call. It's the only time he feels alive. I also like that Keaton's Wayne is always distracted. Like when Max Shreck introduces Bruce to Selina, and Bruce says "Yes, we've met," when she's only met him as Batman. And then he covers that up as "Oh, I'm sorry. I mistook me for somebody else." He just gave his secret away. And well, I always felt like the real-life Bruce Wayne is George Clooney, without all the torture. He pretty much looks exactly like the way Neal Adams draws Batman, and Neal Adams is probably my favorite Batman artist.

10) Best Bat-Suit from the live-action films?

BCF: BATMAN AND ROBIN...in my nightmares! BATMAN RETURNS had the best cape and cowl. You (Jett) and I agree on this one I think!

Thanks again to my friend "Bat-Cat Fever" for being a part of BOF's celebration of 75 years of Batman! And no BCF, we don't agree on the BATMAN RETURNS suit...sorta. My fave is the one from THE DARK KNIGHT, but of the "Burton/Schumacher" films, the RETURNS suit was the best. ANYWAY BOF'ers...

If you have any suggestions for B75 guests or B75 questions, send them to me via JETT@BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM.

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