10 Bat-Questions With...Lee Bermejo
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow: @BATMANONFILM)
February 26, 2014

BOF’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman with another installment of “10 Bat-Questions with….” Below, you’ll find my Q&A with my friend -- and longtime BOF'er -- the great artist and writer Lee Bermejo!

Lee Bermejo/Batman & The Joker by Lee Bermejo

BIO: Lee Bermejo is an award winning artist whose comic book work includes BATMAN/DEATHBLOW, LUTHOR, RORSCHACH, and The New York Time best-selling graphic novel JOKER, all of which were done in collaboration with writer Brian Azzarello. His other work for DC Comics includes GLOBAL FREQUENCY, SUPERMAN/GEN 13, HELLBLAZER, several dozen painted covers and the best-selling graphic novel BATMAN: NOEL, which Bermejo wrote and illustrated. He currently lives in Italy with his wife Sara.

1) What's your favorite Batman comic book story?

LEE BERMEJO: My favorite Batman comic story is pretty cliche: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. It has everything I want to see in a Batman story and is a masterclass in comic book storytelling.

2) Finish the sentence: "The best live-action Batman film is..."

LB: THE DARK KNIGHT. This film elevated the superhero movie sub genre in my opinion. Great performances and fantastic writing. My only quibble is that Batsuit. Never been a big fan of it.

3) Other than yourself of course, who is your favorite Batman artist?

LB: Frank Miller -- need I say more?! Gotta admit though, I also have a soft spot for Dick Sprang.

"Batman" by Dick Sprang

4) What's your favorite Batman comic book cover?

LB: Ooohhh! I would say Michael Golden's DETECTIVE COMICS covers -- all of them from the late eighties. specifically issues #626 and #629. Amazing shots of Batman in his city!

5) What is your favorite episode of the 1960s BATMAN TV series?

LB: My favorite episode of the '60s series was one with Catwoman where Batman has to get through a big maze. Not sure what number it was or what is was called.

6) What's your favorite single moment from any of the live-action Batman films?

LB: I love the Joker moment in THE DARK KNIGHT where he asks for his phone call. That whole scene incapsulates that character so well!

7) Favorite animated version of Batman?

LB: I still like the cartoon from the 60's [BATMAN WITH ROBIN THE BOY WONDER] that they played on the "Bozo the Clown" show while I was growing up. It's dated now but that was my Batman as a kid!

8) Who is the best live-action movie Batman?

LB: I give it up to Christian Bale. Aside from his Bat-voice, the guy just nailed it. I was pushing for him before he was ever cast and feel like he took the character to new levels and delicately layered his performance.

9) What's your go-to piece of Batman gear?

LB: I don't have any Batman gear. I'm not a toy guy at all nor do I really collect merchandizing. Not sure why, it's just never been my thing.

10) Name your fave Batman character that's not Batman.

LB: I really have grown to love the Dick Grayson character over the years and really love what that character brings to the mythos and to Batman himself. I would love to do a Robin story at some point!

Thanks again to my friend Lee Bermejo for being a part of BOF's celebration of 75 years of Batman! If you've never seen the exclusive artwork Lee did for BOF back in 2006, check out his BOF versions of THE JOKER and TWO FACE. You can follow Lee on Twitter @LJBERMEJO and check out his official blog HERE.

If you have any suggestions for B75 guests or B75 questions, send them to me via JETT@BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM.

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