10 Bat-Questions With...F.J. DeSanto
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January 21, 2014

F.J. DeSanto is one of the best Batman fans on the planet Ė as long as Dick Grayson is behind the cowl!

In all seriousness, F.J. is a longtime friend whom Ė thanks to running BOF Ė Iíve had the chance to meet and be able to call a good friend. His love for Robin #1 nonewithstanding, he's one of the best Batman fans on the planet!

F.J. is a talented dude. Not only is he a film producer and musician, heís also the author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel CYBORG 009, as well as DC Comicís INSURGENT.

Below you'll find F.J.ís ď10 Bat-Questions WithÖĒ Q&A for BOF, and make sure you follow F.J. on Twitter at @FJDESANTO. If you don't follow him, he'll sick Nightwing on you.

1) Favorite Batman comic book story?

F.J. DeSanto: Iím going to sound a bit crazy with this, but my favorite is none of the classics. Itís actually BRAVE AND THE BOLD #182 where Batman teams up with Earth 2 Robin. Iím probably the only person who cares about this issue. There are obviously better stories out there but I am an Earth 2 fanatic, and with Dick being my favorite character ever, this one of a kind team up blew my young mind. Plus [Jim] Aparo is at his height there. I own like 5 copies of this issue and have tried for years to get a page of art from it!

2) Favorite Batman live-action movie?

FJD: It has to be BATMAN BEGINS. Just because it finally got everything right about Bruce and The Bat Universe perfectly.

3) Favorite Batman artist?

FJD: Marshall Rogers!

4) Favorite Batman graphic novel?

FJD: Does THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS count even if it came out as individual issues? My ABSOLUTE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is already falling apart from excessive reading. I choose this one because I was the perfect age when it came out. It was like comics grew up as I did. Amazing timing.

5) Favorite episode of the 60s BATMAN TV series?

FJD: The Green Hornet team up ("A Piece of the Action"/"Batman's Satisfaction"). Robin vs. Bruce Lee COME ON!!! So good.

6) Favorite moment from ANY of the live-action Batman films?

FJD: The mistletoe scene in BATMAN RETURNS.

7) Favorite animated Batman TV series?

FJD: I'm very close to say the 70ís NEW ADVENTURES OF BATMAN, but I think we all know that BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES from the 90s is the best. It's near perfect.

8) Favorite Batman actor?

FJD: Ben Affleck!

9) Favorite go-to Batman gear to wear?

FJD: BATMAN BEGINS crew jacket.

10) Favorite member of the Batman Family that's not Batman?

FJD: I canít believe you are even asking me this!

Thanks again to F.J. for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions and pay respects to the greatest comic book hero ever createdÖbesides Dick Grayson.

If you have any suggestions for guests or questions, send them to me via JETT@BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM.

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