"Almost Got 'Im" (Season 1/Episode 46)
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The Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc play cards and tell stories about the time each one almost got Batman only to have the revolution of Batman being there the whole time listening to their stories.

"Almost Got 'Im" was written by Paul Dini and directed by Eric Radomski. It originally aired on November 11, 1992.


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While hiding out from the police, the Joker, the Penguin, Two-Face, and Killer Croc gather at the criminals-only Stacked Deck Club, where they play cards and share theories about their mutual foe, Batman. Two-Face doubts that Batman is one person. The Penguin theorizes that Batman suffered some crime related trauma in the past, which is actually true. Killer Croc believes that Batman is a robot, much to the skepticism of the other villains. Poison Ivy then arrives, orders an herbal tea, and then joins the game. Soon after, all five of the crooks begin to argue over who has come closest to killing Batman, and each tells their own story about how they "almost got 'im."

Poison Ivy placed poisonous gas inside thousands of pumpkins on Halloween, causing the vegetables to go off when lit. When Gotham's residents started to feel the effects of the gas, Batman went to the city pumpkin patch to investigate just as Ivy hoped he would. Batman had approached the pumpkin-selling booth just as Poison Ivy lit a match. "Trick-or-treat," she said, as she dropped the match into one pumpkin and threw it to the ground, causing the others to explode. She attacked Batman with the gas and weakened him to the point where he was nearly unmasked. Nevertheless, Batman remotely controlled the Batmobile to run down Ivy and later retrieved a gas mask from the vehicle, before subsequently capturing Ivy.

Two-Face staged a robbery at a mint, stealing "$2,000,000 in two dollar bills." When Batman attempted to stop the heist, Two-Face's henchmen overpowered him. Two-Face flipped his coin to see whether he would kill Batman or let him live, with a negative "bad heads" result. Two-Face took Batman's utility belt, strapped him to a giant penny, and placed it on a catapult - "The coin lands face down, you'll be squashed flat. It lands face up, it'll just break every bone in your body..." In midair, Batman cut himself free of his bonds, using Two-Face's own coin. In return for apprehending Two-Face and his gang, the mint let Batman keep the giant penny.

Killer Croc slammed his fist on the table and snarled, "ME!" when the Joker asked if anyone else wanted to tell their story. He stated that he threw a rock at Batman during a battle in a quarry. He turns his head, waiting for some sort of appreciation, but the other villains stare at him for a moment and continue telling their stories, while Croc mutters, "It was a big rock."

The Penguin turned a zoo aviary into a home for dangerous birds in his own plot to kill Batman. After luring Batman to the aviary the Penguin sprayed him with a vaporous nectar eaten by hummingbirds, and released several poison-beaked birds to attack the Dark Knight. After being bitten several times, Batman threw a batarang at a sprinkler; the resulting water spray slowed down the hummingbirds, makes their wings too heavy for them to fly. Before Batman could inject himself with an antidote, he was injured by a cassowary. In desperation, Batman stabbed the flightless bird with one of the hummingbirds, incapacitating it. Batman chased after the Penguin, but the villain escaped via his flying umbrella.

After capturing Batman, the Joker commandeered the set of a late-night talk show and held the studio audience hostage, intending to execute the Dark Knight on live television. Batman was strapped to a "laugh-powered electric chair" which rose in voltage the more the audience laughed. With the audience being forced to laugh at gunpoint, The Joker decided to ellicit more "honest" laughter by pumping the studio with laughing gas. However, Catwoman broke into the studio; in the ensuing fight, the Joker became too distracted to notice Batman escaping from the chair before it exploded from too much power. However, despite having failed to kill Batman, the Joker manages to take Catwoman as a hostage (thanks to Harley, who knocked Catwoman out at the last minute), the Joker instructed to take her to a cat food factory while he laid low at the Stacked-Deck Club.

Back to the present
The Joker explains to the other villains that he will soon meet Harley at the factory to kill Catwoman and chop her body into cat food, and personally deliver a can of it to Batman to taunt him of Catwoman's demise. At this point, Killer Croc attacks the Joker and throws him across the room, revealing himself to be Batman in disguise; it is also revealed that the other bar patrons are Gotham police officers, led by Detective Bullock and Commissioner Gordon - the whole thing was a sting operation to lure the Joker into revealing Catwoman's whereabouts. As the villains are arrested, Batman goes to the cat food factory to rescue Catwoman from Harley Quinn. Harley starts the conveyor belt, where Catwoman has been bound and gagged, but Batman stops it in time. Following the arrest of Harley, Catwoman thanks Batman for saving her life, to which Batman states that he owed her one for saving him from the Joker's act at the studio. The episode ends on a humorous note, as Catwoman makes a pass at Batman, suggesting of a possibility of building up their relationship outside Gotham, to which Batman is considering, before instantly pulling one of his trademark disappearing acts. Seeing this, Catwoman smiles, shakes her head and mutters to herself, "Hmm. Almost got 'im." - WIKIPEDIA.ORG

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