RUMOR: Is WB Already Planning BOF, Vol. 3?
Posted by: Jett
October 10, 2011
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Is Warner Bros. (and DC Entertainment) already preparing for Batman on film after Chris Nolan?

“Oh definitely,” says a trusted industry insider and longtime FOBOF ("Friend of Batman On Film").

And if that is the case, then I can only applaud ‘em for being proactive when it comes to their #1 superhero movie asset.

“The [Batman film] franchise will be in much better shape when [Christopher] Nolan’s done next year than it was back in ‘97,” says this particular FOBOF. “[THE DARK KNIGHT] RISES will certainly leave the audience wanting more Batman on film…that wasn’t the case after BATMAN AND ROBIN.”

With THE DARK KNIGHT RISES being a true trilogy and “ending” Batman on film in terms of Mr. Nolan’s Bat-Universe and continuity, we’re talking reboot. “That’s the plan,” so says our source. “[Warner Bros.’ Chief Jeff] Robinov has already said as much…you know, that stuff with [Christopher] Nolan and Emma [Thomas] producing. The interesting thing here is how long will they wait before launching the next Batman trilogy -- and I’m quite sure they’ll want another [a trilogy].”

“From what I’ve heard,” our source continued, “they are already considering directors. I don’t know how much control Nolan and Emma will have over that decision, but it could be very similar to how [Zack] Synder got the Superman gig.”

So, will “Team Nolan” have a say on the story, tone, etc. of the next Batman on film trilogy? “Perhaps, but I’m thinking that whoever is hired for that gig is going to be allowed the same [creative] freedom that Nolan had with his [Batman] films,” our FOBOF said. “No director worth his salt would accept the job any other way.”

What about WB’s jones for a Justice League film? “[Laughs] That could throw a monkey wrench into it,” our source said in terms of getting a rebooted Batman on film sooner rather than later. “If [MAN OF STEEL] flops then they might panic and opt for a Justice League film. That’s not the road they want to go down in my opinion because it’s going to back ‘em into a corner. If a Justice League movie isn’t a success, they’re going to be f***ed [when it comes to DC on film].”

Finally, I asked “Mr. Insider” how he thinks it’ll all play out. Here’s what he told me…

RISES will make ‘em a bunch of money and -- based on what I’ve heard -- [MAN OF STEEL] is going to be really damn good and perform well [at the box office]. That will buy them some time because they can churn out a couple of [Superman] sequels and give [Batman on film] a chance to develop properly with a damn good filmmaker.”

So when might we see a solo Batman on film again after THE DARK KNIGHT RISES I asked. “Five years at the earliest -- excluding a Justice League film of course. Ten years max.”

Anything else “Insider FOBOF?” “I have no idea who might direct other than names of guys I personally like,” he said. “But keep your eye on Ryan Gosling when it comes to the next Bruce Wayne [laughs].”

So what do you think BOF’ers? Is our FOBOF’s info good or bad news?

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