The Post-SDCC '14 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
July 28, 2014

Don't worry, I made it home from San Diego and Comic Con International alive, safe and sound. But based on the reactions from some of y'all over a recent BOF OP-ED, I'm thinking some folks are disappointed to hear that!

Below you'll find a new BOF Mailbag for your reading pleasure...or displeasure, depending on how you feel about. Regardless, enjoy!

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Are you surprised that Warner Bros. didn’t announce their future slate of comic book films?

JETT SAYS: Nope, not at all. Justin, the idea that WB was going to make this big announcement about the future of DC on film was nothing more than an assumption driven by fans and some websites. What surprised me is that they actually showed footage from BATMAN v SUPERMAN. I know someone will ask a question about that, so I’ll address that in more detail later in the mailbag.

I think the BvS footage shown at Comic Con was a big shot across the bow to Marvel – especially when it comes to that May 6, 2016 release date.

JETT SAYS: Ryan, you may be on to something here. I think Warner Bros. was able to “steal the show,” if you will, by having Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot on hand to present that surprise BvS footage. That’s all I heard folks talking about on Saturday after it all went down. But frankly, I think the “rivalry” between DC/Warner Bros. and Marvel is more with the fans than with the studios. Friendly rivalry, perhaps, but both companies want all comic book movies to be successful and good because it’s good for the entire genre. As far as that 5/6/16 release date, I do hope one of those films move because both would be better off. Whether that happens or not, we shall see, right?

Do you think the lack of announcements and Chris Terrio being “sought” to write a Justice League movie for Warner Bros. confirms there will be no back to back filming for BvS and JL?

JETT SAYS: Nah, not at all. Chris, I never thought that these two movies would film back-to-back without a break in between. Once filming of BvS ends – which will be later this year – I don’t see them going to work on JL until 2016 or so. I personally think the two films will be released two years apart. I also believe that Terrio is probably already on board.

The scuttlebutt is that Chris Terrio was signed to write JUSTICE LEAGUE because Warner Bros. was really impressed with his BvS rewrite. Is there any legitimacy to this and does it speak more to the level of influence that Ben Affleck has in these upcoming projects?

JETT SAYS: Oh hell yes – in both cases. Chris Terrio is an Academy Award winning writer and Ben Affleck is no slouch himself when it comes to screenwriting – and they say he’s a pretty good director too. Ricky, I think both of these guys are major players in this whole thing – and that is GOOD.

Can we assume the BvS teaser will be in the movie, or something very similar?

JETT SAYS: Absolutely it’ll be in the film! Paul, the idea that this was shot just to show at SDCC ’14 and isn’t part of the film is nonsense.

With you having seen the BvS clip in person, did you get a sense that the footage and soundtrack were nearly finalized or still pretty raw. I just don’t have a feel for how these kinds of teaser clips match the final movie cut. (via email)

JETT SAYS: Well Tim, I can guarantee you that the music used for the footage is not part of the film’s score as Hans Zimmer hasn’t started work on it and will not for quite some time. As far as what was in the clip, it looked pretty polished, so I’m sure that the F/X team did a little extra work on what was filmed because it was going to be shown at SDCC ’14.

JETT SAYS: Ha! Well, I don’t think Wonder Woman will originate from a piece of Kryptonite – unless she’s molded from Kryptonite clay! I still believe that my “Amazons are descendants of ancient Kryptonian astronauts” hypotheses could work really well – but that was simply my idea and not something that I actually heard might be happening. Certainly, it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of origin/backstory Snyder and Terrio (and Affleck?) have come up with for Diana Prince.

JETT SAYS: Which Batfleck picture are you referring to? The head shot or the one that was up on the big screen with Superman and Wonder Woman at SDCC ’14? If it’s the former, one’s already been released; if it’s the latter, I’m sure we’ll get one…maybe.

So as of SDCC ’14, we’ve seen pictures of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as well as a short teaser. Considering all that and that the film’s still two years away, is it safe to assume we won’t see anything else until next year? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Chris, I think you are assuming correctly. I don’t think we’ll get an actual trailer until next year and I can’t see them releasing any other pics until then either. Hell, when next year’s SDCC ’15 rolls around, we’ll still be essentially a year out from the film’s release! Honestly, WB has released A LOT for a film still two years away.

What Bat-Utility Belt devices would you like to see in BvS?

JETT SAYS: Man, I don’t’ know Kyle. I guess just the usual cool Bat-gadgets!

Do you think we’ll get a BvS teaser trailer around Christmas?

JETT SAYS: Alex, I do not. I don’t think we’ll get that until next Summer. Enjoy SDCC ’15 next year bro!

Why do you think there were no other DC Cinematic Universe films announced at SDCC ’14?

JETT SAYS: Kaare, my guess is that all they’re concerned with right now is BvS and then JUSTICE LEAGE. I do think a Shazam/Captain Marvel film with The Rock is coming soon and will be announced via a WB press release – though I don’t think it’ll be connected to MoS/BvS/JL.

In your opinion, what would it take to get Chris Nolan to “godfather” the DCU on film for Warner Bros.?

JETT SAYS: Bro, there’s no amount of money in the world that can get Chris to take on that job – and trust me, they tried!

I saw your Tweet pointing to her headband and said she is definitely from Krypton. Is that for real? I wouldn't mind if she is some kind of offspring from the open capsule in MAN OF STEEL - I think it makes since. But I certainly think if there is other life out there, why do all super-humans have to come from Krypton? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Bryan, a few months ago, I wrote an op-ed hypothesizing that the Amazons of Earth were the descendants of ancient Kryptonian astronauts who had come to Earth thousands of years ago. Thus, they would be “powered down” quite a bit due to evolution and adaptation to the Earth. And people FREAKED OUT! So my recent Tweet that you alluded to was simply a goof on that, nothing more. I have no idea who Snyder and co. are going to explain Amazons.

Do you think Ben Affleck could use his influence to get his GOOD WILL HUNTING pal Robin Williams a role in the solo Batman film – Hugo Strange perhaps? The poor guy has been waiting in line for 25 years!

JETT SAYS: Chad, IDK, but I’d LOVE for that to happen!

Which Batman comic book story would you like to be brought to life on film? I’m gonna cheat here with two questions…With the ZERO YEAR storyline having just wrapped up, what are your thoughts on the overall New 52 version of Batman's origin story?

JETT SAYS: Jun, if there was one Batman comic book story that I’d like to see adapted to film straight-up it would be Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS – though I don’t think that’ll ever happen. As far as ZERO YEAR, I think Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are putting out some stuff on BATMAN that will become classic Batman stories. As far as a Batman origin story though, I still prefer YEAR ONE.

Keaton was the slightly crazy “everyman.” Kilmer, not sure where exactly he lands, Clooney's was obviously a take on Adam West. And Bale was very Deny O’Neil/Neal Adams action Batman. What style of Batman do you think we will be getting from Ben Affleck?

JETT SAYS: Tone, I think it’s pretty obvious that this Batman on film will be very much “Frank Miller” from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.

Why do you think we didn't hear any more DC movie announcements like the Nikki Finke scoop, The Rock, and Jason Momoa Casting?

JETT SAYS: Jaime, check out Justin’s question above.

Not SDCC ’14-related, but I've been catching up on the second half of BEWARE THE BATMAN. Why do you think this great show was cancelled and do you think it implies there are limits to what audiences will accept with Batman in live-action?

JETT SAYS: Matthew, ratings apparently doomed BTB. I’m not sure why fans didn’t embrace it – perhaps it was due to the CGI animation. I will say that this show shouldn’t have aired on Saturday mornings; it should’ve aired in primetime as it was much more “adult” than most Saturday AM shows. I think the question about whether or not there are “limits” to what audiences will accept with Batman in live-action is a separate issue. And frankly, we’re fixin’ to find out with this new Batman on film.

JETT SAYS: Ryan, we can dream, can’t we?

I found your latest op-ed about the BvS footage rude, arrogant, condescending, and basically a big middle finger to all your readers. Shame on you. We’re all just excited to see something that you already saw Mr. Self-Important. Warner Bros. SHOULD release that clip for us because we’re the ones who will make or break that movie. (via email)

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the email Robert. Let me ask you one question: Are you “angry” that Warner Bros. has yet – and maybe never will – release that video clip online? If so, then yeah, I was talking to you and others who think the same way. Apparently that’s the case with you as you were obviously offended by what I wrote. Frankly – and will all due respect – I really couldn’t care less if I hurt your feelings or anyone else’s. It’s not my fault that some folks got butt-hurt by the TRUTH: no one is “entitled” to see that footage – not you, not me, and not anyone else. Yes, I’m sick of bad fanboy behavior which includes this idea that they “deserve” to get whatever they want whenever they want it and get it NOW. And have you checked any online message boards and/or website comments sections lately? To use the adjective “embarrassing” doesn’t do it justice. It’s time for this sort of behavior to be called out and not be considered “OK” and simply ignored. There should be a higher standard for fandom; but sadly, I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

One more thing Robert…do I really need to point out that there’s a lot of satire, tongue and cheekiness, and poking fun of myself in the things I write here on BOF. Cheers!

With both Batsuits being so THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS-influenced and Snyder's comments about a "crusty old Batman," do you have any concerns about Batman's characterization being too much like the overly cynical "A-hole Batman" you've talked about not caring for in the past?

JETT SAYS: Alex, thanks for the question my friend – and a good one! I’m not sure how I feel about seeing “A-Hole Batman” on the big screen. I almost think he has to be like that when it comes to this new DCU on film. If he’s a lot like how Frank Miller portrayed him in TDKR, I think I’ll be OK with it. Plus, I agree with Zack Snyder when he said seeing a crusty old Batman kicking the sh#t out of bad guys is indeed kinda cool. For the record Alex, I'm really a very nice guy even though I was a "jock." ;)

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