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The BOF Mailbag - 3.7.10
Author: Jett
March 7, 2010
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Well, it’s ON!

BATMAN 3 -- or whatever it will ultimately be called -- that is.

As a result, the email has picked up quite a bit of late. So here’s another edition of the BOF MAILBAG

1) “When do you think BATMAN 3 will be released?”

JETT SAYS: Summer 2012. I’m not sure about the month of release though, but either June or July. Except for THE DARK KNIGHT, all the Bat-Flicks have been released in June.

2) “Jett, how do you think Nolan’s return to Batman went down?”

JETT SAYS: I think Mr. Nolan has been “back” longer than we all suspect. Remember, he “mused” about BATMAN 3 as far back as the Fall of 2008.

3) “You ran a story a while back about the possibility that Chris Nolan would not do a third BATMAN. Do you think there was a time that he didn’t think he’d return?”

JETT SAYS: THIS STORY? Yeah, I think there was a time that Chris honestly didn’t know if he’d do another. I’m sure a number of things put doubt into his head -- such as the death of Heath Ledger, trying to “top” THE DARK KNIGHT, and investing two years of his life in Gotham City.

But he took some time off and then did another film, so I figure he’s got his Bat-Batteries recharged.

4) “Who do you want to see as the main villain in BATMAN 3?

JETT SAYS: Crazy Quilt! Can’t you just imagine what “Team Nolan” can do with such a character?

In all honesty, I have no idea. However, I don’t think we should expect them to use Catwoman, The Penguin, or The Riddler just because they’re “major” Batman villains.

Personally, I’d like to see Team Nolan’s take on those three, especially Catwoman. But I also would like to them use some lesser-know, but great, rogues such as Hugo Strange or Black Mask.

Whichever villains end up in the film, I’m sure they’ll be chosen because of the story, not the other way around -- you know what I mean?

5) “With the recent rumors of Nolan and company in Chicago as of now scouting around the area, I think that the next movie might have a winter theme to it.” - Nick S.

JETT SAYS: Well, I’m not totally sold on the ideas that filming will begin later this year (2010) for one thing. As far as a the film having a Winter theme, that’s totally possible. Perhaps the film’s story takes place over a longer period of time than we saw in THE DARK KNIGHT. What I don’t think will happen is for them to film BATMAN 3 on location in Chicago in the winter. I don’t think that’s feasible.

6) “What do you think of the news/rumors that have David Goyer -- and maybe even Jonathan Nolan --writing a SUPERMAN reboot?

JETT SAYS: I’m totally down with it and think both will do a fantastic job -- if it’s all true. And apparently, it is. I’ve got a great amount of admiration and respect for both of those guys.

7) “Quit hating on a JUSTICE LEAGUE film and screwing us all out of that movie you f***!” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: Oh good gosh! Do you really think I have that much clout? OK, I got that JUSTICE LEAGUE MORTAL thing killed, so never mind.

In all seriousness, I’m a “DC Guy.” I grew up with Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman. I like them all -- when I’m reading them in their solo adventures. But first and foremost -- and by far -- I was a BATMAN fan. And Batman appealed to me because he didn’t have superpowers and all that BS.

So whenever Batman’s around such characters, it takes away from what I like best about The Dark Knight.

8) What do you think about the possibility of some major BATMAN 3 news coming out around the same time as Bruce Wayne returns to the comic books? That is happening quite soon, correct? - Brad T.

JETT SAYS: Well, it’s starting to look as those two things are going to coincide with one another -- though I’m not so sure that it was actually planned that way. Bruce is returning this Summer and I expect the official BATMAN 3 announcement to come sometime between now and before the July release of Nolan’s INCEPTION. So yeah, these two things look to be happening at about the same time.

9) “I was thinking with this whole ’Batman Reborn’ thing. I think it is time for a Batman reboot in the comics.” - Todd P.

JETT SAYS: I wouldn’t totally be opposed to it to be honest, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Keep in mind that we’re about to get two alternate versions of Batman in addition to the one in the DC Universe proper. These are 1) The FIRST WAVE/”Pulp and Powerless” DCU Batman and 2) The BATMAN: EARTH ONE Batman.

10) “I'm really excited to read that BATMAN 3 is going to be filming in Chicago again. Do you think you will find out again and report when and where they will be shooting?” One more question: Do you think The Joker will be in B3? - Stepan N. from Pittsburgh, PA

JETT SAYS: Well it’s not official yet, but I do expect B3 to film in Chicago again. And yes, BOF will be covering all of that when it takes place next year.

As far as the return of The Joker? If I had to guess right now, I’d say no, The Joker will not return in B3 in terms of the part being recast and the character being a major character in the film. However, I can’t imagine that The Joker won’t somehow be present in B3 as he and the result of his actions were such a huge part of THE DARK KNIGHT.

11) “Are you going to pull that bug out of you’re ass and give us the spoilers we all want this time? That’s all that anyone cares about anyway. Quit being so high and mighty!” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: Nope, not doing spoilers. And you know what you idiot, most people don’t want to be spoiled going in to see these films. The only ones that do are these immature and inpatient losers -- such as yourself it appears -- that think that have the “right” to know every little detail about every single film that they obsess over.

In fact, I’ll probably reveal even less this time around than I have in the past. I’ve made some mistakes before while covering BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT and I’m not going to repeat them.

12) “Since BOF doesn’t do spoilers, what’s the point of me or anyone else reading your site? - Mike M. from Apple Valley, Minnesota

JETT SAYS: You know what Mike, that’s actually a good question. If all you want is spoilers and to know every single detail about BATMAN 3 before you even walk into the theater to see the film, then BOF probably isn’t for you.

However, if you want to follow the development of this film from someone who has the respect and ear of both Warner Bros. and the filmmakers -- yes, I’m talking about “Team Nolan” -- then read BOF. And how can I make such a claim? Because it’s TRUE. I haven’t got to meet and become friends with many, MANY of the folks behind these Batman films because I’ll post any story or picture just for 15 minutes of internet fame. I’ve got to where I’m at because long ago, I chose to run this site with integrity. And if the message board cretins of the internet world don’t like it, I couldn’t care less. They’re not who BOF caters to anyway.

13) “Hi Jett. I just wanted to say you're doing a fantastic job and if you do speak with Chris Nolan or anyone on his staff in the immediate future, please pass along that there is a 29 year US Air Force Member in Ohio who is a die hard fan and cannot wait to see BATMAN 3! - Jason H.

JETT SAYS: Thanks Jason for the nice words. I won’t have to pass along your message to “Team Nolan” -- you just did it yourself. They read BOF, so I’m pretty sure that they got your message. Thanks for reading bro!

14) “Back when THE DARK KNIGHT came out on DVD, there was talk that Nolan was going to reveal who all the 5-6 people were that Two-Face killed. As far as I know, we still only know who a few of those were for sure. Was there any follow-up to that issue that I missed? Thanks.” - Dave R. from Hoboken, New Jersey

JETT SAYS: Dave, not yet. I suspect that Nolan plans to reveal that in BATMAN 3. I do know what you are talking about though. Back in late 2008 when he did that BD Live even for TDK, Chris said he would eventually reveal that info.

15) “I was reading Mr. Mark Hughes' article on 'The Bad Guys & Gals of BATMAN 3.' When I noticed he suggested using the lesser known Deadshot. But Batman has already fought Deadshot in the animated BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHT. I was under the impression that BGK took place between BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT? So wouldn't Deadshot be behind bars at Arkham, thus eliminating him from the Villains list?” - Tim E.

JETT SAYS: No. While BGK is set in the BEGINS/TDK universe, the films don’t acknowledge the events of BGK -- does that make sense? So Deadshot could indeed show up in BATMAN 3 without the filmmakers having to account for that story in BGK.

16) “Any word on the BATMAN 60's show is coming to DVD? Thanks.” - Frank D.

JETT SAYS: Nope. That’s an issue between Fox (which owns the TV show) and Warner Bros. (which owns Batman). Here’s hoping a settlement can be reached because I want that box set!

17) “Keep up the good work! I can't believe it's been over 11 years since you started the site. It was literally one of the very first things I ever looked at on the internet! I grew up in a tiny town (technically it's a village) Lake Ariel, PA. We couldn't get internet access at home so my mom used to take me to an internet cafe in a neighboring town. I searched for ‘BATMAN 5’ or ‘BATMAN AND ROBIN sequel’ and found your site. Now I've got a 5 year old girl who is a Bat-fan. When we play she always wants to be Batman and she makes me be Robin! Gosh, I'm rambling. Bat-rambling...hope you enjoyed the story at least. Take care!” - Baxter P.

JETT SAYS: I did, thanks. See, you’re a prime example of the sort of folks who read BOF and whom we cater to -- the “Regular Joe” that just happens to love Batman.

It will be 12 years come this June that I started what became BATMAN ON FILM. Wow, can’t believe it’s been that long!

18) “Leonardo DeCaprio -- he’s in INCEPTION -- so it might have already crossed Nolan’s mind. Do you think he take over the role of The Joker in BATMAN 3? - Christopher H.

JETT SAYS: Has it crossed Nolan’s mind? Maybe. Do I think he’ll take over the role? No. With that said, I’d take Leo D. in a Bat-Film in a second. I think he’s one of the very best -- if not THE best -- actor working today.

19) “I have two questions…I’ve read that Warner Bros. wants 6 BATMAN film by 2020 and 2) Do you think we’ll ever see a Zack Snyder-directed THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS?” - Oliver C.

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if we’ll have 6 BATMAN films (and I’m excluding the four from the Burton/Schumacher series) by 2010, but it’s possible. I know WB wants to keep the Batman film franchise rolling as they should. As long as they hire the right people and let them do their thing, then I see no reason why Batman on film can’t last for many, many decades.

As far as that second question, I just don’t know. Maybe they do it as a one-off that has nothing to do with the ongoing series of films -- but I doubt it. I wouldn’t mind it getting the animated PG-13 treatment, but I don’t see how you adapt that graphic novel into a 70 minute film.

20) “Thanks for covering BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD! I would not have given it the time of day if I had not read your reviews and gave it a chance. What a great show!” - Jonathan from Chicago

JETT SAYS: Hey, I’m just like you bro. I dismissed it at first because I knew it wasn’t “My Batman.” But I decided to cover it because, well, it’s Batman. I’m glad I did because I absolutely love that show! If anyone reading is still blowing it off for those same reasons, I think you’re making a mistake.

"Jett" is the founder of BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM. on Facebook

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