BOF Mailbag for August 5, 2013
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey
August 5, 2013

Hello BOF'ers! Things in the world of Batman on film are certainly heating up and getting very exciting!

Here's the latest "BOF Mailbag." Thanks for sending me your questions via email at JETT@BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM or by posting it on the BOF FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.

"Who would you like to direct the next solo Batman movie?”

JETT SAYS: Alfonso Cuaron and Darren Aronofsky are at the top of my list. However, I don't know if we'll get a cat of that caliber if the director is forced to acknowledge and adhere to cinematic continuity and the events of other films.

”Will we ever see Robin with Batman in a film?”

JETT SAYS: We have…three times! BATMAN ’66, BATMAN FOREVER, and BATMAN AND ROBIN. Don’t you think that’s enough of Robin on film for a while?

UPDATE: BOF'er "SPK" reminded me that we've actually seen Robin in not three, but FOUR Batman films. Shame on me for leaving Chris Nolan's version of Robin -- John Robin Blake (as played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) -- from the great THE DARK KNIGHT RISES!

“Are you happy with the older Batman direction they seem to be taking?”

JETT SAYS: Yes, absolutely. It tells me that they are more worried about the story they want to tell than simply setting up a DCU on film or a Batman for future solo movies. And despite the fact that Batman was in his late 30s/almost 40 in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, a "grizzled vet Batman" -- maybe a Batman who is past his prime and beaten down a bit -- is something we've yet to see in a live-action film.

“Do you think Nolan would have been allowed to close out his Batman trilogy had THE AVENGERS hit two years earlier so they could use his Batman in a DCU on film?”

JETT SAYS: Yep. After THE DARK KNIGHT and INCEPTION, Warner Bros. will let Chris do just about anything he wants. Plus, he NEVER intended his Batman to exist with other comic book supeheroes.

“Why do you seem so bitter about the direction Warner Bros. is taking in rebooting Batman?”

JETT SAYS: Bitter? Ha! I’ve got the greatest job in the world with BOF and it allows me to do some awful cool things and meet some really wonderful people. With that said, I do what I think is best for Batman on film; not to cater to each fan’s individual Batman sensibilities. I think putting Batman on film alongside super powered beings, gods, magical characters, and monsters is NOT in the best interests of the character. I don’t care if it’s done in the comics and in animation – comics and animation are not film and the mainstream couldn’t care less about Batman in those mediums. I also don’t want to see Batman used to prop up other DC characters on film based on the fact that he’s the single most popular comic book character used in movies today.

Frankly, having any sort of Batman movie is good for me personally, OK? That means more cool stuff I'll get to do and more visits to the website. But that's NOT what matters to me. What matters is what's good for Batman on film, NOT BOF. That's the only agenda I have.

“Do you think we’ll see Robin, Nightwing, and/or any other members of the Bat-Family in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN?”

JETT SAYS: I hope not. In fact, I don’t know how much we’ll see of Gotham and Batman’s own universe in this film. Remember, it’s a Superman film first and foremost – even though it’s being hijacked by Batman! But back to the question, I don’t think so as we don’t need an overcrowded film. If I had to guess, I bet we’ll see a new Alfred and perhap hints of other BF members.

“How many pair of Batman underwear to you own?”

JETT SAYS: None. But I’ve got TONS of Batman T-shirts and socks! In fact, I bought these... wear when I run the Austin Marathon in 2014!

“How much do you think this Batman/Superman film will make?”

JETT SAYS: If it’s even halfway good, it’s going to be HUGE. Why in the hell do you think Warner Bros. mandated Batman be in this film? Of course, if it sucks, there goes DC on film for a while -- A LOT will be riding on this movie. But Batman will survive because he's like a cockroach -- not even the Armageddon know as BATMAN AND ROBIN could take him out.

“Did Warner Bros. ever really go after Bale and Nolan.”

JETT SAYS: After “The Dark Knight Trilogy” was finished for a team-up film? Yep. I’m sure Chris listened and declined. And there’s no way Christian will cross Nolan – not for any amount of money. These dudes are tight.

“Will we see a new Batmobile?”

JETT SAYS: Absolutely. Warner Bros. will need to sale some toys! Probably a new Bat-Jet, and Bat-Motorcycle too!

“How about Billy Zane as Lex Luthor?”

JETT SAYS: Why, because he’s bald? Come on now!

“If you were to make the decision direction of the next solo Batman series, what would you do?”

JETT SAYS: I’ve long thought that an adaptation of BATMAN BEYOND would be awesome, so that’s the way I’d go. You know who else agrees with me? Michael Uslan. I’m glad that such a project is at least on the table and being considered at Warner Bros. for Batman’s cinematic future.

“What’s Nolan like in person. I know I’m grasping at straws here, but do you think he’ll ever do another Batman film? Maybe at least help write it and produce?”

JETT SAYS: Chris has been nothing but nice to me and I think he’s a very cool dude. Over the years, I’ve had the chance to talk extensively with him – one on one – several times and I think the world of him. Everyone from “Team Nolan” that I’ve met and interacted with – Emma Thomas, Jonathan Nolan, in particular – are wonderful folks as well. I also think the world of Chris Corbould and consider him a friend. And no, no matter how nice I talk about ‘em, none of ‘em are coming back to Batman on film.

“Do you think Green Lantern will ever be rebooted?”

JETT SAYS: As a solo film? Nope. They had their chance with that one and blew it. Boy, was I pulling for that film!

“How much influence will 'The Goddamn Frank Miller have on this film?”

JETT SAYS: Very Goddamn little -- if any. Yes, I know that Zack Snyder has longed to do a film version of Mr. Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and this will probably be his best chance at it. BUT, I'm quite sure that it's an "influenced by" thing (only when it comes to Batman) and FAR from a total/faithful adaptation.

“Have you ever thought about doing a panel at Comic Con -- or some other con -- with the other guys from BOF? Maybe even Michael Uslan?”

JETT SAYS: I'd LOVE to do that! However, I don't I'm big or interesting enough for SDCC to invite me and the rest of BOF for such an endeavor. Maybe if I get MU involved it could happen because he IS big and interesting enough!

A life-long Batman fan, Bill "Jett" Ramey
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