The Pre-SDCC '14 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
July 20, 2014

Kicking, screaming and against my better judgment, I shall be returning to San Diego this upcoming week to attend Comic Con International 2014.

Why am I going? Well for one thing, I LOVE the city of San Diego and I get to see my sister and her family who live nearby. Secondly, there was no way in hell that I would allow SDCC ’14 to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman without – as Michael Uslan calls me (him, not me y’all) – “The greatest Batman fan in the history of Batman fans!”

OK, I might have embellished a bit there, but it’s not far off from the truth. SO...

Before my family and I get on a plane which will ultimately land at one of the world’s most dangerous airports, I figured we all could knock out another BOF Mailbag.

And PLEASE keep sending in your questions via EMAIL, BOF's FACEBOOK PAGE, or on BOF's TWITTER.

In the next Batman on film trilogy, I’d like to see an established Batman with the first movie being sort of a “Robin Begins.” The next two movies could have him becoming Robin and then Robin in his prime respectively. We’ve never really had a good, serious take on film with Robin and a proper origin story for the character. What do you think? I also wanted to say that I’m a big fan of BOF and have been reading since the “JettD60’s Batman 5 Page” days. I respect how you run the site and for not being a spoiler site.

JETT SAYS: Thanks Jason for the nice email, question, and for being with me all these years! As far as your question, I’d have problem with Robin being included in the next set of Batman films, even though I’m not that big of a Robin fan…and I say that with peace and love, peace and love. The only issue I see is that if Ben Affleck is Batman in these solo films, it would have to be a prequel and take place before the events of MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Remember, Batman’s not really in his prime in BvS as he’s going to be in his mid-40s – closer to the end of his career than the beginning.

I get what you’re saying about Robin not really getting his due on film as of yet, but I’d say that the character was done pretty good in BATMAN FOREVER – though Chris O’Donnell was too old for the role IMO – and Chris Nolan and co. certainly captured the spirit of Robin in “Robin John Blake” in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Smooth or crunchy peanut butter Jett?

JETT SAYS: Jif reduced fat crunchy all the way, Josh.

What do you think of the idea of the CW DCU on TV being connected to the movies? The events of ARROW and THE FLASH could be taking place several years before MAN OF STEEL. That way they could say it’s all connected, but gives more freedom to the creative teams of the TV shows and the films.

JETT SAYS: Chris, I think the TV DCU and film DCU should be their own things and not connected in any way – and I think that’s how it’s going to go down as well. Remember, Superman was the first superpowered being, not The Flash, The Atom, and the various superheroes that have already and will appear on these shows in the future.

Other than the Batman panels and events at SDCC ‘14, what other things are you looking forward to checking out? Oh! Can you get Scott Snyder's autograph for me? Thanks, I appreciate it!

JETT SAYS: Well Karle, I’m going to tell you a secret, so keep it on the down and low: I’m really not a big fan of Comic Con. Frankly, the main floor has become a total cluster-F over the last several years, so I stay out of there as much as possible. You can’t get into Hall H any longer without camping out in line starting around Memorial Day. However, I do like to go to the panels that interest me – which of course are mostly Batman events. So besides the Batman stuff I’m attending (which includes several press-only events), I’m looking forward to seeing some friends like Lee Bermejo, Michael Uslan, Sean Gerber (from Modern Myth Media), F.J. DeSanto, and Darren O. I’m also bring the wife this time, so I’m sure we’ll have to go somewhere “nice” so she can wear her new dress and shoes.

As far as getting Scott Snyder’s autograph, I’m still waiting for my interview request to be OK’ed by DC. And if anyone is getting one, it’s me!

Christopher Nolan once said that he wanted BATMAN BEGINS to be like the Batman movie Warner Bros. should've made in 1979, right after the success of SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE. Looking at the stars who were in their prime in the late '70s, who would you cast as Batman back then…yknow, besides Burt Reynolds HAHAHAHA!

JETT SAYS: Wow...good question. Well, if we are going to follow the S:TM blueprint, I’d say I would cast an unknown to play Batman/Bruce Wayne. Man, really, I can’t think of someone I’d cast as Batman back then, you? Y’all can make your suggestions in the comments section below.

Kevin Feige said the CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 release date is NOT moving. Someone has to budge…who?

JETT SAYS: I don’t know which one will move – or if either will actually pull the trigger – but if I was calling the shots on either one, I’d move to early April and kick off the who Summer movie season. April is now becoming a big month for these type of huge tentpole films. BUT...

I do hope that they end this pissing match. Whether or not these films are based on Marvel or DC characters, the entire genre of "comic book films" is better off if ALL of these films are good and make lots of $$$.

What are the top five worst individual scenes in all Batman on film history? Presumably, black mouth goo is #1.

JETT SAYS: In no particular order…anytime Robert Wuhl’s “Knox” has a scene in BATMAN; Batman sticking a bomb down a strongman’s pants in BATMAN RETURNS; The Penguin’s (Danny DeVito) black goo in RETURNS; the Bat-Card from BATMAN AND ROBIN; and The Penguin eating a raw fish in RETURNS.

Wow, this was a great question. I think I need to do a top 10 of these as an op-ed on BOF…or maybe a top 20 because RETURNS will take up so many spots!

Is this the year the Cowboys break out of the 8-8 rut? Better or worse?

JETT SAYS: Yes, better. Their offense is going to be prolific – mark my words – and the defense has to be better, right? My predictable prediction: They’ll win the NFC East...and we’ll see what happens from there.

Go Cowboys!

Jett, why do you reckon BOF is so strongly hated by some fans? I’m not one of them – I love the site and have been with you since right before BATMAN BEGINS. You used to print a lot of your hate email and that stuff made me laugh my ass off!

JETT SAYS: Well Taylor, I do still get hate email, but I decided to stop posting then in the BOF Mailbags because I figured, why even bother giving these tools any run on my site – you know what I mean? Yes, it’s funny, but I’m not going to give them their 2 seconds of internet fame.

As far as the reason why some people hate me and BOF, well, the answer is pretty simple: I’m good at what I do and I’m significant. If I weren’t either, then I wouldn’t matter enough to hate…or love for that matter. I think it drives some people completely nuts that a person who isn’t one of “Them” – i.e. the stereotypical, message board posting, internet tough guy “fanboy.” They think I simply got lucky with the success that BOF has had over the last 16+ years and/or believe it was all do to major butt-kissing of Warner Bros. and Chris Nolan’s ass. But the truth of the matter is that BOF has been successful and I got to do what I’ve gotten to via the site because not only am I good at it, but I run a respectful operation. And in return, respect has been earned and given back. There will NEVER be another BOF. It was an organic “happening," if you will, between me, BOF, and Batman fans and will never be duplicated again.

I know it this is unlikely to ever occur, but I’d love to see what Christian Bale could do if cast as The Joker. My first exposure to Bale came from AMERICAN PSYCHO and I remember thinking afterwards that this guy has the acting chops to play an intriguing Joker. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad he was ultimately cast as Batman, but I always thought he could have given us a special take on “the other guy” as well.

JETT SAYS: Mike, I could definitely see it. In fact, you’re not the first person to suggest this to me via email over the years. I agree with you that it’s VERY unlikely to ever happen, but if it did, wouldn’t that make for one hell of a marketing/promotional campaign?

Did you watch the second season of ARROW and will you post a review?

JETT SAYS: Apostolos, I did not. Actually, I don’t watch too much TV other than the History Channel, the Travel Channel, Food Network, and other such networks that old folks like me dig. Though I was a huge fan of BREAKING BAD during its run, and more recently, I was into FARGO and TURN. Anyway, no, I have not watched one single episode of ARROW’s season 2 and I will not be during a review unless I get a reviewing copy of from Warner Bros. I did watch season 1 after the fact via the Blu-ray release and I’ll probably do the same thing with season 2.

Now I do think I’ll get into THE FLASH this year, and I’ll be watching and review GOTHAM for BOF.

What question are you sick of getting and/or answering and what would you like to be asked?

JETT SAYS: Well Mr. Earl, 1) If the person in my pictures that I say is my wife is really my wife LOL! And, 2) I guess more stuff about Batman outside of the films.

From my friend: If you could choose any actor from any era to play Batman and Superman, whom would it be?

JETT SAYS: I’m not sure about Superman – I’m a “Batman Guy” – but I do have a suggestion for Batman and The Joker for a Batman film set in the 1940s. Give me Greggory Peck (below left) as Batman/Bruce Wayne and how about Ray Milland (below right) as The Joker.

Hey Bill. I know that you're not the biggest fan of Batman being in the same movie as Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League. But I was wondering about the villains that could appear in BATMAN v SUPERMAN, the Justice League movie, and future team-up movies with Batman. Is there absolutely one villain that you could not see working in this universe – particularly when it comes to Batman? I can see Batman face such villains as Doomsday, Brainiac, but I can't see him facing someone like Gorilla Grodd. It works in the comics and in animation, but I could never see it working in live action.

JETT SAYS: Chance #1 on my list is the one character that everyone thinks is going to be in the Justice League movie: F’n Darkseid.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why any Batman fan – or I guess I should say “Batman First Fan” – would want to see The Dark Knight in a film with that comic book character.

There are many others I could name, but Darkseid is at the top of my list. Hell, the fact he was introduced in the pages of SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN should be reason enough to ban him from any live-action film that has Batman in it.

That released picture of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit – is that the only one or will there be others? If so, what can you tell us about it?

JETT SAYS: Sean, there will be plenty of others released over the course of the next 22 months…ESPEICALLY IN 2016 WHEN THE FILM WILL BE RELEASED.

So chill bro, that pic of Batfleck with Scoot McNairy as Paul Dekker is coming sooner rather than later.

And no, the all-caps do not represent me yelling. ;)

Which Green Lantern will be in JUSTICE LEAGUE?

JETT SAYS: It’ll be Mogo, Dusty...because he doesn’t socialize.

Jett, you've lobbied long and hard for the best Batman films possible, and it sounds like “The Dark Knight Trilogy” is your favorite. I know you're not exactly thrilled by Batman in a larger DC Universe on film, but what would your ideal next Batman film be had that route not been taken?


Well Nate, to be perfectly honest, I like the fact that Ben Affleck is now playing Batman and it’s my hope that he’ll direct the next solo Batman film – he’s been my guy for that job ever since I knew Chris was done after RISES. It’s my hope that the next Batman film – with Ben Affleck starring and directing – will take place before the events of MAN OF STEEL and feature a mid-30s/in his prime Batman, as opposed to the 45ish Batman of BvS. I also wouldn’t mind seeing an adaptation of BATMAN BEYOND – and I know they’ve considered it a few times over the years. That’s probably the route I would have gone if there hadn’t been this move by Warner Bros. to set up a DCU on film that included Batman. And you never know, we might see a BATMAN BEYOND non-linear trilogy of films one day.

While I'm not a huge fan of Robin, I find Dick Grayson to be a fascinating character. For the most part, it feels like we get most of our heroes "in the prime," but Dick is a character that truly has an evolution. It may be a tricky thing to do on the big screen, but couldn't his story work well on TV – especially during this DCU on TV renaissance? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks for all your great work with BOF!

JETT SAYS: Good question Geoff! I’m with you in that I’m not a big Robin fan, but I do love the character of Dick Grayson – even though Robin John Blake is the best incarnation of Robin ever. Anyway…

With GOTHAM coming to TV, I don’t think we’ll get a GRAYSON TV series anytime soon. However, as Jason said above, perhaps a Grayson-centric, live-action film trilogy could happen in the future. In fact, my good friend Sean Gerber from Modern Myth Media has suggested this sort of thing for years now.

Jett, you have the most epic Twitter bio ever Hahaha! Do you really hate fanboys?

JETT SAYS: Oh yeah Jack, no doubt. Check 'er out...

I spend damn near every waking moment hating on fanboys as opposed to hangin' with my wife. And yes, she's real and you can see her below. ;)

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