The BOF Mailbag - June 7, 2014
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
June 7, 2014

It's the start of Summer 2014! How about a BOF Mailbag Q&A to get it started? I say YES! So throw a few burgers on the grill, grab a cold drink, and away we go!

Do you think Warner Bros. will ever do an animated movie based on THE KILLING JOKE?

JETT SAYS: I wouldn’t say no, but I will say that I doubt it. I think they are getting away from straight-up adaptations and going with films loosely based on classic Batman stories as well as more original stuff. And to tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of TKJ. So if it's never adapted into animation or live-action, I'm good. Though there's a very small tad of it in THE DARK KNIGHT: "Wanna know how I got these scars?"

Do you think it will be hard for BvS to keep up buzz in the next year. Several months leading in to the movie, it will have all the buzz in the world. But after we see pics of Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor, there will not be much to anticipate until a trailer.

JETT SAYS: I don’t think the marketing and publicity department at Warner Bros. is particularly worried about keeping BvS’s “buzz” going right now – or over the next year and a half quite frankly. We’re fans and we live and breathe this stuff; the mainstream – which will make up BY FAR the majority of the BvS audience – not so much. I don’t expect we’ll see much of anything publicity-wise over the next 12 months. I suspect things will start ramping up during San Diego Comic Con 2015 and then gradually escalating as May 6, 2016 draws closer.

Do you think there will be a BATMAN v SUPERMAN presence at San Diego Comic Con this year (2014) or will they wait until next 2015?

JETT SAYS: If by “presence” you mean a panel with the cast and crew and/or footage from the film, then my answer is no. However, I suspect there will be something related to the film in San Diego this summer; a teaser poster perhaps. Remember, it’s Batman’s 75th anniversary and there will be a lot of Batman stuff at SDCC ’14 – not just Batman in BvS. 2015 will be the year of BvS at SDCC.

Do you find the timing of the characters in BvS to be at all odd? Batman is an older Batman, and yet the other heroes and Lex Luthor all seem to either be significantly younger or fresh on the scene. Do you foresee any difficulties in moving this new DC on film universe forward because of it – especially with the age of Batman in particular?

JETT SAYS: Personally, I don’t have a problem with the age dynamic at all. In fact, I really like the fact that Batman is already “mature” in this film and will only get older in subsequent films – solo Batman movies included. What will an older Bruce Wayne do to be able to keep up with Superman as time goes by?

If Lex and Lexcorp is in BvS, will be see Wayne Enterprises?

JETT SAYS: Most certainly!

If you could get any Batman comic adapted to film, which one would you pick?

JETT SAYS: Well, we’ve seen many Batman comics influence Batman on film – especially in “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” Think about it – Chris used bits and pieces from YEAR ONE, THE LONG HALLOWEEN, “The Joker” from BATMAN (vol. 1) #1, THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, KNIGHTFALL and NO MAN’S LAND in his Bat-films. And apparently, there’s a bit of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and KINGDOM COME in Zack’s BATMAN v SUPERMAN. BUT…

If I could take one classic Batman comic book stories and have it made into a live-action film as a straight-up adaptation, it would be Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. For a home video animated film, I'd LOVE to see then do GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT.

How often would you say you straight-up KNOW something about a film (casting, characters, plot points, etc.) but simply aren't allowed to talk about it, or choose not to? I guess I'm asking if you typically get a lot of lead time on that sort of information.

JETT SAYS: Good question. Let me be clear: Warner Bros. doesn’t give me “inside information” about a Batman film and I then sit on it. Nor have they ever told me something that spoiled a movie for me. Now, have they given me info or a heads up right before they officially release a bit of information, picture, or video? Absolutely.

Look, my sources – the folks I call a “FOBOF” – aren’t some obscure person who just so happened to get a small job in the mailroom, as a PA, etc. on a Batman movie. I’ve cultivated some significant relationships with some important people over the course of the 16 years I’ve ran BOF. They know I’m not some snot-nosed kid with a Batman site clamoring for 15 seconds of internet fame with the fanboys. When one of these individuals tells me something, they know it’s going to stay between us because they trust me. And in turn, they respect me enough not to tell me something that will ruin the film for me. Why do you think I’ve got to do the things I’ve got to do over the years?

So yes, I’ve known things and sat on ‘em out of respect for the person(s) who told me. This is the way I’ve run BOF for years and will continue to do so in the future. I will never divulge any information or post a picture or video that the filmmakers would want revealed because they feel it would compromise the film. I know I’m criticized for this by a small segment of fandom, but I really couldn’t care less what they think. I’m way past the “It’s not fair you know and I don’t!” whining. Thanks for the question, good stuff!

Which Batman villain would you like to see on film in the future?”

JETT SAYS: Well, I’m always up for The Joker. I’m looking forward to another filmmaker’s take on the character down the line. But before then, I’d love to see Dr. Hugo Strange in a live-action Batman film. Perhaps The Riddler and The Penguin as we didn’t see them in “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” Batman’s got the greatest rogues gallery, so there are a lot of characters to choose from.

Who would you like to see play The Joker in his next cinematic incarnation?

JETT SAYS: I have no idea Mance. I guess I’d like it to be someone out of left field that no one ever would think about as The Joker.

What are the odds that one of the DC films Warner Bros. is developing is a Batman film without Batman – like Nightwing or the Birds of Prey?

JETT SAYS: IMO, the odds of that are slim. If they’re going to make a Batman Family film, they might as well make it a Batman film and have those characters in it. But you never know.

Will we see Alfred with Bruce in Metropolis or Gotham?

JETT SAYS: Both, don’t you think?

We keep hearing that this is definitely a Superman sequel and it will be set mainly in his world. How much has that changed since Affleck/Terrrio came on board? Will Cavill get second billing in his own sequel? Sorry that's two questions!

JETT SAYS: I don’t know how much Affleck/Terrio changed that aspect of this film to be honest. I do know that Ben had a lot of influence on how Batman would be portrayed. As to your second question, I think Mr. Cavill will get top billing, even though Ben’s a bigger star and a more accomplished actor/writer/director.

Two questions Jett. A) What’s your confidence in Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman? And, B) If another Justice League member is to appear in BvS, what’s your preference?

JETT SAYS: A) High. I trust Zack Snyder’s casting ability. B) The Atom. I’m kidding. If you’re asking me when JL member would I like to see in BvS, I hope there aren’t any besides Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in a small cameo. If you’re asking me what I hope the JL lineup is in the film following BvS, give me Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. That’s it. Though it’s probably coming, I still have no desire to see a live-action Batman alongside a space cop with an energy ring, a dude who lives underwater and talks to sea creatures, an ancient shape-shifting Martian, or a guy who can run really, Really, REALLY fast.

What will the “extended cameo” of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince consist of? How much will be see her in BvS?

JETT SAYS: From what I’ve been told, it’ll be a lot like Scarlett Johansson’s turn in IRON MAN 2 as Natasha Romanoff.

Did Chris Nolan and co. make any changes to the Batman source material in “The Dark Knight Trilogy” that you didn’t like?

JETT SAYS: I know I’m often called a “Nolan Butt-Kisser” by some fans. To set the record straight, I am. I LOVED every single thing about Chris’ Batman films, so I’d would be disingenuous if I said I didn’t like this or I didn’t like that. I thought the team of C-Nol/J-Nol/Goyer did a hell of a job adapting the source material all the while putting their own spin on it. And, in some cases, I think they even improved some of the Batman mythos and characters.

If I were told that world peace would be achieved forever if I offered up a few criticisms of the Nolan Bat-Films, I’d say that I think he could’ve worked The Riddler and The Penguin in there at some point – especially the latter. They could’ve easily exchanged Sal Maroni for Oswald Cobblepott in THE DARK KNIGHT and it wouldn’t have missed a beat. Also, Chris missed out by not letting me have a cameo in any of the films. And trust me, I lobbied HARD for that to happen, but could pull it off!

But in all seriousness (and I was damn serious about that cameo!), “The Dark Knight Trilogy” was “My Batman” and I’m very thankful to all of those involved for making it. If you feel like I do about it, it’s nice to know that no matter what happens with Batman on film in the future, we’ll AWAYS have the “Trilogy.”

Bill, of everything BOF has accomplished, what ONE thing are you most proud of?”

JETT SAYS: Good question Jon, thanks for sending it via email. Well let me say first that BOF wouldn’t have ever accomplished anything if it wasn’t for all my BOF’ers – again, THANK YOU! Wow…I’ve gotta think here. OK, it’s two things actually. One, I put my heart and soul into covering BEGINS/TDK/RISES and never once did I resort to tabloid-esque methods of reporting for the sake of website hits/internet fame. Secondly, I – or BOF, actually (though I am BOF) – was the only online outlet that got a one-on-one interview with Chris Nolan for THE DARK KNIGHT. Sitting in front of Chris – just the two of us and my wife – and talking TDK and Batman in general for 30 minutes was awesome. If you’ve never read that interview, you can do so HERE. And if you’re thinking, “How in the hell did that guy get to do THAT”, re-read a Q&A from above.

How much of BvS do you think Snyder will shoot BvS on green screen?

JETT SAYS: Quite a bit.

Jett, you make reference to another suit Batman will wear in BvS. What do you think it’ll look like?

JETT SAYS: I’ve answered this before: I think it’ll be a lot like the armored suit Batman wore in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. I also think there might be a KINGDOM COME influence as well. However, the reason I took this question up again is because – after watching MAN OF STEEL yet again (yes, I’m quite fond of it) – I bet that Batfleck’s armored Bat-suit will be a CGI render ala how they did Zod’s.

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