The BOF Mailbag - June 28, 2014
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
June 25, 2014

Hello from Minnesota! Aw heck, it's past time for another BOF Mailbag, I suppose, so here you betcha!

Am I going to get to meet Ben Affleck?

JETT SAYS: I see the wife chimed in via Facebook. We shall see!

What is your favorite comic book creative team and/or storyline from the last 20 years?

JETT SAYS: Ah, I see what you did there…you threw a monkey wrench into your question by limiting my choices to the last 20 years. Wow, that’s tough, but I’ve got to go with Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo’s run on BATMAN since the New 52 commenced. The whole “Court of Owls” stuff; “Death of the Family;” and “ZERO YEAR” – all of it – has been awesome. And though I’m not a big fan of Grant Morrison, I did quite like his run on BATMAN up through “Batman, R.I.P.”

Is THE LEGO MOVIE count as a “Batman Film?”

JETT SAYS: JETT SAYS: Hmmm…I say no, it doesn’t as Batman was one of many characters in the movie. And the BEST character in the movie. I’ll cover anything that has Batman in it, but I wouldn’t chalk it up as a “Batman Film” personally.

Is WB Montreal going to get a chance to follow up ARKHAM ORIGINS after Rocksteady's ARKHAM KNIGHT is released?

JETT SAYS: JETT SAYS: I am by no means an expert nor an insider when it comes to Batman video games. However, if I had to guess, I’d say that there will definitely be a follow-up/sequel to ARKHAM ORIGINS – which I thought was a very good game. Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment like money and these games make money. Y’all do the math.

Jett, I assume that was your wife’s post. Well, is she going to meet Ben Affleck?

JETT SAYS: JETT SAYS: Ha! Well, she met Christian Bale a few times, so the odds are in her favor! One day, I’ll tell y’all the story about the time we rode an elevator with Christian!

Do you prefer the murderer of the Wayne’s not being known – like the origin of The Joker – or knowing it was Joe Chill?

JETT SAYS: I kinda like the whole “Joe Chill” thing when it comes to who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents. I thought the way it was done in BATMAN BEGINS was awesome. I’m also quite fond of the classic comic book story, “The First Batman,” in DETECTICE COMICS #235 – which was a big influence on BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD’s best episode (IMO, of course), “Chill of the Night.” As far as whether or not Joe Chill is ever caught or never caught, I’m certainly fine with different interpretations – though I think BEGINS got it right in that Batman’s mission wasn’t about revenge, it became about justice and saving Gotham from what “created” a Joe Chill.

Am I stupid for still having hope that ARROW and THE FLASH from the CW will be a part of Warner Bros.’ DC Cinematic Universe?

JETT SAYS: Stupid? Absolutely not bro! I don’t think it’s going to happen myself for a variety of reasons. Personally, I don’t want them to be included as I like the fact – and think it’s best – if these TV and film projects are their own thing in their own universes. But that’s just me – and in the wise words of Jim Gordon in BATMAN BEGINS, “I’ve been wrong before.”

Lots of fans were upset about Superman killing Zod in MAN OF STEEL, but it seems like the kind of event that will compel Superman not to kill in the future. Is that how you think the sequels will treat the situation? And if a future Batman movie puts Batman in a similar situation (killing early in his career, coming to regret it and making his vow not to kill again), how would you view that interpretation?

JETT SAYS: Well, it was either kill Zod – he didn’t murder him in cold blood – or let that family – and many others – die by the hand of Zod. Personally, I had ZERO problem with how MAN OF STEEL ended. And yeah, I’m sure it’ll play into Henry Cavill’s Superman in future films. As far as Batman killing early in his career and then swearing off of it, we’ve seen it before in the “Burton/Schumacher Quadrilogy.” Like it or not, BATMAN FOREVER is part of the same continuity as B89 and RETURNS, and that was a major plot point of that film.

Do you ever think we will get another serious animated Batman series that is true to the mythos like BTAS? Perhaps one set in the world of the current DC Universe animated films? We've had some decent series', but none of them have been an adult themed standard version of Batman fighting his rouges gallery.

JETT SAYS: Well Mance, I’d argue that all the animated Batman series’ were true to the Batman mythos in their own way. Yes, BTAS is the best of ‘em – though I’m quite fond of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD and believe it give BTAS a run for its money. With that said, yeah, I think there will be another – probably several – animated Batman TV shows in the future. Now, I don’t know if any of them will be set in the same universe as the current PG-13 animated films – in fact, I don’t think one exists as these films are pretty much their own thing. Personally, I think it sucks that more fans didn’t support BEWARE THE BATMAN because I thought it was excellent.

Are you disappointed that Batfleck’s Batsuit doesn’t have white eye lenses?

JETT SAYS: Hell no, hate ‘em in live-action. Actually, we saw how that would look in THE DARK KNIGHT as Batman’s cowl did have lenses drop down during his final confrontation with The Joker. Frankly, I’d prefer if the lenses were retractable and were actually gray or black, like sunglasses. No one wears sunglasses with white lenses, right?

Hair, or no hair, or both – for Lex Luthor in BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

JETT SAYS: Give me a bald Luthor. And in this day and age, a shaved head is rather “in.” Who loves ya baby? And I say that with peace and love and a lollypop.

If you had to pick one Batman storyline from the comics for Ben Affleck to base the solo Batman movie on, what would it be?

JETT SAYS: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. If Ben’s one solo Batman film is set after BvS and JUSTICE LEAGUE, then I’d love to see a Batman film with an old Batman. It doesn’t have to be totally based on TDKReturns, but how about a mix of it, KINGDOM COME, and BATMAN BEYOND? With that said, I’d rather Ben’s solo Batflick – which I trust (hope) he’ll direct – will be all about a final confrontation between Batman and The Joker…which is very TDKReturns, don’t y’all think?

What should the tone of the next Batman movie be?

JETT SAYS: The next solo, Batman-only film? That’s a rather broad and ambiguous question to be honest. My best answer is to have a filmmaker (Ben Affleck?) that has a passion and vision for the character (Batman!), and let him do his thing.

Will be see Batman in more than one Batsuit in BvS:DOJ?

JETT SAYS: Yes, that’s what I’ve heard. An armored suit ala THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS.

Do you think Ben Affleck should direct himself in 2019. I'd rather have someone who can go in a direction similar to a Snyder style. I see Affleck and Snyder very differently as directors. I feel Affleck a take would be too similar to Nolan's. What do you think?

JETT SAYS: Gosh, I hope so! Ben Affleck has been my #1 choice to take over the solo Batman film series once Chris was done. Frankly, I don’t want the same “tone” in the next Batman film as we’ll see in BvS and JUSTICE LEAGUE. One of the things I recommended to Warner Bros. via BOF was that they should hire the next Batman director so he’s have a say on how Batman would be portrayed in BvS and JL. Methinks that’s exactly what has happened.

Jett, have your heard any rumors about what will happen at [San Diego] Comic Con pertaining to the movies?

JETT SAYS: Glenn, I don’t think there will be a panel in Hall H for BvS featuring the cast and crew, if that’s what you’re asking. That’ll happen in 2015. Now, if you are also talking about the possibility of Warner Bros. announcing their plans for DC on film in the future, that’s a strong possibility. Remember, this year is Batman’s 75th anniversary, so there’s going to be A LOT of Batman stuff at Comic Con – that I know for a fact. AND...

I will be there for the first time since '10 to cover all everything related to Batman!

Who were your top choices to play Batman and The Joker in BATMAN ’89 before Keaton and Nicholson were cast?

JETT SAYS: As I said in my recent B89 retrospective, the first I heard of the project was an announcement in COMIC SCENE magazine (or maybe it was STARLOG) at some point in early 1988. Therefore, I didn’t have the chance to ponder casting because the thing had already been cast! Now, if were to retroactive ponder the casting of both roles, I’d suggest either Mel Gibson or Alec Baldwin as Batman and Jack Nicholson for The Joker. I would have never thought of Keaton as a Batman candidate back then to be honest.

Was there ever talk of making a full fledge "Capture The Batman" movie or was THE DARK KNIGHT RISES it for Nolan? There was so much time between THE DARK KNIGHT and RISES, I wonder if Nolan contemplated such a movie? Would you have any knowledge or insight to that? Continuity wise I really think there's a story in between the two films. I wonder if Nolan wanted to make one but just decided to end his run at three instead of four.

JETT SAYS: I’m pretty sure that Chris always planned for there to be three films, a trilogy. With that said, he didn’t have a 3 part story planned out. In other words, he made BATMAN BEGINS, it was successful enough for Warner Bros. to greenlight a sequel, and the story for TDK was a reaction to what happened in its predecessor. Same thing can be said for RISES coming after TDK. When Chris said that in making his three Batman films that he made them one at a time, he meant it. He and his team – David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan – put everything into each film and held nothing back. So I’m sure that when it came time to create the story for his third and last Bat-film, I’m sure a “Capture The Batman” storyline was contemplated, but they went with something they thought was better, which turned out to be what we got in RISES.

I really want to see some kind of Adam West cameo in BvS. Good or bad idea?

JETT SAYS: I’m not a big fan of that sort of stuff, but wouldn’t have a problem if it happened. I wouldn’t say it was a good or bad idea.

What would you do with batman in a sci-fi setting? I like to see their take on Brother Eye and O.M.A.C.

JETT SAYS: I don’t want to ever see a sci-fi Batman film. I’m talking about stories like we saw in the Batman comics of the 1950s or, God forbid, blasting Batman off into space. So what I do, I wouldn’t make one! However, Brother Eye I could definitely see in BvS or JL. O.M.A.C.? I’m not too hip on the idea, but on the other hand, I’m kinda excited to see the Bat-bots and Bat-drones that are allegedly in BvS.

Did BATMAN ’89 have any impact on the way summer films are now marketed?

JETT SAYS: OMG yes! It changed everything. It was the first true summer blockbuster that was more of an event that people had to attend than simply a movie

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