The BOF Mailbag - June 1, 2014
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
June 1, 2014

To mark the 16th anniversary of the founding of, here's another installment of the beloved BOF Mailbag!

Do you think The Flash will be in BvS or JUSTICE LEAGUE?

JETT SAYS: If you’re asking if the TV’s version of The Flash – played by Grant Gustin – will be in either film, from what I’ve been told he will not. As far as a separate, cinematic version of the character, I really don’t know what the future holds other than The Flash will not be in BvS.

How change of writers (Terrio over Goyer) affect the production? Was it made to help launch solo Batman films later on?

JETT SAYS: As I said in the last mailbag, I think Mr. Terrio re-writing/polishing the script is indeed significant. I think it’s an example of how much influence Ben Affleck has on this film – particularly how Batman will be portrayed. I certainly hope that the two – Terrio and Affeck – team up in the near future for a solo Batman film. I can’t fathom that Affleck signing on to be Warner Bros. “New Batman on Film” only for a string of DCU team-up movies.

What incarnation of Wonder Woman you think will be in BvS? New 52 (Goddess), Pre-New 52 (clay baby) or pure Amazonian?

JETT SAYS: Well, since I believe that director Zack Snyder will continue with the “Relative Realism” (Yes, I’ve recently coined that term!) we saw in MAN OF STEEL, it’s certainly going to be very interesting to see how they adapt Wonder Woman from comic to film. I have a hypothesis about the Amazons and you can check it out HERE.

Can you put to bed these “The Joker is in BvS rumors…or not?

JETT SAYS: Well, I can certainly say without hesitation that the rumors are all BS. Apparently, this nonsense started when a rep from some outlet asked Adrian Brody if he’s like to play The Joker in BvS. And then outlets started putting 1 and 1 together and getting 5 by suggesting that Callan Mulvey – who has been cast (Not “casted” – there’s no such word dammit!) for an unspecified role – is secretly actually playing The Joker in the film. So yeah, all the stuff y’all have been reading is nonsense and posted as click-bait. Any outlet claiming “The Joker is in BvS!!!” is full of it.

Look, do I know for 100% fact that the character of The Joker isn’t in BvS? No, I don’t. Based on what I know, The Joker is not in this film. However, if this Batman is a grizzled, veteran crime fighter and has been “Batmanning” for over a decade, it’s safe to assume that The Joker does indeed exist in this movie universe. I wouldn’t mind it if The Joker has a small cameo in BvS at all, but here’s hoping they save him for a future solo Batman film with Batfleck.

Why didn’t Warner Bros. simply go with a Justice League film after MAN OF STEEL? Do you think already having seen Batman and Superman on the big screen together will take away some of JUSTICE LEAGUE’s luster?

JETT SAYS: Good question. Well first of all, BvS is technically a Superman film – a sequel to MAN OF STEEL. I also believe they are building a DC Universe on film, so going all out JL so soon is, well, too soon. But I get what you’re suggesting here: Once everyone has seen the novelty of Batman and Superman on the big screen together for the first time in BvS, it won’t be as special in the subsequent JL movie. And let’s be frank here, OK? That’s the only thing the mainstream gives a damn about: Batman and Superman…on film…in live-action…TOGETHER. So yeah, while some of the “luster” – or maybe quite a bit of it – will be gone after BvS, people will still turn out to see these DCU movies as long as they are good. And let me repeat: AS LONG AS THEY ARE GOOD.

Jett, do you think that fans will ever stop bashing DC and praising Marvel for everything it does?

JETT SAYS: Hahaha! I totally doubt it! Look, Marvel – the films produced by Marvel Studios for the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” – aren’t and shouldn’t be immune to criticism. If we can all be honest here, you have to admit that these films are formulaic endeavors produced without the influence of an auteur and cranked out in assembly-line fashion. There’s not one film of the MCU that, quality-wise, comes close to any of the films of “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” Fanboys can rail on Warner Bros. all they want, but the best film of the genre by far -- THE DARK KNIGHT – was a Warner Bros. film.

Look, as a fan of the superhero cinema genre, I’ve enjoyed the MCU films a lot – well, except for IRON MAN 2 – and Marvel Studios should be applauded for what they have accomplished. But that doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment needs to do the exact same thing. In fact, I hope beyond hope that they DO NOT simply mimic Marvel and do something different with the DC Cinematic Universe. My suggestion: Hire filmmakers with a vision and passion for the characters and let them do their thing. They did that with Chris Nolan and, believe it or not, are doing it with Zack Snyder. Say what you want about Mr. Synder, but the dude absolutely has a vision and a passion for what we’ll ultimately see in BvS and JUSTICE LEAGUE.

Despite the divisive response to MAN OF STEEL, do you have faith that Zack Snyder can deliver something special in 2016?

JETT SAYS: Look, I liked MAN OF STEEL a lot. I’m a big fan of Zack Snyder’s work (well, except for SUCKER PUNCH, though BOF's Mark Hughes loves it and says it's a "misunderstood" film) and it’s kind of cool knowing that a fan like me – and US (excluding fanboys, of course) – is currently in charge of DC on film. So yeah, I have total faith that BvS is going to be awesome. Hey, maybe I’m simply an naïve optimist. But I’d rather be that than a negative and pessimistic fanboy who bitches and complains about everything.

Is The Batman the villain of BvS?

JETT SAYS: I hope so! In all seriousness, I do think that Bruce will be an antagonist to a certain degree in the film. But is The Dark Knight the all-out, straight-up bad guy of the film? Probably not. I’m pretty sure when all is said and done, Lex Luthor will be the true villain of the film. However, I do want to see him kick Superman’s ass at least once though!

If you had to choose, would you rather see Robin, Nightwing or Red Hood with Batman on film?

JETT SAYS: With Batfleck being an older Batman, give me Nightwing. I’m not a fan of Red Hood because I’m of the belief that Jason Todd should’ve stayed dead.

Hi Jett! Will we see The Batcave in BvS?

JETT SAYS: What do you think?! In all seriousness, I'm excited to see what the Batcave will look like in the film. I'm sure it'll be a more "traditional" Batcave than the one we saw in Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy." Will it have a giant penny, T-rex, and Joker card? We shall see!

Besides Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg, which characters do you think will be in the Justice League film lineup? You mentioned in the last mailbag that you did not think that it will be as big as people think.

JETT SAYS: I’ll put it this way: I don’t think we’ll see Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter or Aquaman. The Flash? That’s up in the air – but it won’t be the dude from the TV series.

Sir, do you think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would have made a great Nightwing? I understand that the Nolanverse is done.

JETT SAYS: Yep, I think he wouldn’t been awesome as Nightwing. And we can all have our fan-fiction in our minds as to what happened after the end of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

How big of a role will Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman have in BvS? Will her origin story be told?

JETT SAYS: From what I’ve been told, it’s an “extended cameo.” And no, I don’t think BvS will include the origin of Wonder Woman.

What are your thoughts on the chances that the transition between Nolan’s “Dark Knight Triology” and the Batman in BvS will be a “fan friendly” one?

JETT SAYS: What you’re asking me, Aaron, is if fans and the mainstream audience can assume that Affleck’s Batman is the same Batman – kinda/sorta – and the one portrayed by Christian Bale in the Nolan films. It’s a great question, but my answer is no, not at all. I think it’ll be pretty clear that Batfleck isn’t the same Dark Knight as Christian’s. A different universe, if you will. However, I do think that this Batman can pull from the same source material as Nolan and co. did for the “Trilogy” without any issue. For this film, Batman’s characterization is influenced a lot by Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. And there was a bit of that classic Batman story in Mr. Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Do you think Doomsday – which was the big rumor – is still in the film, or was the character possibly omitted by Terrio in favor of another villain?

JETT SAYS: I don’t know for sure…and that’s certainly a possibility. I hope the “rumor” was true and that the character hasn’t been omitted because the way I heard Doomsday was to be portrayed – a Luthor-created answer to Superman via Zod’s DNA – was pretty brilliant.

Do you think we'll get a sneak peak at the Wonder Woman costume?

JETT SAYS: Absolutely.

what do you think the armored Batsuit will look like?

JETT SAYS: I’m sure it’s very Frank Miller/THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS-influenced. Maybe a bit of KINGDOM COME?

If I can a question that’s not directly about BvS Will your “No Spoilers” policy change for this film? Do you feel pressured to post spoilers and set pictures because your completion and other sites do? I’m a big fan of the site – I’ve been a reader since 2000 – and would be disappointed if you caved in.

JETT SAYS: Thanks Ryan! No, I’m not going to change how I run BOF…ever. And frankly, I have no completion because BOF is BOF and all the others are wannabes and pretenders. BOF is the original – it came about organically, not in a contrived manner. As far as the other outlets that post spoilers, set pics, etc., I totally understand why they do it. They are under immense pressure to get hits and make money. It’s survival of the fittest for them. As for me, I do BOF because I love Batman and want the best for his cinematic escapades, nothing more.

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