BOF Mailbag for December 1, 2013
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
December 1, 2013

Here's the latest BOF Mailbag for your reading pleasure. You can ask questions via email at JETT@BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM, by posting them on the BOF FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, or Tweeting them to @BATMANONFILM. Enjoy!

 “Why do you think Warner Bros. is allowing Marvel to kick their ass at the box office? Why aren’t they putting out more DC films?” - Chris from Denver, CO

JETT SAYS: Is Marvel having more box office success with their comic book films than Warner Bros. right now? Yes. With that said, it’s tremendously unfair to compare the two companies because their agendas and way of doing business are totally different. Marvel Films is in the business of making comic book movies. Warner Bros., on the other hand, is in the business of making movies period – their DC properties are only a small portion of the films they put out. It’s a clichéd analogy, but true nonetheless: trying to compare WB and Marvel is like comparing apples and oranges.

Also, it’s not like they are sitting on their hands and not developing or making any films based on their DC characters. Since 1989 – which marks the beginning of the Golden Age of Comic Book Movies with the release of BATMAN – Warner Bros. has released seven Batman films, two Superman movies, one Green Lantern flick, as well as STEEL, CATWOMAN, JONAH HEX, V FOR VENDETTA, and WATCHMEN. Yeah, three of those really sucked, but they’re still comic book movies released by Warner Bros. Pictures. In addition to films that actually came to fruition, they’ve developed several DC-based projects over this time period and are STILL actively cultivating their DC Comics catalogue.

Bottom line: the idea that Warner Bros. is doing nothing with DC on film is simply false. Hell, I’m not even counting the success they’ve had on TV with the likes of SMALLVILLE and ARROW, or the excellent animated DC Universe films. There are going to be more DC-based films from the studio in the future – especially those based on Batman and Superman. I’m sure at some point they’ll take a gamble on a Wonder Woman film. But I don’t think they’ll ever produce the volume of comic book films like Marvel Pictures – that’s just the facts and the reality of the matter.

 “Do you think there will be a classic Batman villain in BvS?” - Tom from St. Paul, MN

JETT SAYS: No – not a “classic” Batman villain like The Joker. Regardless of what it looks like, this film is a sequel to MAN OF STEEL first and foremost and will be very Superman-centric – including its villains.

 “Jett, what do you think Ben Affleck’s Batman costume will look like in BvS?” - William from the UK

JETT SAYS: Well, the bottom line here is that he’s going to look like Batman in the suit I’m mean, it’s Batman, so how much can you change it up? With that said, I do think it’ll be constructed a bit different from the suits we saw in the Burton/Schumacher quadrilogy and the Nolan trilogy of Batman films. It can be cloth-like in terms of texture without being tights – you know what I mean? I also believe (know?) that Batman will be sporting some sort of armored suit – sorta like the ones the character wore in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, KINGDOME COME and even in the animated TV series BATMAN BEYOND – that’ll probably allow him to fly, shoot lasers, and do other sci-fi stuff. Hell, maybe he’ll even use it to blast off into space and fight a magical alien monster!

 “Jett, what would you like to see in first solo Batman film with Ben Affleck and do you think he’ll direct it?” - Jake from the University of Texas, Austin, TX

JETT SAYS: Hi Jake. I’d like to see a film with a non-linear narrative that’s set in the present – right after the events of BvS – as well as the past – ten years or so before BvS and MAN OF STEEL – and features both the old and in-the-prime Batman. In fact, I just wrote about this very topic here on BOF and you can read it HERE.

Oh yeah, yes, I do believe that Mr. Affleck will direct the next solo Batman film! *fingers and toes crossed*

 “Jett, your recently wrote on BOF how you were not impressed with David Goyer when you met him, but yet you still support him as Warner Bros.’ creative producer on their DC films. What gives?!” - Jerry from Connecticut

JETT SAYS: Hi Jerry. I’m not going to put my personal feelings for a dude over what I think is best for DC on film at Warner Bros. I’ve long supported Mr. Goyer for that role and if he has indeed been given that sort of job, I’m happy for him, Warner Bros., and DC fans.

Look, I’ve met Mr. Goyer several times over the years be it at set visits, press junkets, film premieres and after parties and he’s always been rather, well, unfriendly. Heck, maybe it’s me – maybe I’m an asshole and he’s reacting to that LOL! On the other hand, perhaps he’s got a shy/low-key personality and I’ve just been reading him the wrong way. I will say that he once did email me unsolicited and told me I was doing a great job on BOF and “they” – I guess he was referring to “Team Nolan” – were all big fans. But in person, he just hasn’t come off as being a cool dude – at least not to me. I’m sure I’ll see him again, so we’ll see what happens.

 “Jett, you’ve been a big supporter of a live-action BATMAN BEYOND film. Do you think we’ll ever see one?” - Antonio from Orange County, CA

JETT SAYS: Not right now – though it sounds like BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN will have a few elements of BEYOND. I know Warner Bros. has considered doing a BEYOND film in the past, so perhaps one day we’ll see one that’s set in this DCU on film they’re currently building.

 “What’s your choice for a title?”

JETT SAYS: I like "Batman vs. Superman" – though I’m hearing they might change it. I think it could be something more Superman-ish, if you will. As long as it isn’t “World’s Finest,” I’m good.

 “How true are the Bat-Drone rumors?”

JETT SAYS: Well, I heard about them WAY before the news leaked, so I’m pretty damn sure the rumor is real and legit. Honestly, I’m kinda looking forward to seeing them and the Bat-Bots too!

 Jett, could Tom Brady play Batman?”

JETT SAYS: No. But he’d make a heck of a Booster Gold.

 “What DC villains – besides Lex – would you like to see in BvS?”

JETT SAYS: I don’t want to see any Batman villains in this film – Superman villains only. If I could pick, it would have to be Lex – he’s Superman’s #1 rogue and he’s got to be in this film. Besides Lex, I could see Brainiac, Bizzaro, and even (AHEM!) Doomsday being created by Lex and co. from (stolen?) Kryptonian technology.

 “Does Mark Strong have a chance to play Lex? Will GREEN LANTERN be part of this new DCU on film?”

JETT SAYS: I high, Highly, HIGHLY doubt that Mark Strong gets the role of Lex Luthor. I think Warner Bros. wants a bigger name for Lex. Hell, I think George Clooney would be awesome, but I don’t think he’d take the part. Denzel Washington would be great as well. And no, I don’t think we’ll see GREEN LANTERN be a part of this cinematic DCU. In fact, I don’t know if we’ll ever see Green Lantern – the character – on film again.

 “When do you think we’ll see the new Bat-Suit?”

JETT SAYS: Early 2014, before filming begins.

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