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 "Are you happy with the casting of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle?"

JETT SAYS: Absolutely. When I wrote my “Who Will Be Catwoman?” op-ed a couple of years ago, she was totally off of my radar. Quite frankly, I was a “Rachel Weisz Man” when it came to Selina Kyle, but I’m totally happy with and support this casting decision.

 "You claim you knew Tom Hardy was Bane. If so, why didn’t you report it early?"

JETT SAYS: Well, I have the utmost respect for Chris Nolan, Emma Thomas, Warner Bros., and everyone else involved with this film. They didn’t want that info out yet, so I’m sure as hell was not going to reveal it early just for a few extra website hits and 15 minutes of internet fame.

BOF is not, nor never has been a "scoop site." I couldn't care less -- all I care about is Batman on film being good. That’s why.

If anyone doesn't buy into what I'm selling here, whatever. I know what I know and who likes and respects this site.

 "You teased Batman fans with “Meow!” last year. BOF even devoted a podcast to it. Did you know then that Catwoman was in [THE DARK KNIGHT RISES]?"

JETT SAYS: Nope. As I’ve said many times on BOF, I was told -- as far back as when THE DARK KNIGHT was still filming -- that Mr. Nolan and co. would like to include Selina Kyle/Catwoman in BATMAN 3…IF they ever did BATMAN 3 that is. The other requirement, so I was told, was that she’d only be included if they found a “fresh” and “interesting” take on the character. Apparently, they did.

 "Do you think your petitioning for the inclusion of Catwoman in [THE DARK KNIGHT RISES] influenced “Team Nolan” at all?"

JETT SAYS: Please! Absolutely not!

I’ve been lobbying to be cast as Crazy Quilt and my phone has yet to ring.

Joking aside, they’re going to do what they want to do and what they think is best for the film -- as they well should.

 "Bane? Really? Couldn’t Nolan have come up with something better than that big, dumb, hulking, D-list Batman villain like Bane?"

JETT SAYS: I’ll admit it: I HATE KNIGHTFALL and I’m not a huge fan of the Bane character. However, I knew that -- because of the way TDK ended -- someone was going to come to Gotham to “take down” The Batman. I can guarantee that if Bane’s in the film, there’s a reason that fit’s the plot or they wouldn’t have used him. It wouldn’t shock me in the least if they actually make the character better.

When I -- and others or the BOF MESSAGE BOARD brainstormed possible Bat-Villains for TDKR, Bane was one of them. I *think* that Bane will be someone brought to Gotham by the “GPD Batman Task Force” to lead them in catching The Caped Crusader. He’ll match The Batman both in intelligence and physical kickass-ness. Once it’s all said and done, The Dark Knight will RISE.

 "Bane? Anne Hathaway? This film’s going to SUCK. I could care less about this movie now."

JETT SAYS: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...!

Two words for you bro…

Heath. Ledger

Sadly, that embarrassing segment of fandom will never learn.

And it's "I couldn't care less," by the way.

 "Jett, who do you think will be the second "female lead." And is there a character you think would fit in the story that you'd like to see?"

JETT SAYS: If I had to guess, the other female lead will be a Vicki Vale/Silver St. Cloud/Julie Madison-type of character. However, it could definitely be Talia. Perhaps she’s uses another name the entire film and reveals herself to be the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul during the climax? Maybe Bane is a member of the League of Shadows?

Regardless, I’m still hoping the Hugo Strange is in the film -- in a small role -- and is portrayed by Robin Williams.

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