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Jackson Talks Missing Out On Batman [BEGINS]
Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, March 11, 2008, 9:24 AM CENTRAL

BATMAN BEGINS could have been a DAWSON'S CREEK mini-reunion.

If you've been reading BOF for a while, you know that actor Joshua Jackson was one of the finalist that tested for the part of Batman/Bruce Wayne in BATMAN BEGINS.

Here's a bit of what Jackson said about testing for Batman to MTV MOVIES BLOG:

“I went and did the screen test. I was one the last four or five guys [up for the role of Batman.] “I don’t like to lose any job, but they cast the right guy. I mean, Christian Bale was excellent. I don’t really think of myself in a sort of comic book hero way, you know what I mean? This might be why I didn’t get that job."

Hell yeah they picked the right guy. Anyway, here's what Jackson said about Batman in general:

“Batman is a man dealing with a deeply f—ed up childhood that has now carried itself forward. As a grown man he dresses up as a bat, goes and kicks the shit out of people at night. That’s a dark place. And, you know, he is not a superhero so it hurts. He is obviously some sort of sadist. It’s not funny, the infliction and the feeling of pain.”

To read which comic book superhero Jackson feels he'd be best suited for, read the full article over at MTV. Thanks to "Chris M."

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