Roven: Nolan's Batman is Done
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
June 15, 2013

Despite the fact that all parties involved allegedly flirted with the idea, the Batman from Chris Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy” will not be part of the new DCU on film.

And that’s a VERY good thing.

According to producer Charles Roven (via MTV) – who served as a producer on all three of Nolan’s Batman films and Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEELTHE DARK KNIGHT RISES was the end of not only Nolan’s Batman story, but the end of that story PERIOD. Here’s what Roven has to say when asked if the Batman from “The Dark Knight Trilogy” exists in the new MAN OF STEEL universe…

“No. No, the Chris Nolan universe ended – as far as Chris directing [another Batman film] I know for sure – with ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy.’”

Again, that’s a very, VERY good thing. Batman on film MUST be rebooted so the character can not only exist alongside other “superheroes,” but future solo endeavors will not be beholden to the Nolnverse and can offer up something new and fresh.

So, will a new cinematic Batman show up in the future? Here’s what Roven had to say about that…

“When Zack came in, it was important to him that whatever the world was that we were building here, it allow for the possibility. We didn’t want to create a universe where that wasn’t possible. We wanted to create a universe where that might be possible.”

Personally, I’m very relieved that the Nolanverse Batman and his story – as depicted in “The Dark Knight Trilogy” – is indeed done and will not be retroactively altered, messed with, or ruined in a DCU team-up film. I NEVER was totally on board with the idea of Nolan's Batman -- and played by Christian Bale again -- returning to the big screen and being part of DC film universe. Despite what some fans think, doing that would indeed ruin Nolan's "Dark Knight Trilogy."

Nail in the coffin, the ship has sailed, and it's time to MOVE ON.

Truth be told, despite the fact that I personally LOVE Nolan's Bat-Trilogy -- it's "My Batman" -- I'd rather see a new and fresh cinematic take on Batman by another filmmaker than more of the same. Hopefully, that’ll come before any sort of a DCU team-up movie. Anyway…

For the full interview – which took place at the New York City premiere of MAN OF STEEL (I know, because I was there and I recognize the place!) – watch the video below.

MAN OF STEEL is in theaters now!

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