Mitra Catwoman Candidate?
Posted by: Jett
Monday, October 13, 2008

3:15 PM TEXAS TIME: I’m being very cautious when it comes to BATMAN 3 rumors that are posted on BOF. Frankly, most of them are a load of BS -- but there are different types of BS to be honest.

Most of the time, Batman movie “news” is a complete fabrication that has somehow made its way onto various outlets. However, sometimes these rumors come from -- ahem -- legitimate sources. For example, damn near every actor/actress in Hollywood probably wants to be in a Chris Nolan-directed BATMAN 3, right? So their “people” might suggest that so-and-so is up for a particular part in the next BATMAN.

You with me on that?

Not only might an actor/actor or their representation leak names, I’ve also heard that sometimes even studios throw out names just to gauge fan interest. *GASP!* Anyway…

I come to you today with a name I’ve heard for Catwoman. Now, you got to keep in mind that there is no script for BATMAN 3 -- well, at least not “officially.” So how in the hell can there be casting rumors for a film in which there’s no story or script? Well, methinks that people are doing their Bat-Math and figuring that this particular Batman rogue will be in the film.

The character I’m referring to is Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman. The name of the actress I heard might be “in the mix” for the part is Rhona Mitra.

Rhona Mitra

What I was told was that some “people” were impressed by her turn in DOOMSDAY and you can take that for what you will.

Let me remind you that this should be consider nothing but rumor at this point. And I’ve got to warn you that the role of Catwoman will probably be as highly coveted as The Joker was prior to THE DARK KNIGHT. Remember all those Joker casting rumors?

Regardless, what do you think? If the Feline Fatale is in the next film, would Ms. Mitra fit the bill?

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