Legendary Confirms B3 In The Works And...
(Does WB Have A Bat-Director Backup Plan?)

Author: Jett
February 24, 2009

UPDATED (2/26/09): I visited with a rep of Zack Snyder's who told BOF that that there's no truth in the rumor below. "Zack wouldn't even entertian the idea," says his rep.

So that is that.

As stated many times on BOF, I'm 99.9% positive that Chris Nolan is on board with and will ultimately helm BATMAN 3 -- which is what everybody wants anyway, right? :)

This I can 100% guarantee: There’s going to be another BATMAN. In part due to a recent revelation on Legendary Pictures' website.

This I can almost guarantee: It will be made by the same creative team that have us BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT -- director Chris Nolan included, of course.

But there is a caveat that I learned about a while back and am now ready to reveal what it is. More on that in a bit….

Via writer Alex Litel’s , Legendary Pictures has -- or had -- BATMAN 3 listed as one of it’s upcoming projects. Here’s the screenshot:

If you can’t read the description of BATMAN 3, it says the following:

“A sequel to one of the highest grossing movies ever made, this blockbuster will continue the franchise’s reinvention of superhero cinema and aims to be a pop culture event.”

With THE DARK KNIGHT having pulled in $1 Billion worldwide at the box office and gosh knows how much more on DVD and Blu-ray, there’s simply no way in hell there isn’t going to be another BATMAN.

Now recently, BOF finally went public with some info (click here for that story) that I’ve been sitting on since the Fall as I wanted to hear the same or similar thing from other -- and unrelated -- sources. Anyway, that info was that when director Chris Nolan came to an agreement to helm INCEPTION for Warner Bros., there is at least some sort of understanding between him and the studio that he’ll do a third BATMAN -- though his reps won't confirm or deny it.

Of course, there’s been no “official” confirmation of this and there probably won’t be for a while. The bottom line here is that if Chris wasn't coming back, we'd know by now...

In other words, "Team Nolan is BACK!"

BUT, even though Warner Bros. is on the record as wanting to give Chris all the time and space he needed to decided if another BATMAN was in him, there be/was a contingent plan -- just in case.

Do you blame them? Please. Anyway...

Industry scuttlebutt of late spat out an interesting name of a director that Warner Bros. might have been (past tense, for the grammer challenged) eyeing to take over the Bat-franchise IF Chris Nolan decided he was done with Gotham City. And apparently, this particular director is interested in Batman on film -- at least an adaptation of a classic graphic novel starring The Dark Knight. Based on his past -- and upcoming work -- the guy knows how bring comics to film.

With that said, I believe -- and wholeheartedly want -- Chris Nolan bring us one more BATMAN. But what about AFTER BATMAN 3? Would you be keen on Zack Snyder taking over the franchise?

Just something to *ahem* “watch” for down the line.

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