BATMAN 3 Starting in 2009?
Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6:00 AM TEXAS TIME: The “Prepping for BATMAN 3“ scuttlebutt continues.

I was told by someone who is, well, “in the know” that there just might be something to all these rumors. According to him, there’s been mention of something going down around February of 2009 in Chicago. He chalks it up as rumor, but noted that the similarity to yesterday’s report on BOF was interesting. And just like that previous report, this buzz is coming from various folks who had worked on BATMAN BEGINS, THE DARK KNIGHT, or both.

Something that made me raise an eyebrow was that one of the sources who contributed to yesterday’s news told BOF, “[What I’m hearing from crew members out of Chicago] is that ‘BATMAN 3’ goes into pre-production in February to shoot next summer.” I didn’t include the February 2009 bit previously, but with two totally unrelated and trustworthy individuals making specific mention of that date, I thought it was worth passing it on to you all.

Now, I do not think that a third BATMAN will actually begin filming next February, but I do think that if all this is indeed true (and I have no reason not to believe it based on whom it is coming from), pre-production in some capacity just might be commencing early next year.

Oh yeah, it surely doesn’t hurt that the state of Illinois is hoping to make it financially easier for Hollywood to film in Chicago.

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