The July 2017 BOF Mailbag #3!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: July 30, 2017

Below you'll find BOF's 3rd mailbag for July 2017.

Folks, I had TONS of questions for this one, so I wasn't able to get to all of them. However, many questions asked the same thing, so I was indirectly able to answer most people's inquiries. Also, there were many things asked that I cannot answer as they would 1) Be spoilers, and 2) Would violate the confidentiality and trust I have with my sources.

But I do thank you all for the questions, and please keep them coming via EMAIL, BOF's FACEBOOK PAGE, or on BOF's TWITTER.

Also, please post your thoughts, feedback, and opinion in the COMMENTS SECTION below.

Again, thanks for reading mailbag and listening to the podcast!

Is your lack of enthusiasm for JUSTICE LEAGUE based solely on your desire for Batman to exist in more or less his own world or is it some combination of not being impressed by the trailers as well? I'm also curious to know if--with what you know about the production (and all the drama surrounded it) -- if that has influenced your expectations for the film? Thanks.

JETT SAYS: Ryan, boy, his is tough for me to answer!

Yes, part of my disinterest in this film is rooted in my own personal Batman sensibilities. With that said, BATMAN v SUPERMAN conflicted with my Bat-sensibilities and I was super-excited for it.

All I can say is that there’s a whole lot of stuff that has affected my enthusiasm for this film. With that said, I want to like it, I hope I like it, and I’m rooting for it.

This never felt like it was worth its own question – and I'm not even sure it is a question – but my take is that Batman is better in a world without the Justice League, but the Justice League is MUCH better WITH a Batman. That is to say: if we get a Batman movie, I prefer it be its own thing, but there's something to be said for a Justice League movie (although maybe not this particular JL movie), and it would be greatly lacking if it didn't have Batman in it.

JETT SAYS: Dainen, I couldn’t agree with you more.

Not that they would do a straight adaptation, but do you think Reeves could make a batman movie inspired by THE LONG HALLOWEEN? Where instead of being a huge action movie/disaster movie, it's a murder mystery that Batman solves featuring some of his rogues?

JETT SAYS: Mike, sure it’s possible bro – TLH inspired Chris Nolan and there’s a bit of it in THE DARK KNIGHT. But, I don’t care what inspires Matt Reeves dude – I’m just glad this cat is in charge of Batman on film now and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

This is hypothetical: Affleck wakes up tomorrow, calls WB, says "I'm all in for Batman, a trilogy, cameos, JL2, whatever is in store the next 10 years or so,” is WB on board? Or, is there too much of a damaged relationship between Ben and the studio that they just want to distance themselves from him right now?

JETT SAYS: Jeremy, no idea man…no idea. I’ll say this: Maybe it’s Ben Affleck that’s a hot mess and not Warner Bros.?

Hi Jett, I own the FLASHPOINT the animated movie where Barry switches the timeline back to the original, but never read the comic series that apparently rebooted the whole thing. I don't understand how if Barry goes back and changes people's circumstances through a “butterfly effect,” how does that change Bruce Wayne’s genetic make-up? His personality/motives and circumstances may have changed, but HE wouldn't have – so why would he have to be recast? And how could they alter him so drastically and not Wonder Woman and Aquaman? They seem to be on the track for success, surely it's riskier rebooting the whole thing than it is to keep steering in the right direction.

JETT SAYS: Whew! That’s a lot bro! I think the answer is simple: Once The Flash resets the timeline, things are still “off” and Bruce Wayne is now 15 or so years younger and Batman’s in his prime. Recasting – even if Matt Reeves uses an older, post-JL – is a non-issue to be honest.

Do you think that JUSTICE LEAUGEMAN OF STEEL and BvS? As I understand it, Joss Whedon is writing new scenes as a connective tissue between already filmed scenes. Maybe he will write a scene where the Leaguers talk about Superman's peaceful and positive missions in the past in the 18 month gap. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

JETT SAYS: Teddy, no, that’s not happening dude. The “connective tissue” that Mr. Whedon is working on is within the film, not between the films that came before it.

You say you don't care at all about JUSTICE LEAGUE, but do you really mean that? Isn't it more accurate to say that based on what you know about the film, that you fully expect it to be a mess, and therefore you are not excited to watch it? That is different from not caring.

JETT SAYS: I do care about JL. If I’ve said that, I did indeed express myself the wrong way. I care because I want it to be good and I want the folks who have “been waiting their whole lives” for this film to be able to enjoy it. BUT…

As I’ve said many times, this ain’t my cup of tea, so I’m not personally interested in this movie. I would be very happy if it wasn’t going to happen – just being honest. However, I am pulling for it to be good and I hope that I end up enjoying it.

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if it counts as a “prop” per se, but I’d love to be able to display the BATMAN BEGINS Bat-Suit in my office.

Do you think Reeves is hesitant to work with Affleck since Affleck already wrote a script and had a vision for Batman that's been scrapped? Like is Reeves worried Affleck won't be malleable enough for him or is all the hesitation on Affleck's side?

JETT SAYS: Hello there Mance! Coming to the BOF JUSTICE LEAGUE watch-party, right? ANYWAY…

First of all, I don’t think Ben Affleck EVER had a vision for a Batman film. I 100% believe that he developed a solo Batman film (i.e. agreed to direct, wrote a script) because he was “supposed to” – you know what I mean?

I’ll say this: If Ben Affleck isn’t Batman in Matt Reeves’ film(s), that’s because Reeves’ vision doesn’t jibe with an older Batman.

JETT SAYS: Dude, I think that we’ve seen just about everything JUSTICE LEAGUE is all about in the three videos we’ve seen so far. Take that for what you will.

What was the thinking behind WB releasing a series of DC film logos at SDCC? We know they have ideas for films, it seems we get rumors and announcements about potential projects every other day, but nothing set in stone. Is WB trying to appear like they still care without setting release dates and cast and crew which causes embarrassment when they miss the dates and have to let people go? The logos got a lot of press but should fans take this as a commitment to a slate, as many are reporting it, proof of concept or simply more empty promises? Am I being too cynical?

JETT SAYS: Matthew, you’re very smart dude – you answered your own question. I’ll put it this way: Not all those film’s “announced” at SDCC ’17 will come to fruition – take that to the bank.

Based on what you know and where things stand now, are there movies slated for DCEU 2.0 that have a chance of not being made? FLASHPOINT, SHAZAM!, and most importantly, GREEN LANTERN CORPS?

JETT SAYS: As I said to Matthew right above, not all those “announced” films are going to get made. Of the three you mentioned, it looks like SHAZAM! is going in front of the camera early next year, FLASHPOINT seems like it’ll be used to soft-reboot the DCEU, and I’m not convinced that GLC will happen – though I’d love to see it.

JETT SAYS: Great question dude. Yes, D.A. Carl Finch in BATMAN BEGINS could’ve been Harvey Dent. But in BEGINS the “Dent” role was supplied by the Rachel Dawes character. I’m pretty sure that in an early draft of the BEGINS script, Rachel suggests bring Harvey Dent into the mix, but it was cut from the final version. That would’ve been cool to include, but cutting out that Dent reference certainly isn’t a “mistake” by the filmmakers. Ultimately, I think the filmmakers did the right thing with the way they handled Dent – and Two Face – in THE DARK KNIGHT.

And in regards to Rachel Dawes, yes, she was needed. She represents Bruce’s conscience in BEGINS, and the life he could’ve had in THE DARK KNIGHT.

I wouldn’t change a thing about those two characters in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. The only thing I believe Nolan should’ve done that he didn’t is make Oswald Cobblepott one of the crime bosses in TDK.

Here's my question: Do you think Ben might leave because of this show he's developing for Showtime with Matt Damon?

JETT SAYS: Nope – that has nothing to do with whether he stays or goes.

I think I know why nothing has been said about MAN OF STEEL 2. Since Superman is “dead,” Warner Bros. won’t say anything until JUSTICE LEAGUE comes out and he is alive. Sound crazy, or maybe?

JETT SAYS: Glen – good to hear from you sir! Dude, I couldn’t answer all your questions because, well, I couldn’t answer all your questions – you get what I’m sayin’? But I think your Superman/MOS2 hypothesis has some merit. Now, it just may be the fanboy (not fanBOIZ!) in me with some wishful thinking, but it makes sense. But on the other hand, everyone knows that Superman is coming back, so I don’t know how much that really matters. But let me go off on a rant real quick…

If Henry Cavill doesn’t get another solo Superman film – a TRUE MAN OF STEEL 2 – it’ll be a crying damn shame. Not only does Henry deserve it, but Superman fans deserve it dadgummit!

Hey Jett, you've long said that you prefer Batman solo rather than with alien partners and adventures in space. That being the case, are your issues with Zack’s movie just the raw material or is it the way he's putting it together? For example, do you think they could ever do a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie that you would like, or is it simply not your cup of tea?

JETT SAYS: Thanks for this question Adam, I’d love to address what you asked.

Yes, Batman solo in a grounded world is my preference – I’ve said it for years here on BOF. I’m not going to lie – if there was never a JL ever, I wouldn’t be upset. Regardless, I KNEW it was coming, eventually.

My issue with the DCEU1.0 is that it was a cluster-f**k from the beginning. I’m a HUGE fan of MAN OF STEEL, and there should’ve been a MAN OF STEEL 2 instead of flippin’ BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Warner Bros. was SO intent on getting to JUSTICE LEAUGE as soon as possible, they screwed the pooch from the get-go.

I’m not a fan of BvS – I think it’s garbage and I’ve stopped watching it because it gets worse after each viewing. Thus, why in the hell would I be excited for its sequel? And it’s not like I’m the only one who didn’t care for BvS either. It was an abject failure amongst critics, at the box office, and with the general audience. I was super excited for BvS and was very much bummed out that I didn’t like it. So, there’s a bit of once bitten, twice shy here – that, and also I know A LOT.

Regardless, I hope when I finally see it in late October/early November, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and like it.

Hey Bill! Here's a mailbag question: How and where do I buy one of those sweet BOF T-shirts?!

JETT SAYS: Kyle Southcomb, here you go and represent!

Why don't you post click bate? Also why do you feel the need to tell it like it is and not burry your head in the sand telling me everything is perfect?

JETT SAYS: Oh Peter Verra, you hater! It’s probably because I suck. ;)

Do you think we'll ever get a Batman movie as good as any of the ARKHAM games?

JETT SAYS: Manuel, we already have sir. It’s called THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY.

Will Matt Reeves have the same creative freedom as Chris Nolan did? Or will he have to adhere to any strict DCEU rules established by WB? Or is it in the middle?

JETT SAYS: Matt Reeves wouldn’t have taken the job if he wasn’t going to be allowed to make the Batman film he wanted to make. Period.

Not directly Batman-related, but why the hell is WB/New Line bent on keeping Captain Marvel and Black Adam separate?

JETT SAYS: Rob, I’m assuming you mean that the SHAZAM! movie will not be part of the DCEU. Look, the fact that both the SHAZAM! and BLACK ADAM films look to be their own thing as they’re under the New Line banner, and not Warner Bros. proper. And frankly, let this little “Shazam Universe” be its own thing and just go CRAZY fun with it! Bring in the Marvel Family, Tawky Tawny, Mister Mind, Doctor Sivana, Uncle Dudley, and Mentor to boot!

Hello Jett. Is it possible that Wonder Woman is now the main attraction in the DCEU and not Batman, or will Batman always be the centerpiece? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Hamad, interesting question sir. Batman and Wonder Woman are the two main characters in JL -- though it all revolves around The Dark Knight. Regardless, Batman is still the boss when it comes to DC on film dude. If Matt Reeves’ films are good, people will respond likewise – it’s BATMAN for goodness sakes!

With all that said, I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and I hope she gets more than just one WONDER WOMAN sequel.

(And PLEASE Warner Bros., give Henry Cavill another damn solo Superman film!)

Being as objective as you can, do you think Joss Whedon has any chance of salvaging JUSTICE LEAGUE into a decent movie? Any chance or will it be a mess no matter what?

JETT SAYS: Mike, sure, there is absolutely a chance that JL turns out to be decent. Based on what I know about it, I’m not optimistic. But I hope I’m pleasantly surprised in November.

JETT SAYS: No. I firmly believe that Ben never had a story he wanted to tell and the script showed that. And once Matt Reeves came on board, he wanted to do his own thing and tossed the previous Affleck/Johns/Terrio script.

One theory I've always had about Batman going sideways in BvS is that prolonged exposure kryptonite could alter the brain chemistry of a human. It could also be used to explain Lex's erratic behavior. Do you think that's the angle/explanation they'll use in JL? And would that work for you? (It's honestly the only thing that could help me absolve Batman of his, er, slayings in BvS).

JETT SAYS: Andre, that’s not a ridiculous theory at all, but I’m pretty sure (like, 100%) that the effects of Kryptonite on a human will not be used to explain how Batman was in BvS. He was just an A-hole, period.

Hi Jett, hopefully not sounding too naive with my question but, if THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER is such a reputable and trusted trade, why would they release such potentially damaging information the day before such an important event for WB? Surely they risk professional relationships and being privy to scoops in the future. Has it ever been heard of before for big movie companies to troll the press in order to build hype and maybe throw a little egg back at THEIR faces? Thank you.

JETT SAYS: Aaron, this is why this is so fascinating and significant. If it’s coming from THR, the it’s almost a certainty that it came from Warner Bros. And you’re right, THR wouldn’t print a story with huge consequences if the studio objected to it. Something is not right here – perhaps WB and Affleck are totally on the outs? And no, I don’t think WB is trolling THR to hype-up JL.

Are the re-shoots still taking place?

JETT SAYS: You mean the “additional photography.” Yessir, it is. And it shall continue into August. Of course, they’re on a break due to the JL appearance at SDCC ’17, but they’ll be back at it pronto.

Anyone still want to say that damn near 3 months of reshoots isn’t significant?

What is Announcer Rachel's favorite Batman movie?

JETT SAYS: Matthew, that would be THE DARK KNIGHT; though she said THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is CLOSE behind it. I need to get her on a podcast to talk about the time we rode and elevator with Christian Bale.

Who is in your shortlist to replace Ben Affleck as Bruce/Bats?

JETT SAYS: Manuel, I’m getting a lot of these questions for this mailbag. Let me put it this way, OK? I’m not throwing dirt on Ben Affleck just yet. While I believe that where there’s smoke there’s fire – and the smoke has been smoking for months – it would make me very happy if Ben’s Batman in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie. Honestly, I don’t feel right about “recasting” him at the moment even though I kinda think it’s best for Matt Reeves to start fresh. Ugh! I’m very conflicted!

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