The July 2017 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: July 16, 2017

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Have you gotten everything you've ever wanted out of live-action Batman films? Or is there still something you're aching to see?

JETT SAYS: Great question Michael – and a tough one! THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY pretty much encompassed everything that’s “Batman” to me personally. I’d like to see some other villains – like The Ridder, Mr. Freeze and The Penguin for example – given a better portrayal in a live-action film than the last time we saw them. I’m very excited to see what Matt Reeves does with Batman on film. He’s talked about doing a noir, detective type of a film and that interests me. And I don’t know if WB would ever do it, but I’d love to see a BATMAN BEYOND movie.

Any chance Matt Reeves casts Denzel Washington as Harvey Dent?

JETT SAYS: Hello there Peter Verra! I think the first step to answering that question is whether or not Matt Reeves wants to use the character of Harvey Dent in his Batman film(s). If he goes with an older, post-BvS and JUSTICE LEAGUE Batman, then Two Face probably already exists. So yeah, I’d be down with it if he wanted to use Two Face/Dent and cast Denzel. The only issue I have is that Denzel is about 15 years older than Ben Affleck. If Bruce and Harvey are roughly the same age, then that might be an issue – though Ben’s Batman is older than his actual age, and Denzel can play younger than his true age.

For fun, here's a drawing of Two Face based on Denzel done by the great Lee Bermejo exclusively for BOF back in the early 2000s...

JETT SAYS: I’m not expecting any “big announcements” regarding the DCEU at SDCC ’17. I believe they are showing something from AQUAMAN, and I’m very interested in seeing it. I couldn’t care less about anything from JUSTICE LEAGUE. I don’t expect Matt Reeves to show up at the Warner Bros. presentation, but if he did, that would be gravy.

OK, we know that Matt Reeves will do his own thing with Batman moving forward, and we know that it is possible he will recast. What about the production design? Will we see a Batsuit that looks nothing like the current one? New Batmobile? New Batcave? Jeremy Irons as Alfred still? Or would it be more likely that those elements would stay if not the same then similar to what we've seen? Obviously we won't know what Reeves has in mind till we see it, but are the chances of that happening you think?

JETT SAYS: Let’s clarify first Matthew...

Yes, Matt Reeves has a lot of creative control over his Batman film, but it’ll still be in the DCEU. Now, should we expect cameos from other superheroes and to be beaten over the head with “This is a DCEU movie”? I very, Very, VERY much doubt it. Recasting Batman is possible, but I don’t think Reeves/WB will recast just for the hell of it. If it happens, there will be a reason.

Now, on to your question about production design and casting as it’s a good one. I expect both Jeremy Irons and J.K. Simmons to reprise their roles as Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, respectively. I don’t think they’ll change the Batcave that much, but I do know for a fact we’ll be getting a new Batmobile (trust me on that). And as far as a new Batsuit, it’s kinda a tradition to add a new one going from one film to another, right?

Hi Jett. OK, in light of the comments made from your source who claimed to have seen a rough cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE, I got the impression that it was potentially 90 +% complete? Obviously this was before Whedon’s involvement. Now with the rumors of s extensive shoots and retooling, would WB want to capitalize on a special edition DVD/Blu-ray release with a theatrical version and a Zack Snyder cut? In addition to that question, is the source sincere and did it give you a little more faith in the movie? Thank you.

JETT SAYS: Hi Aaron, thanks for the question. OK, first of all, this person was not my source actually, it came from someone who is in the “Movie Business” (and I mean that broadly) that Rick Shew met and spoke with. This was back in May and it was NOT before Whedon’s involvement. Despite (PR) reports that suggest otherwise, Whedon has been on this film for quite some time – around the first of the year. Thus, I suspect that this cut included a lot of Whedon’s changes. Also, the cut was not all filmed footage – lots of it was storyboards, etc. Yes, I believe this source was sincere; however, it really had no effect on my faith or interest (I have none) in this movie.

In regards to a “Zack Snyder version” being released by Warner Bros., that ain’t going to happen dude. I know why (if one looks beyond the “official story,” it’s rather obvious), but I’ll leave it at that. Cheers!

Since the new TITANS TV series will be available on the new DC streaming service, do you think it will be a part of the DCEU, “Arrowverse,” or be its own thing? Also, what other characters would you like to see get their own series on the DC streaming service? At this point in time do you see any DC characters that would be better served getting their own show on the streaming service as opposed to their own movie?

JETT SAYS: Hi Chance, good to hear from you! I think TITANS will likely be its own thing. As far as a character getting their own series, streaming or not, I’ve long thought a Deadman TV series done in the style of the old QUATUM LEAP TV series would be awesome. But that’s just me.

Given that Matt Reeves totally discarded the script that was being written by Affleck and Terrio, does this mean that Reeves's film is now a completely new project? Kinda like BATMAN BEGINS was completely distinct from what was supposed to be BATMAN TRIUMPHANT.

JETT SAYS: No, completely different situations. TRIUMPHANT – which we learned a while back was actually titled BATMAN UNCHAINED – was meant to be a sequel to BATMAN AND ROBIN and exist within the continuity of the Burton/Schumacher films. After B&R came out and tanked, that film was tossed and Warner Bros. decided to reboot the series. After several pitches and commissioned scripts, WB went with Christopher Nolan’s proposed project and the rest is history.

With Reeves’ film, it’s not a reboot and will still be part of the DCEU – whether it’s a sequel, prequel, or possibly...both?

With The Joker out of the equation due to the SUICIDE SQUAD fiasco, Who can be the big bad Batman foe in a possible Reeves trilogy? Red Hood? The Court of Owls? Or someone else?

JETT SAYS: David, who says The Joker is out of the out of the equation? I can almost guarantee that we’ll see Jared Leto’s Joker again in the future. In Reeves’ first Batman film? It’s up to him – as whichever Batman villain(s) he chooses to include.

Do you think we'll finally get a smaller in scope batman story with Reeves where Batman gets to solve a mystery, or will we get a huge Gotham in danger and Batman needs to save the day story?

JETT SAYS: Mike, I think that’s absolutely possible. As I said earlier, Reeves has already talked about a noir, detective Batman story. Now, that doesn’t mean that’s what he’s going to end up doing, but it seems it’s something he’s thinking about.

Do you think Darkseid is ultimately I'm JUSTICE LEAGUE? With no more JL2 seems unlikely to have Steppenwolf without Darkseid. Also do you think Superman will come back under Steppenwolf’s control?

JETT SAYS: Todd, I can say with 100% certainty no and no in regards to your two questions sir – unequivocally no.

I wouldn’t say JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 is no more, as there’s a probably a good chance there will be a sequel to JL – as long as the first one does well. What was eliminated in the wake of BATMAN v SUPERMAN was JL being a two-part film – that ain’t happening.

Do you think Matt Reeves has a Batman story that he wants to write? I recall that was an issue with prior directors and scripts

JETT SAYS: Adam, not only should it be obvious that he has a story in mind, but he’s said as much when he described how he got the gig. The only director/writer that had a problem coming up with a story/script was Ben Affleck. I believe that he never really had a Batman story he wanted to tell.

What is your favorite single issue story?

JETT SAYS: Rob, that would be “The Joker’s 5-Way Revenge” from BATMAN #251, 1973.

What's your thoughts on recasting for a prequel trilogy but keeping Affleck around for cameos, JL2 or anything that would be post JUSTICE LEAGUE? This way they could keep him but he wouldn't have to commit to as much. I think this is the best solution because if Matt Reeves chooses to do a prequel and recast what do you do with Batman in any stories that happen after JL? Thanks. (via email)

JETT SAYS: GODFATHER, PART II-style? Jason, it wouldn’t be something that I’d be against. And honestly, it makes sense in a lot of ways. But, I don’t know if WB would want two different live-action movie Batmen (Batmans?) at the same time. Even though I am a proponent of prequels – even with Ben Affleck playing a 30ish Batman – IF they recast, the new actor will appear in JL2 and possible DCEU cameos. And again, I want Ben to keep on playing Batman.

JETT SAYS: Man, not really. There’s just nothing about this film that interests me and I’m not excited for it in the least. I hope that I like it – perhaps even love it – once I see it in late October/early November though.

Have you seen my car keys? Grandma said "How the hell would I know?! Ask Batman."

JETT SAYS: Well Darrin, your grandma is smart for sure. Perhaps they got sucked into a boom tube and ended up in Apokolips. Perhaps you should ask Steppenwolf. Or maybe a parademon got hold of ‘em and flew away.

If Ben ends up not being in THE BATMAN, who would recast as Batman and why?

JETT SAYS: Kyle, first and foremost, I hope Ben Affleck returns for not only THE BATMAN, but for a few more solo Bat-films. As far as a who I’d want if the role was to be recast, just get me a good to great actor who just so happens to physically resemble Bruce Wayne of the comics.

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