The U.S. Independence Day 2017 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: July 2, 2017

Happy Independence Day 2017!

It’s a little different 4th of July for me and the Jett Family this year folks – location-wise at least. For the first time in years, I’m spending the holiday in my home and native state of Texas instead of my second home state of Minnesota. But I’ll make do – though I am already missing the 20 degree difference in the high temperature this time of year!

Also, I hope all of y'all like my July 4th Batman rendering of mine that's now 5 years old. But darn it, doesn't it look A LOT like Batfleck? ANYWAY...

Below you'll find the Independence Day 2017 BOF Mailbag.

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Given the extensive JUSTICE LEAGUE reshoots and rumors of Joss Whedon making some significant changes to the film, how much of the footage from the trailer do you believe will actually make it into the film? Over/under 60%?

JETT SAYS: Jorge, great question sir. I meant to answer it on episode 80 of the BOF Podcast, but I totally forgot to include it. So, here goes…

I’m not sure how much of the footage from the first JL trailer will not make it into the final cut of the film (get rid of the ridiculous Aquaman “flying” out of the Batmobile scene, please!), but I suspect the tone is going to be much different. I’ll take the over, but with the new footage and editing, it’ll be much different than what was originally intended.

JETT SAYS: I can’t say that there’s a certain actor that I really want to do a comic book film. The best answer I can give to your question Jeff is that when a comic book/superhero film is in the works, just cast it with the best actors you can get.

Think back to the first time you watched each film of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. All of these movies have very powerful endings particularly in the theater watching them for the first time. Which movie made the biggest impression on you in that first viewing?

JETT SAYS: Man, this is tough question to answer! Gabe, I LOVE all 3 endings to those films and each impacted me greatly. But if I must pick one, I’ll have to go with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The entire ending montage moved me tremendously – I cried like a baby the moment Bruce tipped his glass to Alfred!

What was the biggest influence on the story of BATMAN BEGINS? I recently watched an episode of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES where The Scarecrow poisoning Gotham’s water supply to spread fear all over. Do you know if this is coincidence or did in influence BEGINS?

JETT SAYS: Mike, YEAR ONE obviously had an influence on Chris Nolan and David Goyer when writing the script for BATMAN BEGINS. However, the 1989 Batman story “The Man Who Falls” by Dennis O’Neil and Dick Giordano is probably the biggest inspiration for what became BATMAN BEGINS. The story was most recently published in BATMAN: SECRETS OF THE BATCAVE.

#BatmanOnFilmMailbag Is Batman '89 an origin film? I say YES u silly troll! lolol

— Bill Zard (@wizzrd44) June 30, 2017

JETT SAYS: BATMAN ’89 is NOT an origin film sir, despite what Rick Shew says. He's misguided and delusional. Other than the Wayne murders – which is actually the CAUSE of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman – there’s nothing in that film that shows HOW he became Batman. Hell, he’s Batman when the film begins!

Now, if we’re talking about The Joker, then yeah, it’s an origin film for him.

With WONDER WOMAN now the the top grossing DCEU movie (domestically), do you think Warner Bros. shifts the marketing focus for JUSTICE LEAGUE to her, especially considering Ben Affleck's uncertain status? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Hamad, I can see that happening, absolutely. I don’t think they’ll market it as a “Wonder Woman film,” but due to the popularity of Gal Gadot’s character, it’s not a bad idea.

While we’re on this topic, let me say that the rumor that more Wonder Woman was being added to JUSTICE LEAGUE is false.

Do you think BATMAN v SUPERMAN would have been better had they stuck with David Goyer's original script? And do you personally know, Jett, how different the script was?

JETT SAYS: Richard, I do not know how much of Goyer’s script was changed or totally thrown out by Chris Terrio. I’m pretty sure that Dick Grayson/Nightwing was part of Goyer’s draft. Regardless, let’s remember that the director did not change and BvS was a film driven by Zack Snyder and his vision for these characters. Thus, I think BvS was going to be dark, dour, violent and depressing no matter what.

If JUSTICE LEAGUE were to be a massive failure, but AQUAMAN is as big of a hit as WONDER WOMAN, will Warner Bros. continue with this cinematic universe, or would they end it and only focus on solo Wonder Woman and Aquaman films?

JETT SAYS: No, I don’t think so. There will be other solo films besides Wonder Woman and Aquaman when the DCEU2.0 gets going after JUSTICE LEAGUE. For example, they’re going to make THE BATMAN (which I don’t know if that’s what it’ll ultimately be called now that Matt Reeves is in charge of the project) no matter how JL performs. Also, I’m quite sure that Joss Whedon’s BATGIRL will come to fruition.

JETT SAYS: I’m more optimistic than I was, I’ll say that. And it has nothing to do with Warner Bros. allowing me and BOF to exclusively debut the first in-theater JL poster (trust me, it’s not a coincidence that BOF was chosen to drop it). I’m more optimistic because I know that WB is doing everything in their power to make JL a good film. Now, will I like the final product? I don’t know yet – I need to see the film first. But I am pulling for it to not only be good, but to be a success critically and at the box office.

You usually get invitations for press screenings for DC movies thanks to your work with BOF, but how did that factored into getting an invitation for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING? I thought only WB invited you to press screenings.

JETT SAYS: I get press screening invites to just about every film that’s released by all the studios.

Hi Bill, enjoyed the podcast the other day. As for whether or not Ben Affleck returns to play Batman in the solo film, I thought that the story Matt Reeves comes up with, as well as how the two will get along will matter. Do you agree? Also, do you think that Wonder Woman or Superman should cameo in the Batman solo film? One more thing since Superman’s son is such a hit in the comics, should he have a kid with Lois in the sequel?

JETT SAYS: OK, here goes…

1. Thanks for listening to the podcast! It was a good show!

2. Absolutely that can be a factor sir!

3. No. No! NO NO NO NO!

4. I don’t see that happening. It didn’t go over well in SUPERMAN RETURNS.

JETT SAYS: Alex, I’m not too big on recreating comic book scenes in films exactly how they looked in the source material. I don’t hate it or anything, but it’s not something I want or have to see in a movie. To be honest, I think many comic book movies have created their own fresh and original iconic scenes or moments. The bats swarming around a young Bruce Wayne in the Batcave in BATMAN BEGINS is pretty awesome.

Let’s assume Josh Whedon is able to save JUSTICE LEAGUE and that the movie is well received by fans and critics. Do you think WB will fast track a JL sequel with Whedon directing and postpone BATGIRL? Hell, does WB actually takes that project seriously, or was that just a PR move to introduce Whedon into the DCEU?

JETT SAYS: Mauricio, I do not think a JL sequel is going to get fast-tracked even if JUSTICE LEAGUE is a monster hit. I think that a successful JL will mean that there will be a sequel…someday. I believe that the DCEU2.0 is going to focus on solo films ala WONDER WOMAN (which, ironically, is a DCEU1.0 movie), AQUAMAN, and THE BATMAN.

In regards to Joss Whedon and BATGIRL, I definitely think that’s going to happen. Was there some PR involved with the announcement? Oh ya, ya betcha (as they say in my wife’s native state of Minnesota) there was! But that doesn’t mean that BATGIRL isn’t a legitimate project.

JETT SAYS: Ryan, that would be a Silver Age villain known as “Firecracker” who uses hi-tech fireworks to commit bank robberies and the like. The Batman would be able to defeat this dastardly dude with his Bat-Rainmaker which would blast Firecracker with a significant amount of H20, thus raining on his evil parade. You can’t have fireworks in the rain.

What do you expect from Warner Bros. at SDCC besides a panel for JUSTICE LEAGUE and a second trailer? Any chance we get a teaser trailer for AQUAMAN and official release dates for Batman, Batgirl, GCS, WW2, MoS2, and SS2? THE BATMAN, GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, WONDER WOMAN 2, MAN OF STEEL 2 and SUICIDE SQUAD 2?

JETT SAYS: Chance, don’t get your hopes up for some big DCEU extravaganza at SDCC ’17 sir. I know there’s going to be a small panel for JL; though I don’t know yet who all is attending. There’s a good chance we’ll get something for AQUAMAN, but remember, that film is a year and a half away from release – WB can focus on it next year. And as far as release dates, don’t hold your breath my friend. Frankly, there’s no good reason for them to announce release dates for anything right now, as all it would do is back them into a corner. I expect this to be a low-key affair when it comes to the DCEU. Trotting out all the DCEU directors on stage last year wasn’t a good move in hindsight, was it? Hell, only 2 of them on stage that day – James Wan and Patti Jenkins – are still DCEU directors!

I’ll be honest: If I’m WB, I’m not going to SDCC any longer – there’s really no point. Everything they show is released online immediately afterwards and every single person in Hall H are going to see these films – several times – regardless.

(FYI: I have love/hate relationship with SDCC. The event itself is awesome. However, attending the event is a friggin’ beat down and a cluster to the F. I’d rather have a toenail ripped off with pliers than walk the main floor of the con. If I could only go and not have to deal with a sea of fanboiz. One can dream, right?)

What are your favorite action scenes in superhero movies and STAR WARS movies so far?

JETT SAYS: Well, I’m not a STAR WARS guy, so that question isn’t up my alley – that’s a question for BOF’s Rick Shew sir. Also, when it comes to superhero films, there are too many to name. But, the Batmobile/Batpod chase/18-wheeler flip chase scene in THE DARK KNIGHT stands out.

JETT SAYS: Craig, I have not. That game does not appeal to me all that much dude. That’s a question for BOF’s Ryan Hoss sir – hit him up. I liked the ARKHAM games though – and MADDEN. And UNCHARTED. And SUPER MARIO way back in the day, TECHMO BOWL too!

Who do you think is Batman’s favorite U.S. president since his creation in 1939?

JETT SAYS: My fellow Texan, Lyndon Johnson. Why? LBJ ushered in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – I think Bruce Wayne would support that. And he’s from Texas, of course.

JETT SAYS: Dude, I’ve actually liked all of the live-action Bat-Suits – excluding the ones from the 1940s movie serials. So if we’re talking from BATMAN ’66 through BATMAN v SUPERMAN (not going to count JUSTICE LEAGUE because it hasn’t been released yet), the only one I don’t like is the silver and blue/black “Ice Suit” from BATMAN AND ROBIN. That was ridiculous.

What do you think of this idea: Daniel Day-Lewis as The Joker!

JETT SAYS: He’s been on my Joker list for years my friend!

How do you think an Azrael standalone movie would do? Would it be possible? Could it be good? And who would you cast as Azrael? Thanks for podcast!

JETT SAYS: Here goes Michael…

1. Don’t know – but it’s an interesting idea.

2. Sure, anything’s possible.

3. Yes – you could do it as an R-rated assassin movie.

4. Rick Shew.

5. You’re welcome – it’s the best Batman podcast on the Net!

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