The August 2017 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: August 19, 2017

Welcome to the August 2017 BOF Mailbag!

Y’all, a BIG THANKS for all the questions you all sent in! However, there was NO WAY I could get to all of them – though I answered most as many questions were asking the same or similar thing. If I didn’t get to your specific question on this mailbag, PLEASE, feel free to resend it via the usual ways for September’s installment.

Since a lot of you BOF’ers read this mailbag religiously, I just wanted to say before we get to the questions how much I appreciate y’all! I KNOW that the folks who read this site make up the majority of fandom. Y’all are – as we say in Texas – “good people.”

Yes, I tend to call out the fanBOIZ and fanGURLZ out there from, um, “time to time” as it infuriates me that this small segment of fandom gives us all a bad name and rep. Frankly, their unacceptable online behavior should not be tolerated by US – the majority of Batman and DC fandom. Just know that when I engage them, it’s because I have yall’s backs and I CARE.

Ahem, moving on…

Again, thanks you for the questions, and please keep them coming via EMAIL, BOF's FACEBOOK PAGE, or on BOF's TWITTER.

Also, please post your thoughts, feedback, and opinion in the COMMENTS SECTION below.

JETT SAYS: Oh, absolutely he can – and likely will under Matt Reeves’ helm. Adam, the realistic and relatable aspect of Batman is why he is the most popular comic book superhero amongst the mainstream audience. Don’t worry about that. The real question is…

What will the mainstream audience think of Batman alongside super-powered beings fighting an alien god and his flying bat-like monster things?

Quit posting fake clickbait bullsh*t about JUSTICE LEAGUE cause it never been a “mess” you lyin f*cker just like u say WONDER WOMAN was going to suck and talk sh*t about Ben Affleck then he skooled u and u made stuff up about Amazons bein from Krypton b*tch. (via email

JETT SAYS: Oy vey. Got a us a member from team fanBOIZ here apparently. Wow, no need to reply – that email says everything.

Hey guys, love listening to your podcasts and following you on Twitter as you continue to advocate for quality Batman. I was wondering if you had heard any more scuttlebutt on a MAN OF STEEL sequel? I’m still very keen to see Henry Cavill really shine as Superman.

JETT SAYS: Ben, you and I both sir. I’ve heard nothing about a MOS sequel other than the few rumblings of potential directors (Matthew Vaughn, for example) to take on the project. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times here on BOF: If Henry Cavill doesn’t get another solo Superman film – and a damn good one at that (and I really liked MAN OF STEEL) – it’s be a mistake and a crying damn shame.

JETT SAYS: That’s easy: JUSTICE LEAGUE. I despise BATMAN RETURNS and that won’t change. With JL I hope I do end up liking it.

JETT SAYS: Probably not Scott. If Ben’s done, he’s done. Also, I don’t think that a JL sequel is on the horizon or will come anytime soon. With that said, I wouldn’t be opposed to such an arrangement and it just might work. It’s going to be very interesting to see the direction that Matt Reeves goes with his first solo Batman film.

Isn't it blatantly obvious by now that WB over-complicated their strategy? I mean, we all know WB was in a rush to get to a Justice League movie so that they could catch up to Marvel and have a competing cinematic universe. We have also seen them F-ing it up in many ways. Personally, I think WB should have just kick-started the DCEU with a JL and then proceed to stand alone movies for the characters that worked the best. Do you think this could have worked?

JETT SAYS: Mauricio, I will agree with you that WB did over-complicate things when it came to building a DC cinematic universe. And yes, they absolutely were in a rush to get to a JL film ASAP. The big mistake came when they – for some reason – kinda-sorta panicked after MAN OF STEEL (which again, I like a lot personally), hijacked the planned sequel by inserting Batman into it, just to set up JUSTICE LEAGUE.

If they were going to build a DC film universe, they should’ve followed up MAN OF STEEL with other solo films to introduce audiences to these characters. For example, while I liked Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in BATMAN v SUPERMAN, I didn’t become invested in her until WONDER WOMAN -- see what I’m sayin’ here?

I don’t care if it would’ve been “copying the MCU formula,” they shouldn’t have rushed JL and spent more time world-building.

So with all that said sir, I don’t know if doing a JL film first to springboard characters into solo films would’ve worked.

Of course, if BvS hadn’t have, well, been what it was, all of this here would be a moot point.

JETT SAYS: I don’t think so – even if JL’s reception (including the box office) is on par with BvS. From what I KNOW (*hint*), Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman is going to be one of the positives of JL.

Regardless, even if JL is a total bomb, I have confidence in James Wan and what he’s doing with the solo film. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it so far.

Since JUSTICE LEAGUE is a standalone film and wraps up with a bow. Why not just use Darkseid and replace Steppenwolf altogether? He's just a CGI character.

JETT SAYS: Hey Peter! By the way y'all, you can read Peter's reviews of DETECTIVE COMICS here on BOF bi-monthly! ANYWAY...

I think it’s more complicated that it might seem dude. If they had made the decision to do that during pre-production, then I don’t think it would’ve been a problem. But once Mr. Snyder shot the film, they were married to Steppenwolf as the main villain ($$$). The Darkseid cameo at the end was removed once Joss Whedon took over and the film’s ending is it’s ENDING.

JETT SAYS: “Guilty pleasures?” I don’t know if I’d call them that, but I will say that I like BATMAN FOREVER – always have since ’95. And while I walked out of the theater on BATMAN & ROBIN upon my first viewing, today, I’d rather watch it than BATMAN RETURNS.

How big is Jesse Eisenberg's role in JUSTICE LEAGUE?

JETT SAYS: He doesn’t have one. If he did prior to all the changes/reshoots, it was cut.

Jett, what do you make of Casey Affleck’s comments? (via email)

JETT SAYS: I’m sure you are talking about THIS, correct? As I said in my original story on this as well as the update, it means nothing. Something is definitely up with Ben Affleck and his Batman future regardless of what Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck, and Warner Bros. says. They’ll sort it out either way (perhaps that’s already been done) and we’ll find out after JUSTICE LEAGUE’s theater run.

JETT SAYS: Yes. He was fearless and that was displayed in RISES, but it would’ve made it a little easier to believe that he could be Bruce Wayne’s successor if we knew he was a badass when it comes to fisticuffs. Maybe/probably he was – but they didn’t show it in the film. Regardless, it’s a minor quibble and – for me – it has absolutely no affect on how I feel about the “Robin” John Blake character or the film itself.

Do you think we'll see Supes integrated into JL, or just show up at the end with the Lanterns?

JETT SAYS: Adam, there are no GL’s in JUSTICE LEAGUE – at least not as inhabited in the form of an actor and becoming a member of the team. The GL’s are mentioned, that’s it.

As far as Superman is concerned, the last time I checked, he’s dead – so how can he become a member of the Justice League?

All kidding aside – we all know Superman’s coming back and Henry Cavill is part of the cast – I can’t say much because I don’t do spoilers, so all I’ll say is that Superman is totally part of the team by end of the film.

My issue is not that he comes back, but HOW he comes back. Take that for what you will sir.

The JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer makes it look like Superman was a symbol of hope. That's not the vibe I got from MAN OF STEEL or BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Are we happily expected to misremember those films now and move on with a newish loose reboot?

JETT SAYS: Adrian, I’m now sure how we can determine if Superman will be portrayed as a symbol of hope in JL from the trailer because he’s not in it. Well, he IS, but ISN’T – you know what I’m sayin’? ANYWAY…

I can confirm that Superman will be more Supermanish in JL…well, 1/3 of the time he’s in it. Moving forward post-JL, I think MAN OF STEEL -- IF it ever happens -- will still be part of canon/continuity, but I do think they’ll want us to – to use your term – “misremember” BvS. And for obvious reasons.

God honest truth here Jett, what are the chances of a standalone Superman sequel?

JETT SAYS: Hey there Rachael – good to hear from you ma’am! *BIG SIGH* This is a tough one to answer as my heart has a big influence on my opinion. Putting emotion aside, yes, I do think there will be a standalone Superman film that will be a sequel to MAN OF STEEL. It’s SUPERMAN dammit!

With that said – and I know that I’m not good at answering this question without injecting me personal opinion – it will be a crying damn shame if they let Henry Cavill walk and don’t give this man the Superman film both he and Superman fans de-F’n-serve. Other than the late and great Christopher Reeve, I don’t know anyone who was born to play Superman like this dude. Yeah, Batman was in BATMAN v SUPERMAN and I’m a “Batman Guy,” but inserting Batman into what was planned as a straight-up Superman film/MOS sequel was a mistake based on panic and the desire to get to a Justice League film ASAP.

And how did that turn out?

Now, I’m F’n fired up!

JETT SAYS: As I reported back on June 2, 2017, the JL reshoots were to last 2+ months. As of right now – as far as I know – reshoots are still taking place, but will wrap soon. I don’t expect an “end of production” – or in this case, an “end of substantial JL reshoots” press release.

Didn't we know that JUSTICE LEAGUE was going to be a one-part story, sans cliffhanger ending, when all of the post BvS changes took place over a year ago? Thanks for being the dad-gum original!

JETT SAYS: Kinda Adam. While the plans for JUSTICE LEAGUE to be a 2-part film was nixed in the wake of the negative BvS reaction/fallout, apparently, they were still planning on setting up a sequel with a cameo by Darkseid.

No mo.

JUSTICE LEAGUE is – without a shadow of a doubt – a self-contained film and ENDS when it ends.

1) Around 20min of Joss Whedon footage? 2) Are they gonna look like THE AVENGERS ( i.e. The Penguin scene in the trailer?) 3) BATGIRL still happening? Cheers! PS: I find your comment about the rough cut shown end of last year/early this year very telling – is that when someone got the boot and someone else took charge?

JETT SAYS: 1) Don’t know how much – time-wise – of the film will be JW’s stuff – but it’s a lot. 2) The tone was lightened – take that for what you will. 3) Who knows? Probably, I assume, because of what JW did for JUSTICE LEAGUE. Regarding your PS, no comment.

Do you think it's a big problem that Jesse Eisenberg's performance as Lex Luthor and Jared Leto's performance as The Joker were met with mixed reactions? Should WB do something about this? Maybe consider re-casting?

JETT SAYS: Gabe, truth be told, I didn’t hate either Eisenberg or Leto’s performance as Lex Luthor and The Joker, respectively. But yes, I know a lot of people didn’t care for them. Here’s what I think about whether or not the two will return: If Matt Reeves wants to use The Joker in his film and he wants Leto to play him, it’ll happen. Same goes for Eisenberg’s Lex and whomever ends up directing the next solo Superman film.

JETT SAYS: Maria, I remain an “optimistic 50/50 guy,” ma’am.

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