The May 2016 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: May 8, 2016

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JETT SAYS: Man, that’s a tough question. If I had to guess, I’d say that someone else will (George Miller?) will direct JUSTICE LEAGUE, PART 2 and Mr. Snyder will stay onboard the DCEU as an executive producer. I frankly don’t see how you can keep Mr. Snyder on as the architect of the DCEU after he helmed two disappointing films in MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN v SUPERMAN. But hell, what do I know?

How big of a deal, if any, is it that Ben Affleck has been named an executive producer on JUSTICE LEAGUE? Also, given the popularity of Batman and how well Affleck was received in BvS, do you think they push SUICIDE SQUAD as being more of a "Batman movie" the closer we get to its release?

JETT SAYS: Jeremy, it is indeed a big deal that Ben Affleck has been given a role as an EP on JUSTICE LEAGUE. For one thing, Affleck is going to have some degree of creative influence on the film which is usually not the case with executive producers. Frankly, Ben’s a better filmmaker than Zack Snyder and after BvS, the latter needs all the help he can get. Also, this was also a political move to bring fan goodwill towards the JUSTICE LEAGUE project. Just look at how well the news was received when the story broke.

As far as your second question, yes, SUICIDE SQUAD is, make no mistake about it, a “Batman film.” Thus, Warner Bros. will market it as such. It’d be a huge mistake not to do so.

Is it true that Ben Affleck felt humiliated after spending so much of the press tour saying how much better this film would be than DAREDEVIL? Also, was his agent really furious over Kevin Tsujihara announcing him as the director of the solo Batman film while negotiations were allegedly still happening?

JETT SAYS: Mauricio, first of all, consider the source. I’m sure that Ben Affleck was a bit bummed over BvS’s reception by both fans and critics. With that said, Ben was pretty much praised by everyone for his performance in the film as Batman and Bruce Wayne (well, except for that blatant killing thing). I’m thinking the dude’s not humiliated, he F’n MOTIVATED.

As far as that second claim about his agent being pissed at Tsujihara, well, Ben’s representatives revealed that he was working on a solo Batman film before Tsujihara’s announcement at CinemaCon. Plus, Ben was at CinemaCon as part of the Warner Bros. contingent, so I’m quite sure he was aware – and had given his OK – over the solo Batfleck Batflick announcement.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!

So, Chris Terrio rewrote the BvS script, and Ben Affleck also did some uncredited writing on the set. How the hell did the "Martha Moment" make it past two award-winning screenwriters? Or, could it even have been one of their ideas?

JETT SAYS: Stephen, I don’t have that big of an issue with the “Martha Moment” in terms of shaking Batman out of his assholeness. Yeah, it was kinda cheesy, but still, I can live with it. However, Batman suddenly becoming besties with Superman – who he was just fixin’ to murder – was definitely an eye-rolling, stupid moment in the film. Maybe it just looked better on paper than when it was executed on film.

I really liked BATMAN v SUPERMAN, but there is one thing I did not understand. Some government officials like Senator Finch are concerned about Superman, but there is a statue of him in Metropolis; which one would assume is the city honoring him. So, if the city appreciates him, then shouldn't the government at the very least be thankful to him for saving one of its cities? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Hamad, yeah, that’s an issue. It’s also another example of Lex Luthor manipulating everyone and everything. Not only were Batman and Superman puppets of Lex, so was the friggin’ U.S. government!

After all the negative reviews for Bvs, (I didn't like it at all, even though it made me feel great about Affleck for a solo Batman film), the behind the scenes arguments regarding JUSTICE LEAGUE, and directors leaving the DCCU, do you think this causes Affleck to leave after his contract is up due to frustrations with Warner Bros? Personally I'd love to see him make multiple solo Batman films with his vision for the character, and I feel the problems at WB might frustrate him to the point where he leaves after one solo Bat film. Your thoughts? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Good question Bryan. Well, we now know that Ben Affleck has been made an executive producer on JUSTICE LEAGUE. While I’m sure he’s frustrated, I think he’s now highly motivated and I don’t see him walking away from Batman on film any time soon.

How much, in your estimation, of a game changer for the entire DCEU is Affleck becoming an executive producer for JUSTICE LEAGUE? Does that, along with how heavily involved he will be in all levels of production for his own solo Batman film, indicate that he is even more invested than we might have previously thought in the DCEU, and might even devote the majority of his time to these projects in the next few years?

JETT SAYS: Oh, it’s HUGE Alex. It’s clear now that he will have a big role in not only both JUSTICE LEAGUE films, his solo Batman film(s), but probably the entire DCEU as well. We’ve hears whispers of this before, but I suspect, going forward, the entire DCEU will revolve around Batman.

I was a little disappointed that we didn't see The Riddler and The Penguin in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. If these two characters show up again, who do you think should play them? I think Jim Parsons (Sheldon on THE BIG BANG THEORY would make a good Riddler.)

JETT SAYS: Hello David, good to hear from you. Personally, I’m not disappointed that either of those Batman villains weren’t used by Chris Nolan and company in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. If The Penguin or The Riddler had fit in the stories Chris wanted to tell in his three Batman films, then they would’ve been included. It was all about the story and Chris wasn’t going to put a square peg in a round hole just to have those two characters in the TRILOGY. With that said, I thought it would’ve been very easy to have The Penguin in THE DARK KNIGHT in a minor role as one of Gotham’s mob bosses that “hired” The Joker. Heck, you could’ve replaced Sal Maroni with Oswald Cobblepott and not have missed a beat.

Hey Jett, hope all is well. I have a question that I am trying to formulate into words, so bear with me! The one thing that I felt was most off about BATMAN v SUPERMAN’s portrayal of Superman was the music use when he was saving people. Instead of getting the awesome score we got in MAN OF STEEL that sounded like “Superman,” we instead got a very melodramatic depressed score. While I understand Superman was going through inner turmoil in his role as savior it just felt “off.” Do you think if they had done a 180 on that and made those scenes in particular more hopeful it would have changed the tone of the film?

JETT SAYS: Hi Josh. Yes, I get what you’re saying here dude and I think you’ve got a point. Would a more “heroic” theme paired with Superman while doing Superman things made the film a bit better, maybe – it certainly wouldn’t have hurt. But overall, I don’t think more upbeat Superman music wouldn’t have altered how morose Superman came off in BvS.

Hey Jett, I know we mostly disagree on BvS, but I think even most of those that liked or loved the film, like me, feel there needs to be some tweaks moving forward. What changes do you think they have made or plan to make to JUSTICE LEAGUE? Tone? Editing? Length? And do you think the studio is taking control away from Snyder overall when it comes to the DCEU? Cheers!

JETT SAYS: Hi Alex, thanks for the question. Changes going forward? Yes to both tone and editing. I have no issue with the 2.5 hour length. As far as Mr. Snyder’s future in the DCEU, frankly, I don’t see how he can be in charge of the DCEU going forward.

After watching BvS and hearing about the unstable situation of the DCEU and associated directors, do you still believe a directors-driven approach is the way to go?

JETT SAYS: Yes, absolutely. Warner Bros. just needs to choose the right directors. They certainly got it right with David Ayer (SUICIDE SQUAD and sequels) and Ben Affleck (solo DCEU Batman films). I’ll always support the director-driven approach over the producer/studio-driven method – though I do think there needs to be a producer that knows the DCU well overseeing all the DCEU projects (Ben Affleck?).

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