The June 2016 Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: June 6, 2016

Happy Summer!

Here’s the latest BOF Mailbag which features questions we didn’t get to on the latest BOF Podcast.

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Before BvS came out, there was talk that the dead Robin may be Dick Grayson. While I loved Nolan's homage to Robin and how the Mantle of the Bat...I feel that [Dick Grayson] deserves another shot on the big screen. Have you heard any rumblings in that sense, especially since the solo Batfleck Batflick seems to be dowsing the Red Hood/Jason Todd rumors? Will we ever see Dick Grayson in the newly established DCEU? The only thing that would make me hate this franchise would be a dead Dick Grayson.

JETT SAYS: Matthew and thanks for the question. I don’t believe that there were any legitimate rumors that the dead Robin is Dick Grayson – that was nothing more than pure speculation. I’ll come clean and say that I did indeed hypothesize that Dick Grayson could end up being Batman’s murdered (by The Joker, I assume) sidekick. Why Dick and not Jason Tood (or Tim Drake or Carrie Kelly for that matter)? Because Dick Grayson is the Robin that the mainstream audience knows and Dick being the “Dead Robin” was resonate more with them. Honestly, if I were in charge of the DCEU, that’s the route I’d take – though I know it would piss off a lot of Dick Grayon/Robin fans. BUT…

I don’t think that’s going to be the case quite frankly. I’m of the belief that Dick Grayson – who is likely Nightwing – already exists in the DCEU. I had heard rumblings that Dick Grayson was in the original BvS script, but was eliminated during rewrites.

So, I don’t think we’ll see Dick Grayson/Nightwing in JUSTICE LEAGUE, but I’m betting we’ll see him in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film…unless we don’t.

Are you still under the belief that [Ezra Miller’s] THE FLASH movie still isn't going to get made?

JETT SAYS: Chance, let’s just say I’m in “I’ll believe it when I see it mode” when it comes to a live-action Flash film. Yes, I know Warner Bros. has brought on Rick Famuyiwa as the project’s new director, but honestly, that means nothing – directors get attached to projects all the time that never come to fruition.

Frankly Chance, I don’t know how in the hell they can top THE FLASH TV series. While I’m still a HUGE proponent of keeping the DC TV and film universes separate, the folks behind the series at The CW have got Barry Allen and “The Flash Universe” right. The character is more suited to TV and episodic storylines. I think it’s damn brilliant that you can shake things up with time travel and the idea of a multiverse as they do on that show. From where I stand, you can’t do justice to what makes the character great in a two hour film as opposed to a weekly TV series.

So again Chance, I’ll believe it when I see it.

With the recent "shake up" of the DCEU at Warner Bros. and the formation of DC Films, when do you think we'll get to see ANY kind of images or information on the now very quiet JUSTICE LEAGUE movie? It seems to be completely nonexistent since the BvS backlash. Is WB likely to wait until after SUICIDE SQUAD before they start plugging anything JL-related?

JETT SAYS: Wow Ben, a very astute observation and great question.

On the BOF Podcast, we’ve wondered why we haven’t seen anything promotion-wise for JUSTICE LEAGUE to date – and I think you’re totally on to something bro.

I think that WB is indeed going to wait until after SUICIDE SQUAD to start doing any promotion for JL. Heck, they might even wait until after WONDER WOMAN hits theaters next June. Why? Because I don’t believe they think it’s wise to draw attention to a film – JUSTICE LEAGUE - when it’s direct lead-up – BATMAN v SUPERMAN – is so maligned.

Right now, I’m thinking they’re betting the DCEU house that SUICIDE SQUAD will be a huge hit amongst critics, fans and the mainstream audience – unlike the aforementioned BvS. Thus, goodwill for the DCEU going forward (amongst the general movie audience most importantly) will be achieved.

BvS is, like, the BIG elephant in the DCEU room, no? (Except for Batman, of course. Ben Affleck’s Batman’s future is so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades to cover it.)

Do you think we'll ever get a good Batman “detective movie?”

JETT SAYS: A “detective movie” where Batman goes around the entire film finding clues to solve a big crime? I doubt it Christian. Why? Because I don’t think Warner Bros. thinks that sort of film would be appealing to the mainstream audience. With that said, Batman – and Bruce Wayne – did a lot of “detective work” in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. Go back and look at those three films – especially the first two – and count up the number of times there’s “detective work” taking place be either Batman or Bruce Wayne. For anyone to say that there was not of that in the TRILOGY is just flat-out false.

Do you think Zack Snyder ignored or forgot about the runtime limitations Warner Bros. was going to want when crafting the story for BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

JETT SAYS: Josh, I think both were more interested in setting up the DCEU and JUSTICE LEAGUE more than anything else. And in doing that, the quality of the film was affected. I hope they have learned a lesson.

If Warner Bros. is truly confident in SUICIDE SQUAD, do you feel that they should lift the embargo and let reviews drop about a month early like Disney did with CIVIL WAR?

JETT SAYS: Yep – and I’ve been banging that drum on BOF and on the podcasts. I don’t know if I’d roll out reviews a whole month before the film is released, but if it’s good and they know it, then they should lift the embargo two, maybe three, weeks before 8/5/16.

Thoughts on Russell Crowe's recent comments that the original plan at Warner Bros. was to continue on with solo superman movies [after MAN OF STEEL], and that he would have been a part of them? Seems to validate the opinion that throwing Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. into BvS was the studio's move and not Snyder's.

JETT SAYS: Mike, I did not see that about Crowe, but I 100% believe it. When David Goyer and Chris Nolan conceived MAN OF STEEL, the intent was for it to be Superman’s BATMAN BEGINS, if you will. When it underperformed in WB’s eyes (they were expecting more than the $668 billion it made worldwide) they panicked. Thus, they turned to their moneymaker – Batman – and injected him into the MOS “sequel.” Furthermore, they couldn’t contain their “Justice League Jones” any longer. All of that combined begat BvS…and how did that turn out?

Do you think we're getting any DCEU movie that hasn't been filmed yet? I've started to think JUSTICE LEAGUE is that last DC movie we're getting for a long time.

JETT SAYS: Jason, Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film is going to happen; you can take that to the bank…unless you can’t. I do believe that there are films on WB’s DCEU schedule that won’t come to fruition. Which ones? We shall see. Let’s just hope that both SUICIDE SQUAD and WONDER WOMAN are both critical and box office successes. Now, if JUSTICE LEAGUE pulls a BvS, all bets are off for the DCEU. What scares me Jason is that I don’t think anyone really gives a damn about JUSTICE LEAGUE – except for the diehard DC fans, of course – post-BvS.

Do you think the 3 hour, R-rated cut of BATMAN v SUPERMAN will make a positive impact on people who didn’t like the PG-13 theatrical movie?

JETT SAYS: Barry, I don’t think the “Ultimate Edition” of BvS is going to have any impact at all. The people that really matter when it comes to movies – the general movie-going audience – have already made up their minds about BvS. The verdict: “Meh, it was OK.” I’d say that most of those folks who saw it in the theater – probably out of curiosity and/or Batman and Superman in a film together for the first time – will not watch this new cut.

When it comes to fans, we all will certainly buy and watch it. Regardless if it changes any of our minds, it doesn’t matter – we’re going to see any future DCEU film anyway.

I’m sure that what Warner Bros. is hoping for is that a good chunk of people who didn’t see BvS in theaters to watch this cut “On Demand” and like it. If that’s the case – and that’s frankly wishful thinking at this point – perhaps a little good will for JUSTICE LEAGUE and upcoming DCEU films can be generated.

Personally, I think Warner Bros. and the DCEU is in a no win situation when it comes to this “Ultimate Cut” of BvS. I said that on the latest BOF PODCAST and I’m working on an op-ed on taking on that theory as we speak.

Jett, I really like the new podcasts! But, do you and Rick dislike each other or something? (via EMAIL).

JETT SAYS: Thank you very much for liking and, of course, listening to the podcast! I think it’s the best it’s ever been since its inception. The panel is great and the host is awesome! ;)

And no, Rick and I do not dislike each other LOL! He’s a great dude and friend as well. As I said on the last BOF PODCAST, BOF might not be around right now without Rick Shew. If you want to know why, listen to the podcast!

What villain(s) would you like to see in the Batman solo film?

JETT SAYS: Hey Josh…good to hear from you dude! Since this question was intended for the entire panel, I’m not sure how Rick, Ryan and Justin would answer, so I won’t speak for them. But as for me, I want to see Jared Leto’s Joker vs. Ben Affleck’s Batman first and foremost. Yeah, I know that would be “volume 3” of that confrontation, but I don’t care – and apparently neither does Warner Bros. because it’s coming. BUT…

I would like to see how Ben Affleck the writer and director would do Oswald Cobblepott/The Penguin. Not as a “major villain,” but a secondary character/villain in that Bat-Universe perhaps? Of course, there’s always Paul Dekker, right? It’s way past time for that character to be in a live-action Batman film!

Dear Jett, I don’t believe that’s your wife. (via EMAIL).

JETT SAYS: HA! Brother, neither can I. ;)

Do you think we are done with this Batman killing? I thought he was more redeemed after Superman's death.

JETT SAYS: Kris, we better be! It was a frankly stupid decision by Snyder – and it’s ultimately on him as director – to have Batman in BvS kill people. He could’ve been portrayed as an asshole who had lost his way without being an F’n remorseless killer. I find that inexcusable.

And before anyone starts typing up an email or posting in the comments below, Batman in THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY was neither a murderer nor an executioner. In fact, go ahead and send me those emails or post down in the comments – I’d LOVE to engage those folks who say otherwise in a respectful debate. “Respectful debate” on the internet? Good gosh!

Do you think we’ll get any JUSTICE LEAGUE footage at Comic Con?

JETT SAYS: Brian, probably. Post Chris Nolan, that’s been regularity from WB at Comic Con International San Diego. Now, I’m not 100% certain that my friends from WB will be giving a big “Hall H” presentation this year…but they likely will. If they do, I’m sure it’ll focus on SUICIDE SQUAD – which will be released only 3 weeks-ish after SDCC – and WONDER WOMAN – which will don before next year’s pop culture extravaganza.

I know that studios are starting to pull out of SDCC and I totally understand why. For one thing, every single person that attends the convention is going to see whatever blockbuster superhero film that’s being presented. So, why in the hell would you spend the money it takes to do one of those Hall H presentations?! To build “goodwill with fans?” Please! There was once a time for that – like a decade or so ago – but the need for that is over folks.

Secondly, any “special video” that a studio would show there is going to end up online damn near instantly. Case in point, the SUICIDE SQUAD trailer made exclusively for last year’s DCEU presentation from WB. I don’t care how much security is in Hall H – and I’ve been in there – one (actually several) of those fans whom goodwill is trying to be built is going to record it and post it online despite the fact that they’re asked not to do so. So much for mutual respect, no?

Studios at Comic Con can’t win, period.

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