TThe July 2016/Independence Day BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: July 4, 2016

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Looking back and having the finished product do you think pushing BATMAN v SUPERMAN ‘s release date back really helped with anything? Or was WB just unsure about it?

JETT SAYS: Officially, BvS’s release date was pushed back – basically a year – so that the filmmakers could “fully realize their vision” for the film. In retrospect, while Zack Snyder might have indeed fully realized his vision for BvS, it didn’t resonate with critics, half of the fan base, and certainly not with the mainstream audience – at least not with the theatrical cut. In that regard, the push back was not successful. However, I think the main reason for the change in the release date from July of 2015 to (eventually) March of 2016 was because there was no way in hell they could’ve met that original date.

JETT SAYS: I think it’s open to interpretation. In my mind, he’s clearly talking about Harvey Dent – who is definitely Two Face by now.

Having not seen BvS in cinemas, should I watch the theatrical cut or should I seek out the extended version?

JETT SAYS: Adam, I’d watch both. While my overall feelings about the film didn’t change upon viewing the Ultimate Edition, I will say that it does slightly improve the film. So, in what order should you watch them? Hmm…I’d say watch the UE first and then the original cut.

JETT SAYS: Yep. They wanted to use Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY continuity with Batman and merge it with the DCEU. They allegedly wanted Chris to be the “godfather” of the DCEU – i.e. supervising producer – but he declined. And since Warner Bros. wants to stay in Chris Nolan business, they decided that it was in their best interest to respect Chris’ wishes and leave THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY alone.

What do you think was Snyder's rationale behind Batman being willing to kill people? Seems like an odd choice after they made it [not killing] such a focal point in the Nolan films and the ARKHAM games, two very successful mainstream Batman portrayals.

JETT SAYS: I have no idea – and it was a very poor decision. As much as I loved Ben Affleck’s Batman in BvS, having the character blatantly kill people was the only thing I didn’t like about his characterization in the movie. I’m guessing that Mr. Snyder thought it would be a good way to show how much this older, grizzled version of Batman had lost his way.

Besides Batman, are there any rumors of other Justice League or DC heroes that could appear in SUICIDE SQUAD?

JETT SAYS: John, there’s this rumor that’s been going around that Scott Eastwood’s character in SS could be Dick Grayson, but I don’t buy it. Other than that, I’ve heard nothing about any other DC hero being in the movie other than Batman. There’s been scuttlebutt that Jesse Eisenberg has a cameo as Lex Luthor in the film, but no concrete info on that as of yet. If I had to guess, there might be a surprise cameo or two in the movie. We’ll find out in a month!

Do you think WB made a mistake by releasing BvS as a 2:30 hour film instead of the 3 hours we got in the “Ultimate Edition?” Many fans agree that it is the better version of the film, and some of them even changed their minds about it.

JETT SAYS: Yes and no. Let me explain…

I don’t think WB was wrong in not wanting to release a three hour comic book/superhero film as I think the length would turn off a lot of the mainstream audience. And yes, I agree that the UE is a better version of the film (although it’s still basically the same movie and didn’t sway my original opinion regardless). However, the problem is – and I talked about this on the most recent BOF PODCAST – that they crafted a script that would result in a 3 to 4 hour film to properly tell the story. That’s ridiculous! This is because the film was overstuffed due to the fact that BvS had to set up JUSTICE LEAGUE. Frankly, the JL stuff should’ve been cut out totally from the movie. Yes, I know that would’ve eliminated Wonder Woman as well, but so be it. (And for the record, I LOVE Gal Gadot as WW and I’m looking forward to her solo film!)

How in the heck do they deal with Clark and explain his return, resurrection or reappearance?

JETT SAYS: Alex, I have no F’ing idea! I don’t know…maybe when Superman comes back, the world will know he’s Clark Kent. I personally think they wrote themselves into a corner by doing the whole “Death of Superman” thing in BvS. Regardless, the “Return of Superman” story should be done in a solo Superman film, not a DC team-up movie.

SUICIDE SQUAD looks to be at least a solid film. But, for whatever reason it doesn't do as well as some think it can, what would be next for the WB’s DCEU films? They'd be 0/3 in terms of bona-fide hits if SS doesn't deliver.

JETT SAYS: David, good question. I personally think SUICIDE SQUAD is going to be a hit with critics and fans – I’m really looking forward to it! And for it to be considered a “hit,” I suspect it must do GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY type of box office numbers. So, I’d say we should expect something between $300 to $400 million domestic, with a worldwide take of around $700-ish million. But the most important thing for SS is for it to be well received by the mainstream movie-going audience. BUT…

To answer your “what if it doesn’t do well” question, man, that would be a total disaster for Warner and the DCEU. We’d still get WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE next year, but I think other than Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film (that’s happening regardless of how any other DCEU film performs), WB would be leery of going forward with any other DCEU film (and the fact that they have announced a whole slate of films means nothing).

Hey Jett, we've all heard so much you dislike about BvS and how you're not excited for JUSTICE LEAGUE, but since JL is happening anyway, I'd be curious to hear what things you demand in a JL flick to make that a good movie for you?

JETT SAYS: Hi Alex, good question. Well for one thing, I didn’t not dislike BvS – I thought it was OK. As far as JUSTICE LEAGUE – and I want to be honest with you and the readers – the entire premise of Batman teaming up with super-powered beings just isn’t my cup of tea. With that said, I have no agenda against this film – in fact, I want to do very well as that would be a good thing for not only the DCEU going forward, but for future solo Batman films as well.

As far as what I’d personally want to see, well, I just don’t want Batman to look silly alongside the other members of the Justice League (Aquaman in particular) and I hope the changes WB mandated for JL aren’t to make too “Marvel-ish,” if you will. The bottom line, again, I just want this film to be good and accepted by folks overall.

Hey Jett, I've been reading all these reviews about these positive reviews of the Ultimate Cut of BATMAN v SUPERMAN and how the critics were wrong about the film. I was wondering do you think the debacle of BvS will still have lasting effects on the DCEU films with Snyder's name attached to them? Specifically JUSTCE LEAGUE?

JETT SAYS: Jeremy, how were these critics wrong? The reviewed the film, honestly, that they (including yours truly) were shown before it was released in theaters. Even with this “Ultimate Edition” being released, the film should be officially judged by what the studio and the director put in theaters. Period. I haven’t seen all these “apologies” to Zack Snyder that fans have been talking about. And frankly, shame on them for apologizing if that is indeed the case. There is no need for them to apologize to Mr. Snyder as he (and the studio, of course) were responsible for the cut of BvS that went to theaters. If that was indeed an inferior cut of the movie, then shame on them as well for letting not only critics see it, but the fans and mainstream as well.

As far as Mr. Snyder’s future with the DCEU going forward, I’m guessing that’s in limbo and in a state of “to be determined” after JUSTICE LEAGUE is released. I’m on record saying that I suspect JL will be his last DCEU film as a director and will likely slide into an executive producer role going forward – even if JL is a huge hit (and I’m not holding my breath on that one). I’d also add that a lot of Mr. Snyder’s influence on the DCEU has already been reduced by the creation of DC Films and Ben Affleck having a much larger creative role in the DCEU.

If JUSTICE LEAGUE ends up being a legitimate hit (say an A Cinemascore and $1+ billion box office), how do you see Zack Snyder's role in the DCEU playing out going forward?

JETT SAYS: Mike, see my answer to the question above – I think it will answer your inquiry as well.

Do you think we will get another Batman animated series soon?

JETT SAYS: Chance, I do think we will ultimately get another animated Batman TV series. The timetable for that happening? I have no idea.

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