The April 2016 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: April 16, 2016

Welcome to the BOF Mailbag for April 2016!

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Jett! I just wanted to say that the new podcasts are great! Keep Ďem coming! (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Thanks James! I think this new edition of the show is MUCH better than the previous incarnation and one of the best Batman podcasts out there. Props should go out to my regular current panelist Ė Rick Shew, Justin Kowalski, and Ryan Hoss Ė as well. We got a good thing going! If you haven't been listening, here's the latest episode to get you going!

Hey Jett. I liked BATMAN v SUPERMAN, but something kept me from loving it. Would you agree that one of the main problems is that instead of moping around, both Batman and Superman should try to find out more about the other before deciding that they are enemies? It just seemed to me that both made the jump pretty quickly into hating the other. (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Hamad, let me direct to you an article on BOF by Mark S. Reinhart about this very topic. Check it out HERE.

JETT SAYS: No idea. Perhaps an alert was triggered in the Fortress of Solitude/Ancient Kryptonian spaceship when Superman ďdiedĒ and one of those floating Kryptonian robot thingies comes and retrieves Clark from his grave in Kansas, takes him to the ship, and sticks him in one of those birthing matrixes to revive him. The bigger problem is how in the hell are you going to explain Clark Kent being alive? For crissakes they had a frigginí funeral for him in Kansas and his body was seen in the coffin!

Jett, in your BvS review, you recommended people should see it more than once. And even youíve seen it several times per your comments. My question is what did you think of the film right after the first time you saw it? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: I first saw it in Hollywood on March 17, 2016 as part of attended the filmís press junket. I saw it with Mark Hughes who had also been invited by Warner Bros. When I got back to the hotel after that screening, my wife (who I brought out there with me) said to me, ďWell?Ē My response: ďI donít think I liked it.Ē That was my first, visceral reaction to BvS. And indeed, it took me a couple of more viewings to get to ďItís just OKĒ and thatís where I stand on this movie.

Bill, which one are you more excited for: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE or JUSTICE LEAGUE? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, hands down and by a mile.

Now that we know Ben Affleck is writing and directing the next solo Batman film, what villain do you think he will use? Additionally, which villain would be your number one choice? I'm assuming you won't say The Joker since we'll already be seeing him in SUICIDE SQUAD.

JETT SAYS: The Joker will be the villain and he is my number one choice. I think itís pretty clear that the solo Batfleck Batflick will be Ė at least a good chunk of it Ė set well before the events of MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN v SUPERMAN, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE films. Furthermore, I also think itís obvious weíll get a story with Batman in his prime and how the dead Robin got, well, dead. Thus, The Joker will be in the film. Now, could Affleck include another villain or two in smaller roles? Certainly. But Iím pretty sure weíll be seeing the 3rd cinematic match between The Dark Knight and The Clown Prince of Crime.

I just literally walked out of seeing BvS for a second time. My feelings on the movie just did a 180 from what they were after the first viewing. I was initially very disappointed and after this second viewing SO much clicked. I truly believe the biggest flaw of this film was Doomsday and all the CGI in the last 20 minutes. I think had they gone with say, Brainiac or even an armored Luthor and had the exact same ending, this movie would have been genuinely well received. Thoughts?

JETT SAYS: Mance, I said in my review that BvS requires at least 2 viewings. With that said, the plot and pacing issues weren't solved for me with subsequent screenings. I went from not liking BvS after my first viewing to thinking it's "just OK" upon additional ones. Thereís some good stuff in BvS yes; but this is a film with problems. And at the top of the list if BvS's issues is that there was just too damn much stuff shoved into this movie and it suffered from it.

Should Warner Bros. have ever allowed Zack Snyder to make a 4 hour cut of BvS in the first place? Why wasn't he told from the start he has a time limit and to work within that timeframe?

JETT SAYS: Josh, thatís a good question. I think itís obvious that in cutting the film down to 2.5 hours affected its overall quality Ė itís the root cause of the plot and pacing problems IMO. The shoehorned-in Justice League stuff is a prime example of this -- and YES, the JL stuff was F' forced dammit. I donít know why they didnít write a screenplay that was meant to be a 2 hour and a half movie. Oh yes I do! They had to set up the JUSTICE LEAGUE films!

Should Warner Bros. release the R-rated BvS cut in theaters? Wouldn't that give them a chance at hitting the billion dollar mark or get close to it? It feels like waiting to release it on Blu-ray is wasting an opportunity.

JETT SAYS: Brian, I donít think so. Letís say this film ends up at $900 million worldwide. Even if they release the extended cut, itís not going to get anywhere near $1 billion as the extended but release ainít going to do anything near $100 million. What I suspect might happen Brian is that Warners will put it in theaters over the course of 1 weekend or for only 1 special screening. And frankly, only the diehard fans are going to turn out for such an event anyway. Bottom line: BvS didnít resonate with the mainstream audience and they arenít going to turn out to see it again Ė extended cut or not.

Do you think we'll get an extended cut of SUICIDE SQUAD like we are for BvS? Having extended / director's cut home releases could be a DC "thing" to appease the fans, while having the shorter versions in theaters for general audiences. Thoughts?

JETT SAYS: It depends Anthony. Weíre getting an extended cut of BvS because there was so much of the film that had to be cut out to keep it at around 2.5 hours in length. What if the SUICIDE SQUAD movie we see in theaters in August is basically all that was filmed? Iím thinking that just might be the case. Thus, no ďextended cutĒ cause one canít exist.

How much control do you think Warner Bros. will take away from Zack Snyder for JUSTICE LEAGUE? Also, do you think one of the adjustments WB is going to undertake is to make is to make JL a standalone film instead of a 2-parter?

JETT SAYS: I believe Mauricio, that the studio will be more, ahem, ďinvolvedĒ during the production of JL than they were on BvS. But by their nature, Warner Bros. is a filmmaker-friendly studio and I appreciate that. I do believe JL will be a 2-parter; but, itís going to interesting to see if Zack ends up directing Part 2. Stay tuned on that one.

JETT SAYS: Thatís possible Ė though I think the way it presented in the film worked quite well so they might not want to change it.

BvS crossed $800 million worldwide this week. Is it true that Warner Bros. needed this much just to break even? Given that it is unlikely to cross $1 billion, how profitable will the movie actually be for the studio?

JETT SAYS: With an expected worldwide tally of around $900 million, BvS will make around $280 million for Warner Bros. However, with the $900 million mark now in question, that means WB stands to make even less than that off of BvS. Is the film a flop? No, it isnít. But thereís no way that Warner Bros. isnít disappointed with the performance of this movie. They were expecting BvS to make over a $1 billion globally and itís not even going to sniff it.

JETT SAYS: Well, there is a Robin in the DCEU and heís DEAD. Now, how old was he when he was killed (presumably/obviously by The Joker)? I donít think he was a child; Iím thinking he was probably around 17ish.

If there's a new Batman cartoon, would you prefer it to be serialized or episodic?

JETT SAYS: Episodic. I didnít have an issue with the serialized BEWARE THE BATMAN (which was very good and canceled too soon), but I like standalone episodes with self-contained stories. And speaking of a new animated Batman series, itís about time we get another one, yes?

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