The June 2016 Mailbag #2!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: June 23, 2016

Happy Summer 2016!

Below you'll find a second mailbag for the month of June 2016.

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What's your take on all JUSTICE LEAGUE info that came out of the recent set visit? (via EMAIL).

JETT SAYS: Jim, I'm going to save most of my thoughts for this weekend's BOF PODCAST. I will say that I'm frankly shocked that Warner Bros. allowed so much info about the film revealed so soon into production. Set visits are usually embargoed for a year and dropped a month or so out from a film's release. I think it speaks to the fact that Warner Bros. is really, Really, REALLY worried about this film post-BvS. More takes -- and I've got A LOT of 'em -- on the next podcast, I promise.

JETT SAYS:Absolutely. Iím happy that Warner Bros. is course-correcting the DCEU, but I also fear theyíre going to go too far. Iíve long championed WB being different with the DCEU than Marvel has been with the MCU. If their response is to simply, as you said, ďMarvelizeĒ JUSTICE LEAGUE, then thatís both sad and a big problem.

What do you think would happen if BvS had the same box office, but was critically acclaimed?

JETT SAYS: Man, thatís a great question Fernando. Frankly, I think that scenario would be even more worrisome as we know the reason for BvS underperforming: it wasnít very good. If it was a really good film, been reviewed well by critics and folks still didnít come out and see it in droves, thenÖwow.

Why so serious Jett? Whatís with all the negativity over BvS and now JUSTICE LEAGUE? I thought you were a Batman fan? (via EMAIL).

JETT SAYS: *Sigh* Listen dude, itís not my job to be a cheerleader for Batman on film and the DCEU. Would you prefer me to lie to you and other readers? Do you want me to blow smoke up and be disingenuous? What youíre seeing right now is ďOld School BOFĒ my friend. Thereís a need for me to be vocal and lobby Warner Bros. for better films that include Batman in them. Everything is not awesome.

It still blows my mind that there are people who still think "All's OK!" with the DCEU at Warner Bros. Do these folks think that the studio made all these DCEU changes -- SIGNIFICANT changes -- just for the hell of it? Please!

All I can say is stop taking my criticisms of BvS and the DCEU personally and know that Iím not here to pump sunshine up your bottom.

JETT SAYS: I think Mr. Affleck is going to give us an exceptional Batman film. I believe heís going to go for a crime thriller that yes, will feature more ďWorldís Greatest DetectiveĒ Batman than weíve seen on film previously.

Hey Jett. What do you think Warner Bros. should do to market JUSTICE LEAGUE to restore the faith of those who hated BvS?

JETT SAYS: Marketing-wise, thereís nothing they can do Ė the damage is already done. Fans who didnít like (or hated) BvS are going to see JUSTICE LEAGUE regardless. When it comes to the mainstream audience, well, thatís where the problem lies. The only thing thatís going to save both the DCEU and JUSTICE LEAGUE is that the latter must be really good. That will generate good reviews and positive word of mouth which could bring folks to theaters to see it. We shall see.

JETT SAYS: Nope. Not one bit. I do not like that show.

You mentioned on a podcast of doing a retrospective of sorts to THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, which celebrates its 30th anniversary. Could you also do one for THE LONG HALLOWEEN? That piece of brilliance turns 20 this year.

JETT SAYS: Iím sure that can be arranged.

What do you make of this Jett? Deborah Snyder is now saying that JUSTICE LEAGUE will be one film not two, but also that there never was a plan for two JL films.

JETT SAYS: What do I make of it? Itís part of the fallout post-BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Clearly, there was a plan for JUSTICE LEAGUE to be a two-part story told over the course of two films. With the DCEU now on hold, JL has gone through some major rewrites not only to change up its tone, but obviously make it a standalone movie.

Isn't it time to include BATMAN v SUPERMAN in your list of Batflicks? Is it your 4th favorite Batflick? Did you like it more than BATMAN FOREVER?

JETT SAYS: I donít consider BvS a ďtrueĒ Batman film as itís technically a Superman film and a, ahem, sequel to MAN OF STEEL. As to your question about whether I liked it better than BATMAN FOREVER, Iíll answer it this way: As a film overall, I prefer FOREVER. When it comes to Batmanís portrayal in each, Iíll take BvS Ė sans Batman killing folks.

Do you think Warner Bros. will announce those two untitled DC films at SDCC?

JETT SAYS: Iím sure itís possible Chance, but I think that theyíll simply focus on SUICIDE SQUAD, WONDER WOMAN, and JUSTICE LEAGUE at SDCC í16. Hereís the deal: The DCEU is kinda-sorta on hold right now. The only new DCEU film thatís definitely going to happen (other than those finished or currently filming) is Ben Affleckís solo Batman film.

Hey Bill, belated happy 18th anniversary! If there is indeed a 2nd JL film, who do you think will direct if Snyder doesn't? Also, will you get and then review the BATMAN v SUPERMAN Ultimate Edition?

JETT SAYS: Hi Glen, good to hear from you! I have two takes in regards to a potential second JL film. One, Iím not sure there will be one Ė that 100% depends on how JUSTICE LEAGUE performs. If itís critical and box office performance is about the same as BvS, then I donít see Warner Bros. investing in a second JL film. Secondly, Iím on record saying that I believe JL is Mr. Snyderís last DCEU film as a director. As who might helm a second JL film, I have no idea. George Miller perhaps? (And for the record, Miller is not a producer on JUSTICE LEAGUE as reported by some outlets.)

Any word on if/when we might expect a season 3 of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD on Blu-ray?

JETT SAYS: Hello there Bobby! Iíve heard nothing, but Iím sure itís coming soon. Love that show!

JETT SAYS: Honestly, I donít care about that sort of stuff. Just give me a good film, please.

I know I'm kind of back-peddling a little with this question, but I've listened to many BATMAN v SUPERMAN review podcasts and have never heard it brought up. The scene in BvS when the supposed "Flash" talks to Bruce about Lois being the key, my initial thoughts on this was they were referencing the "Injustice" story arc in which The Joker caused Superman to kill Lois which causes Superman to become a villain. This theory was further confirmed in the dream sequence when Superman tells Batman that "She was my world," as if he is blaming Batman for her death. Again, I know I'm back pedaling because you guys have talked BvS numerous times, but I just wanted to get your guys thoughts on this theory.

JETT SAYS: Jeremy, Iíll be frank here: I have NO Fín clue what they were going for in those scenes! Iím probably just too dumb to get it, but I didnít understand the reason for those two brief parts of BvS the first time I saw it, nor did I on my fifth viewing.

The Flash scene with Bruce Wayne was dumb, useless, and shouldíve never been part of the film. The ďKnightmare BatmanĒ sequence wouldíve been better and more effective if it was simply Bruce having a nightmare about what Superman could become. But I know, it had to set up Darkseid, Parademons, and Apokolips OH MY!

So Jeremy, I canít really answer your questions and hypothesis my friend based on my viewings and interpretation of BvS.

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