The BOF Mailbag for November 29, 2015
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: November 29, 2015

Welcome to this weekend's installment of the BOF Mailbag.

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I'm curious as to what you think of the BATMAN: EARTH ONE graphic novels? I've never been a huge fan of Geoff Johns and the books display many of his weaknesses (awkward dialogue, a certain clunkiness in the plotting, a little too much fan service), but despite these faults I find myself really liking them a lot more than I expected to (it probably helps that Gary Frank's artwork is pretty great). I like them for a lot of the same reasons that I liked the very underrated BEWARE THE BATMAN TV series: a willingness to shake things up and try something new and different. Your thoughts? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Daniel, I liked them. Didn’t love them and would say either is a “must read” or a “Batman classic.” I liked the first one better than the second installment. The one thing I can say that I like about Geoff Johns (and I do agree with your assessment of the gentleman) is that when it comes to Batman, he prefers the “Batman in the real world” approach to the character. If indeed Mr. Johns is co-writing the next solo Batman film with Ben Affleck, I trust he’ll bring that approach to that project. I’m still hoping that Chris Terrio is involved as well.

And I really liked BEWARE THE BATMAN! I don’t think many fans even gave it a chance and I feel as if Warner Bros. could’ve at least gave it another season.

What’s better? The trailer for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR or the one for BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

JETT SAYS: Gabe, what is this CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR you speak of?

JETT SAYS: Thank you! And I’m a longtime fan of this site as well! ;)

I do not think that there will be any post-credits scenes in BvS as it would be totally copying Marvel – and they just ain’t going to do that. Keep in mind that Zack Snyder, Charles Roven, and the rest of the folks in charge of the DCEU (I still hate that acronym – it’s DCCU in my mind) worship at the altar of Chris Nolan when it comes to this genre of cinema. And Chris, trust me, HATED the post-credit/set up the next film scene.

Frankly, I’ll be VERY disappointed if there’s one in BvS.

You said you don't think Cyborg from Teen Titans is likely for a solo film despite it being on the schedule. Frankly, I agree. If a Titans film were made, what would be your ideal roster?

JETT SAYS: David, while CYBORG was on my list of the three DCEU films that might not ultimately come to fruition, I’m thinking that Warners will probably make that one. I think it would be cool for superhero film to feature an African-American hero in the lead – I’m totally for diversity.

As far as a (Teen) Titans film, I’m personally not interested. Honestly, I know very little about the group as I never read the comics or watched any of the animated TV incarnations of them. I know that Dick Grayson was in it and was the leader – that’s pretty much it.

I read an article this week about the amount of pressure that is on BATMAN v SUPERMAN to be good. I highly doubt that it will bomb or get terrible reviews. But what do you think would happen to the DCCU if it did? What if it was just as bad as BATMAN AND ROBIN? Do you think it would kill the DCCU before it even got off the ground?

JETT SAYS: Cody, that’s a great question. If it were BATMAN & ROBIN bad and got horrible reviews, I think Warner Bros. would likely continue on with the JUSTICE LEAGUE films regardless – there’s simply too much at stake and too much already invested NOT to make them. Now, it may affect the other solo films from getting made other than WONDER WOMAN which is already filming. With all that said, I think the film is going to be really good. I don’t think Ben Affleck – not at this stage of his career – would’ve got so heavily involved if there was the potential of it majorly sucking.

I’m very excited for the new BATMAN v SUPERMAN movie. After seeing the trailers, pictures, and other media surrounding the film, are we poised to have the most violent Batman on screen yet> Or do you think it will be compatible to Nolan's. Personally I'm hoping to Ben to just portray a SMART, but one Bad Mother F****er!

JETT SAYS: John, I’d say the most violent Batman on film was found in BATMAN RETURNS. That Batman, you know, like killed people by setting them on fire or blowing them up with a bomb in the pants. I think we might see a bit more of an “unhinged” Batman with Batfleck compared to the Batman from “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” If we’re going to try to guess the level of violence, I’d say it’ll probably be on par with that of the “Trilogy.”

When do you think they will be releasing the new BvS trailer? There are rumors that it might be showing with THE FORCE AWAKENS, but it will likely be online before that.

JETT SAYS: The days of a trailer being “attached” to another film are just about over. Today, trailers are released online simultaneously with or even before it’s shown in a theater. More people see them online nowadays quite frankly.

As I said last week, I’ve heard mid-December; so I suspect we’ll see it in the next two weeks. And yes, I know there’s a “sneak peek” of BvS which will be aired during GOTHAM on Monday (11/30/15), but I don’t think it’s an actual trailer – though they may share a lot of the same footage.

What are your thoughts on a character like Hush being part of the Batman solo film?

JETT SAYS: Mark, I personally have no interest seeing Hush as a villain in a live-action Batman film. I’m not a fan of the character and think that HUSH is overrated and not a classic Batman comic book story as many proclaim.

What is your idea of the perfect Batsuit?! Which look is the most iconic to you? Are you an all-black suit person? Do you like black and grey? What about blue and grey? Oval or no? Pouches on the belt or more streamlined belt? Classic belt or more tech-based? Long ears or short ears?

JETT SAYS: I’d take the body suit of the BvS Batsuit (I like the texture) and have a bit of body “armor” over the top. I’d also want it to be a darker shade of gray, but not jet black. Keep that Batlogo on the suit’s chest – no yellow/gold oval. Give me the BvS cowl with the shorter ears and it should be black along with the cape, armored gloved, and boots. I like pouches on the belt (keep it black as well) with a holster for his grappling gun. That would be my perfect Batsuit.

Do you buy the "leaked" description of the JUSTICE LEAGUE script, or do you think it was a previous draft before Chris Terrio got involved?

JETT SAYS: Cullen, I haven’t seen it. I also don’t believe anything from JUSTICE LEAGUE has “leaked.” Take that for what you will.

Begins, Falls, Rises, Fear, Chaos, Pain. “The Dark Knight Trilogy” covered so much of what it is to become Batman and the personal and societal consequences of it. Will it be hard to for future solo Bat-films to bring something fresh? Do you agree? Was there anything about Bruce Wayne's life or crusade you felt the “Trilogy” missed? What themes and issues would you like to see covered in future Batman on film instalments?

JETT SAYS: A very good question Matthew. Team Nolan hit just about everything when it comes to “Batman.” They even found a way to bring “Robin” into the mix (I even said that Nolan’s Batman on film trilogy wouldn’t be definitive without Robin). It was a complete story – beginning, middle, and end – and it focused not on Batman, but Bruce Wayne. So yes, Ben Affleck and whoever ends up writing the screenplay with him have a tough row to hoe ahead of them.

I think an interesting idea to touch on would be what if Bruce Wayne became totally consumed by Batman? I get the feeling they are going to set that scenario up in BvS with Bruce being middle-aged, living a reclusive life away from Gotham and Wayne Manor. We know (well, it’s strongly been insinuated) that at least one Robin is dead. How would that affect Bruce? I also like the idea of seeing a Batman who is closer to the end than the beginning or prime of his Bat-career.

Jett sir, who would you like to see get the next Rocksteady video game treatment?

JETT SAYS: Hello again Jeremy! I’m not sure if you are asking what I’d want next from them with a Batman/ARKHAM game, or just from them in general. Look, I’m not much of a gamer outside of the BATMAN: ARKHAM, MADDEN, and the UNCHARTED franchises, so I don’t know if I’m the one to be asking. But I will say that I hope the BATMAN: ARKHAM series continues. I think it would be very easy to do a few sequels to ARKHAM ORIGINS – a game that I quite liked and believe was unfairly trashed by some – I thought WB Games Montreal did a fine job with it.

Bottom line, I find it hard to believe that Warner Bros. doesn’t want to continue the BATMAN ARKHAM series in some manner. I figure we’ll see more games set in that universe – whether Rocksteady is involved or not – in the near future.

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