The December 13, 2015 BOF Mailbag!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: December 13, 2015

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JETT SAYS: Sure, there’s a friendly rivalry, no doubt about it. But quite frankly, I’m sure that both quietly pull for each other’s endeavors to do well individual success is good for both. If DC Comics went out of business, I’m quite sure Marvel would follow soon enough. And if BATMAN v SUPERMAN tanks, it’s bad for the genre of superhero cinema.

You've said many times that you prefer Batman solo...understandable. I liked how THE DARK KNIGHT RISES had John Blake be "inspired" by Batman's actions and not really be his "partner." What do you think? Do you think a Nightwing movie could be done without Batman shown?

JETT SAYS: I think so. However, I do think that Nightwing would work better as a live-action TV series.

Is Warner Bros. aware of the mostly negative-ish hype the recent BATMAN v SUPERMAN trailer had? (I may be wrong but that's the impression I got by following the social media). If the movie makes 600 million or less will WB use a different approach on their planned movies, or scrap the whole DCEU?

JETT SAYS: I don’t know Panos, I thought, generally, most people liked it. With that said, I’m quite sure that Warner Bros. is aware of ALL reactions to the new trailer. Indeed, they’ve got A LOT riding on BATMAN v SUPERMAN and I do believe it’s going to be a huge hit. I really don’t know what WB’s reaction would be if the film was a colossal flop. I think they carry on with the DCEU regardless. And of course, there’s always Batman to turn to.

So Jared Leto is suing Warner Bros. over leaked photos. Could this force tension and rift between Leto and WB and ultimately lead Leto to only playing The Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD?

JETT SAYS: Nope. He’s actually suing TMZ over the leaked video as well as Time-Warner who owns TMZ. He’s not suing Warner Bros. Pictures. Regardless, it has no impact on Leto’s working relationship with the studio.

Apart from new doors for the Batmobile, do you think the Bat-vehicles survive beyond BvS?

JETT SAYS: Probably not Adam…they’ve got to have new ones so they can make more Bat-vehicle toys in the future!

JETT SAYS: Absolutely! I liked MAN OF STEEL a lot and hoped that it would get a proper sequel. I don’t care what they say – MOS was meant to launch a solo Superman film series; not a “DC Extended Universe.” And as much as I love Batman on film and think Ben Affleck will be a great cinematic Dark Knight, I would’ve preferred if they had let a few more years go by before rebooting the franchise. If I was in charge, I wouldn’t have a shared DC universe on film and have all DC character’s films exist in their own world with their own continuity. I think Chris Nolan was right when he said “these things should exist in their own worlds.” And yes, my inner Batman sensibilities did cringe a bit when Doomsday showed up in the third BvS trailer. Batman’s now fighting monsters on the big screen…nice.

If you could get any character in the Batman universe a Christmas present, who would it be for and what would you get them?

JETT SAYS: For The Penguin from BATMAN RETURNS…a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

I think “Desert Batman” occurs in a dream sequence…but I'm fairly certain it's in Jason Todd's dream. Your thoughts?

JETT SAYS: Absolutely.

Do Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer share Chris Nolan's opinion about not teaming-up Batman with super-powered heroes and villains?

JETT SAYS: Jonathan most likely, Goyer no. Remember, Goyer co-wrote BvS.

What are your thoughts on rumors that Doomsday is actually just Jason Todd reincarnated?

JETT SAYS: Shh! No spoilers here!

While I agree that the Doomsday reveal was too much for the latest trailer, I feel like they only revealed him because he's not the main villain. If that's the case, who do you think they are setting up as the big villain between this and the Justice League movies?

JETT SAYS: One would think (hope?) that there’s a “bigger” villain than Doomsday in BvS. Maybe it’s Lex Luthor after all as, apparently, he’s responsible for the creation of Doomsday. As far as the “big villain” of the Justice League films, I just hope like hell it isn’t friggin’ Darkseid. I would find that expected, cliché, and come off as “copying” Thanos in the Marvel films (though, ironically, Thanos is kinda-sorta a Marvel ripoff of DC’s Darkseid). If it were up to me, I’d go with Brainiac as the villain of the JL films. I could buy Kryptonian A.I. much more than a god-like alien who is hell-bent on conquering Earth.

Do you think Snyder will do a "Thanos-like" reveal of the JL villain (Darkseid or Brainiac) at some point in BvS? How weird would that be?

JETT SAYS: Good gosh I hope not! I don’t want them to do anything remotely like Marvel’s done in their films. And for goodness sakes…no damn post-credits scenes!

Favorite action scene in a Batman movie?

JETT SAYS: The “Dock’s Scene” in BATMAN BEGINS.

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