The May 17th, 2015 BOF Mailbag
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
May 17, 2015

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Do you have any insight to why the Bat-symbol on the suit when Batman steps behind the wreckage in the trailer looks like it's bolted on to the suit as opposed to part of the fabric in all other instances that we've seen it?

JETT SAYS: Josh, I see what you’re talking about, but I’m not sure that the Batsymbol is actually bolted to the suit there. It may simply be a something on or in front of the suit’s Batsymbol making it looked “bolted.”

JETT SAYS: I certainly think it will be a darker and more mature PG-13 than, say, THE AVENGERS or its sequel that’s currently in theaters.

Bill, if Jason Todd's outfit is the one hanging in the Batcave, and his death scene is portrayed in the film, do you think Jason's character would be that of a jerk, like in the comic?

JETT SAYS: Glen, if the dead Robin in BvS turns out to be Jason Todd, I’m sure that the scene of the character being murdered by The Joker will be depicted in a flashback. Consequently, I don’t think we’ll get much characterization of Jason or Dick Grayson for that matter. And yes I mention Grayson because he might be the dead Robin in BvS, not Jason Todd as we all assume.

What are your thoughts on the LEGENDS OF TOMORROW trailer?

JETT SAYS: Chance, I thought it looked pretty cool. I’m a big fan of THE FLASH, so I’m totally going to watch this new DC television series. I don’t know about some of the other characters, but I do like Brandon Routh’s The Atom and the Firestorm character a lot.

If it were up to you, in what direction would you take Batman on film?

JETT SAYS: Seth, I’d like for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film to be set before BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Why? Because Batman in BvS has been Batmanning for 15 to 20 years, so there’s A LOT of stories that could be told in that timespan. With Ben Affleck as Batman, he could play the character in his 30s on into his 50s, so there’s quite a bit of flexibility there in terms of the setting for solo Batfleck Batflicks. And quite frankly, if you set it before BvS and MAN OF STEEL, you don’t have to worry about continuity issues with other DCCU films.

With all that said, I’d also like to see an loose adaptation of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS with Batman taking on The Joker (Jared Leto) for the final time as the basis for a solo Batman movie.

And at some point, I think a BATMAN BEYOND movie set in the DCCU future would be cool.

JETT SAYS: Something could drop out of the blue at any time, but I think they’re waiting ‘til July and Comic Con in San Diego to really kick BvS publicity and marketing into gear.

In “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” Team Nolan’s version of Bruce Wayne became Batman in order to bring down organized crime in a city where the police were corrupt and/or ineffective. This very specific goal of Bruce Wayne’s was arguably their incarnation of Batman’s greatest innovation and responsible for division amongst fans (i.e. the claim that “Batman wouldn’t quit”). Do you think they will touch on why this new version of Batman (as portrayed by Ben Affleck) took up the cowl in BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

JETT SAYS: Matthew, I know that the Wayne murders are shown in flashback in BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Based on that, I suppose that we’ll learn exactly why this new DCCU Bruce Wayne became Batman. I would assume that it will be, like in the comics, a young Bruce Wayne swearing to wage war on crime – which was basically the same reason he became Batman in “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” Frankly, I don’t think that Chris Nolan, David Goyer, and Jonathan Nolan dramatically altered the reason for Bruce Wayne becoming Batman; they simply gave young Bruce Wayne’s vow a realistic slant. Of course, this and the idea that Bruce “quit” being Batman is another topic of debate for another day!

Not really Batman-related, but how did you like the 6-minute SUPERGIRL trailer? Given that it hints at the existence of Superman, do you think this show has a better chance to be part of the DCCU than ARROW or THE FLASH?

JETT SAYS: I thought it was OK Mauricio to be honest. I’ll give SUPERGIRL a watch, but I don’t think it’ll be my cup of tea. It looks like they’re going for a young female audience – and that’s OK – but it probably won’t appeal to me because of that (and they’re not trying to appeal to me anyway).

And as far as SUPERGIRL perhaps being part of the DCCU, it isn’t and it will not. They didn’t hint at the existence of Superman, they flat-out said he exists – it just happens to be a different Superman than the one in the DCCU portrayed by Henry Cavill. Warner Bros. film and TV have no plans to mix their movie and television endeavors into one unified continuity.

JETT SAYS: Possibly; but I believe Warner Bros. will shine the spotlight on both BATMAN v SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD in San Diego at Comic Con this Summer.

Have you noticed a backlash against Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, and “The Dark Knight Trilogy” as the years have gone by? Like many people, I'm excited about what Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck have planned to introduce Batman into a more fantastical setting, but I also appreciate what Nolan, Bale, and company gave us for three outstanding movies and don't agree their achievement should be trashed just because a new toy is coming for Xmas. Thoughts?

JETT SAYS: Jason, do I see backlash towards Chris and “The Dark Knight Trilogy?” Absolutely. Do I care? Absolutely not. I love “The Dark Knight Trilogy” and there’s not anything anyone can say that will alter my adoration of it.

With that said Jason, keep in mind that most of this “backlash” comes from the group that Mark Hughes calls the “screaming loudest” segment of fandom. It’s a small, but vocal, minority that sadly has come to represent fans of comic books and superheroes in the mind of the mainstream. It’s the behavior of these dregs of fandom that has caused me to turn my back on the moniker of “fanboy” and despise what that term has come to represent.

Jason, the bottom line is that “The Dark Knight Trilogy” is probably the most critically acclaimed and influential piece of superhero cinema in the genre’s history. Nothing that anyone says is going to change that.

Keaton`s Batman, Bale`s Batman and Batfleck engage in a fist fight. Who wins?

JETT SAYS: Keaton would go down quickly to both Bat-Bale and Batfleck, so he’s out. Bale would win as Catwoman would roll in on the Batpod and blow Batfleck away.

Have you seen all of Christopher Nolan's movies? How would you rank all of them?

JETT SAYS:Yep, I’ve seen them all…many times. I can’t really rank them other than to say that I’m a BIG fan of all of Chris’ films and that BATMAN BEGINS is my personal favorite. I think that THE DARK KNIGHT is his best film to date with MEMENTO a very close second.

Please tell me that Joel Schumacher comic trilogy adaption of his Batman films wasn't just a rumor!

JETT SAYS: Travis, I’m pretty positive that it wasn’t a rumor and that such a project indeed is in the works. As far as its current status, I have no idea. I am very much looking forward to reading it when it comes out.

I know Mr. Schumacher gets a lot of sh*t about his Batman films and BATMAN AND ROBIN certainly deserves it. However, I like BATMAN FOREVER and people conveniently forget/misremember that it was a big hit back in 1995 and sort of righted the ship, briefly, after BATMAN RETURNS. However, I think that if Joel had had full creative control over his Batman films, both FOREVER and B&R would’ve been much different. But he didn’t and they weren’t. So here’s hoping he finally gets his “vision” of a Joel Schumacher Batman on film trilogy out there for folks to see. I’m particularly intrigued to see what he would’ve done with BATMAN TRIUMPHANT; the Bat-film that would’ve followed B&R if B&R hadn’t been, well, B&R.

Is it true that Jack Nicholson got an absurd amount of money BATMAN ’89?

JETT SAYS: HA! Using “absurd” to describe how much scratch Nicholson got to play The Joker doesn’t do it justice!

What's your take on The CW’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and TITANS on TNT? Do you believe they are smart moves to expand DCU to a much broader audience as well as to increase the exposure of characters?

JETT SAYS: I believe that DC and Warner Bros. Television is doing some really great things on TV.

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