BOF Mailbag: 3/8/15
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
March 8, 2015

Tick, tick, tick....

382 days away from BATMAN v SUPERMAN!

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JETT SAYS: Quite frankly, I’d rather a new run of solo Batman films than BATMAN v SUPERMAN or JUSTICE LEAGUE. Give me a tsunami of DC-based superhero films, but let’s avoid the team-up flicks (sans SUICIDE SQUAD which I’m almost more looking forward to than BvS).

Being a Batman fan first and foremost, I’m simply not too hip on Batman when he’s teamed-up with superpowered/fantastical/magical/alien characters of the DCU. “My Batman” exists in a world very close to our own where a superman or a woman of wonder does not exist. This is probably why my favorite comic book and film versions of Batman are Miller’s YEAR ONE and Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Trilogy” respectively.

With that said – and the fact that I’ve already had my ideal version of Batman on film in “The Dark Knight Trilogy” – I’m OK with a new incarnation of the cinematic Caped Crusader and I’m very excited to see what Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck do with Batman on film.

If you were the one in charge of the decision, when would you have released BATMAN v SUPERMA N? Summer 2015, Summer 2016? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: I probably would’ve released it in July of 2016. But I have no issue with the March 25, 2016 release date as the Summer movie season is actually expanding. Films are that are labeled as “Summer movies” are being released in April on through August nowadays. After BvS, it’ll stretch back into March.

Jett, I was wondering, do they really need Ben Affleck in order to sell BATMAN v SUPERMAN? Because isn't the fact that Superman and Batman are sharing the silver screen together for the first time ever, enough to sell the film? Do they really need Batfleck? Because I've always thought that a relative unknown like Henry Cavill would be the perfect fit for a character like Batman. But that's just me. (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: I don’t think Ben Affleck was cast as Batman to “sell” the film. First and foremost, Mr. Affleck was cast because he’s a good actor and an excellent filmmaker. Of course, the hoopla surrounding his casting as Batman – even the ridiculous anti-Batfleck online tirades by fanboys – did indeed help hype the movie. You’ve heard the old adage, “Any publicity is good publicity,” right?

JETT SAYS: Frankly, they are saving fans from themselves and preventing a movie from being ruin for them and others. Movies are meant to be experienced as a whole in a theater; not online in bits and pieces via spoilers and set spy pics/video. Actually, I think Marvel does a pretty darn good job of being “fan friendly” when it comes to hyping their movies prior to release. Me, I’m old school and I prefer to no nothing about a film before I go see it. When it came to “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” I’m very thankful that Chris Nolan was so anal about what was revealed prior to release.

In last week's mailbag, you addressed a question about Batman being in the public domain with the concern that it would lead to oversaturation. From a huge Batman fan to an even bigger one, can we – objectively speaking – be honest and say that the market is already a bit oversaturated? Disregarding the scores of comic books, we have show after show after show, merchandise in every area possible, and a theatrical LEGO Batman movie. Personally, before Batman was announced to be in theMAN OF STEEL sequel, I wasn't expecting another film and was honestly content with a break, as I was more than satisfied with the quality of and the story told by the Nolan movies. I'm not trying to sound like a hipster and say that the character is played out because he's everywhere, but HE IS EVERYWHERE. You know the saying – and you say it a lot – less is more. (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Jason, certainly, Batman in is various media incarnations is damn near everywhere, I agree. Look, the character of Batman is immensely popular worldwide. So seeing Batman “everywhere” is simply a case of supply meeting demand – and making Warner Bros./DC Entertainment/Time-Warner money, of course.

What I meant by oversaturation of Batman if the character was to be in the public domain is that there wouldn’t be any “regulation,” if you will, of Batman. There could be a Universal Batman film series, a Sony Batman film series, and hell, even a Marvel Batman film series. I think it’s best if the character of Batman has one caretaker as it has since 1939.

I also agree that less is sometimes more, but like I said, the demand for Batman is high, thus the supply correlates.

I was just curious – what things are you looking forward to the most for BATMAN v SUPERMAN? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Ben Affleck as Batman and all the new “Bat-stuff” we’ll see for this new incarnation of Batman on film.

JETT SAYS: While it does indeed look like Ben Affleck’s Bat-cowl is one piece, I really can’t say he won’t be able to turn his head because we’ve yet to see him in action. Honestly, I’m not worried because costume design and construction is pretty advanced and high-tech these days. If I had to guess, Ben will be able to turn his head without issue. For a good look at Batfleck's cape and cowl, check out the picture I took last Summer at San Diego Comic Con.

My favorite villain aside from The Joker (that seems to never be seen anymore unfortunately) is Scarface. I don't know why other than dummies creep me out and I have a fear of going crazy. Combine the two and it's probably my worst nightmare. Who would you cast as Arnold Wesker in a live action film? I have always thought Nicholas Cage or Kevin Spacey would be my top choices.

JETT SAYS: Man, I’m not really good when it comes to hypothetical casting. Your Kevin Spacey suggestion sounds good to me.

Obviously the answer could take up an entire blog post, but what elements of the Batman mythos do you think have to be there for it to be “Batman” for you?

JETT SAYS: Dude, I could write a book about this! Hmm…I’ll say that it has to be Bruce Wayne in the suit for it to be “Batman” to me. Even in BATMAN BEYOND with Terry McGinnis in the suit, Bruce is still Batmanning and running the show.

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Do you think running the BATMAN v SUPERMAN teaser in front of MAD MAX, an R-rated movie, would be a mistake on WB's part? If so, how do you think the teaser will be released?

JETT SAYS: Today, a trailer being “attached to” or “shown in front of” a film is a misnomer. First of all, once it’s released to theaters, it will pretty much be shown in front of most of the films showing there. Secondly, in this day and age, it’s going to be released on line simultaneously with its release in theaters. The first BvS trailer being “attached to” the R-rated MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is no big deal. Frankly, the majority of BvS’s audience will be 17 or older anyway. And, like I said, it’s going to hit the Net and cinemas concurrently.

Do you know when SUICIDE SQUAD officially starts shooting? Also, has Tyrese given up on being Green Lantern?

JETT SAYS: I believe SUICIDE SQUAD commences lensing in April. As far as Tyrese and Green Lantern is concerned, I’d bet he wouldn’t turn down the role of John Stewart if offered it, don’t you think?

Was Chris Nolan seriously considering not completing “The Dark Knight Trilogy?”

JETT SAYS: I know that Heath Ledger’s death was tough on Mr. Nolan – he’s said as much publicly. If I had to guess, I suspect that right after Ledger’s passing, Chris probably questioned doing another Batman film. I don’t think it was because he lost his story by not being able to use The Joker again (he wouldn’t have recast the role) because I don’t know if he would’ve repeated what he did in THE DARK KNIGHT with Batman vs. The Joker anyway. But ultimately, he rose to the occasion (see what I did there?) he did finish his story of Bruce Wayne with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

The tone that Will Smith brings to a film seems a bit more "Marvel" (flashy, what you see is what you get). Do you see his casting in SUICIDE SQUAD as a new direction/reinvention or more of the same from him?

JETT SAYS: Will Smith’s performance as Deadshot in SUICIDE SQUAD will be based on the script and David Ayer’s direction. His casting is a big deal because Smith still is, quite frankly, a big movie star, so having him in the ensemble is a coup for the director and Warner Bros. But I get what you’re saying because he’s often “Will Smith” in his films. But he’s also done some work that plays against type as well. I think it was good casting, personally.

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