BOF Mailbag for March 21, 2015
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
March 21, 2015

Tick, tick, tick! Only 369 days 'til BATMAN v SUPERMAN!

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Hey Jett, you've always preached about having faith when it comes to some Batman creators (especially very vocally and very appropriately the work of Mr. Nolan), but when it comes to Scott Snyder’s stellar run on BATMAN, do you really see yourself avoiding the book with the new "robo-bunny" Bat-suit? I know I'm not crazy about the new suit design either, but since we don't know what the context is, and haven't been let down by Snyder thus far, shouldn't we trust in Scott? Thanks. You rock!

JETT SAYS: Adam, I’m a HUGE fan of Scott Snyder and his run on BATMAN (along with Greg Capullo) is right up there for me with O’Neil/Adams and Englehart/Rodgers. Let me say this: I’ve heard whispers of the identify of this “new Batman.” And if true, I am not down with it as it’s rather “been there, done that…several times.” With that said, I won’t quit reading Snyder’s BATMAN because, as you said Adam, he’s hasn’t let us down before. Quite frankly, this whole thing with CONVERGNECE, the elimination of the New 52, and yet another kinda-sorta reboot from DC Comics is tired and, well, “been there, done that…several times” in my opinion. *Yawn*

Jett, what's your favorite episode of an animated Batman TV series?

JETT SAYS: Oh wow, there are so many! "Beware the Gray Ghost" and "Christmas with The Joker" from BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES; and, "The Music Meister!" and "Chill of the Night!" from BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD jump to my mind first.

JETT SAYS: I doubt it.

Do you think Warner Bros. will release a pic of Jared Leto as The Joker before filming begins? I think it would be smart. Have WB release it instead of it getting leaked. Also, What are your thoughts on Robert Kirkman's comments regarding the DCCU and comparing it to Marvel?

JETT SAYS: Chance, I’ve long lobbied Warner Bros. to release a picture of an actor in costume before someone can snag a spy pic and have it posted online. And for the most part, Warner Bros. has been proactive. So yeah, with filming starting soon on SUICIDE SQUAD, I suspect we’ll get a look at some official character publicity pics shortly. However, I wouldn’t expect a “full-on” reveal of The Joker or any of the other characters. Plus, it looks like much of SS will be filmed on soundstages where the likelihood of spy pics is lessened. I’m thinking something similar to that first image we got of Heath Ledger as The Joker back in May of 2007.

As far as your second question, I really couldn’t care less what Mr. Kirkland said about the DCCU, good or bad. Hey, it’s an opinion and he’s entitled to his…even if he’s wrong.

Would you include Nightwing into the DCCU with Batfleck? And if so who would you like to see play him?

JETT SAYS: Cullen, it wouldn’t bother if the character of Nightwing was or wasn’t included to be honest. And as I said in last week’s mailbag, I’m not good a casting guesses/choices, so I’ll leave that up to everyone else.

Will Robin be characterized as a woman in BATMAN v SUPERMAN, or included at all?

JETT SAYS: Billy, there’s a rumor saying that Jena Malone is playing the Carrie Kelly version of Robin (from Frank Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS) in the film.

JETT SAYS: I would have no issue if they go that route. Sounds cool to me!

If the rumors are true about SUICIDE SQUAD, why do you suppose The Joker is being held in Belle Reve Penitentiary (Louisiana)? I'm not that familiar with the comics, I just always thought Batman's villains were locked up in Gotham at either Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Penitentiary.

JETT SAYS: Let me say this about all these SUICIDE SQUAD rumors: Be leery of buying in 100%. For one thing, I know for a fact that is a fake script floating around out there and that false information is being intentionally leaked to outlets. I’m not saying that Latino Review’s SUICIDE SQUAD info is BS or anything (in fact, L-R is one of my favorite sites and I personally like Kellvin and Emberto, FYI), I’m just stating what’s going on surrounding that film.

As far as The Joker being locked up in Bell Reve Penitentiary, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. In the comics, Belle Reve is a prison for supervillains and is/had been run by Amanda Waller. I’m not 100% sure, but I do believe The Joker was once held there in the comics. Can anyone help me on that? If so, post in the comments below.

Did Chris Nolan sign a deal for two more Batman films before BATMAN BEGINS was released.

JETT SAYS: Apostolos, no, he did not – though it was his hope to be able to complete a trilogy of Batman films. When Chris said he took each of those movies one film at a time, he wasn’t BS’ing. He really did sign up for each film of “The Dark Knight Trilogy” one at a time and each was also created, organically, one at a time. Gosh, I SO miss those days of Batman on film.

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Is there any dialogue or scene in “The Dark Knight Trilogy” that you would’ve changed to make it better for you?

JETT SAYS: Not really Chris. Honestly, I can’t think of any dialogue I would’ve changed. I will say that I do like your suggestion (which I didn’t include in your question above) that it would’ve been cool if there was more of a nod to the Batman/Gordon exchange at end of BEGINS when Batman was about to take off with the bomb in RISES – but Chris, they kinda did, don’t you think? Based on your dialogue scenario, you wanted to see that Gordon knew Bruce was Batman the entire time, right? And if that’s the case – I know that BOF’s John Bierly does – there are many Batman fans who would’ve dug it. For me, I like the way it was written with Batman referencing the coat Gordon put around him as a child in BATMAN BEGINS and it all then falling into place for the latter. Just watch Bale's face when he tells Gordon - indirectly - who he really is. Brilliant.

Do you think Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck feel pressure to deliver an extremely high standard of a Batman movie after the globally critically acclaimed Nolan Trilogy? Hence, was this why Chris Terrio was brought in? It gives me hope that even though I will have to expand the realms of possibility, the writing will be intelligent and the movie made to be serious.

JETT SAYS: Aaron, following Chris Nolan and Christian Bale respectively, there’s indeed pressure of both Snyder and Affleck when it comes to Batman on film and I suspect they feel it. Of course, that pressure can also be viewed as a creative challenge and I suspect that they will deliver. As far as Terrio’s hiring is concerned, I view that as nothing but a positive when it comes to BATMAN v SUPERMAN as well as any future DCCU projects he’s a part of. I suspect Terrio coming on board had a lot to do with Ben Affleck – take that for what you will.

If Warner Bros. asked you, Jett, to make a Batman movie which villain(s) would you want to use and why?

JETT SAYS: Geez, I don’t know Gabe. Of course, Warner Bros. is never going to ask me to make a Batman film, so I’m never going have to actually make that decision! But to answer your hypothetical, I’d create a story that included The Joker, Harvey Dent, and Selina Kyle as they are my 3 favorite Batman villains.

What are your thoughts on the BATGIRL comic book cover controversy?

JETT SAYS: Personally Rob, I have no issue with the cover. When I heard there was this hullabaloo over the BATGIRL variant cover, I Googled it, saw it, and thought to myself, “What’s the big deal?” While I wasn’t offended nor did I think DC should’ve taken it down, discarded it, or whatever, I know some people viewed it as offensive towards women as it could be viewed as suggesting physical and sexual abuse. In that regard, I certainly empathize with that feeling. However to me, it was simply a nod to Alan Moore’s THE KILLING JOKE (which I don’t particularly like to be honest) and nothing more. What do you all think? Sound off in the comments section below.

Bill, with Jared Leto cast as The Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD, is there a chance he could get a cameo in BATMAN v SUPERMAN? And I'm a big Catwoman fan – do you think she could be in the next solo Batfilm? Thanks for all you do on this site for us Batfans!

JETT SAYS: Glen, Leto’s Joker will not be making a cameo in BvS. As far as Catwoman being in the next solo Batman film, I guess it’s possible. If it’s influenced by THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS as much as I think it will be, perhaps she’s not Catwoman in it, but simply Selina Kyle.

Any chances for a BATMAN v SUPERMAN presentation at Wondercon? There’s a “Warner Bros. Presentation” on Saturday, April 4th at 12:30PM on the schedule.

JETT SAYS: Josue, probably not from what I’ve been told. I’m on the Wondercon press list and receive invites and updates from studios, publishers, etc. on events. The only think I’ve gotten from Warner Bros. is from their TV division alerting me that they will be presenting their DC TV stuff there. In my opinion, of Warner Bros. is going to present any film there, it’ll be MAD MAX: FURY ROAD which opens in just a little over a month after Wondercon ’15.

Hi Jett! Any truth to the rumor that Batman will have a part in SUICIDE SQUAD?

JETT SAYS: Sean, yes, I believe there will be a Batfleck cameo in SS. And that’s not a new rumor either as I’ve been hearing scuttlebutt of that for a while. In fact, in the last BOF podcast, Mark Hughes said that there was talk of Batman being depicted in SS via security cameras.

Are you enjoying THE FLASH on the CW? Is it going to be really hard to make a great Flash film when TV is doing such as great job with the character?

JETT SAYS: I’m a big fan of THE FLASH, yes. That stuff with the Reverse Flash is pretty awesome! I believe that the movie version of The Flash will be much different than the TV series. For the record, my favorite DC TV series is CONSTANTINE, so I'm very much hoping it gets moved to the Syfi network. I'm kinda "meh" towards GOTHAM and I just never could get into ARROW - probably because it's, well, kinda a ripoff of Batman.

Do you think we will get a definitive Batman musical theme in BATMAN v SUPERMAN, like the one from 1989? While Hans Zimmer's theme in the Nolanverse was good, I prefer a more euphoric theme. (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Joe, different strokes for different folks. I’m sure some people will hear Junkie XL’s Batman theme from BvS and love it. For me, I’ve enjoyed the Batman themes from just about everything – including the 60s TV series by Neal Hefti and BATMAN FOREVER’s by Elliot Goldenthal. While Danny Elfman’s ’89 theme is awesome and classic, my favorite bit of Batman music is from “The Dark Knight Trilogy” by Hans Zimmer.

Batman Evolution from ThePianoGuys on Vimeo.

Bill, the #MyFirstComic thing is pretty popular on Twitter. What was your first comic book? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Well, I did actually post mine this past week...

I still have my original BATMAN #251 - though I lost the cover long ago. And I have a poster of it hanging in my office...

"The Joker's Five-Way Revenge" just might be my favorite Batman comic book story - in a single issue - of all time.

BOF has been around for nearly 17 years now. Question: Does BOF still have as much influence as it once did and do you still have the same passion running it? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Frankly, no, BOF does not have the influence that it once had in terms of swaying the studio to do Batman on film right. With that said, BOF is respected by those who matter just as much as it ever was. Look, I know that BOF isn’t as “cool with the kids” - my audience is, honestly, is older and not "kids." Most of the people who frequent BOF have been with me a long time; thus, they're mostly in their upper 20s into their 50s (and older - no offense to Michael Uslan!). BOF’s pinnacle was reached back in 2008 when THE DARK KNIGHT was released. Regardless, my passion for the character of Batman, his cinematic endeavors, and my website devoted to him and it is as strong as ever.

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