BOF Mailbag for St. Patrick's Day 2015!
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
March 15, 2015

In honor of one of the greatest holiday's in the history of holidays - St. Patrick's Day - I bring you the latest edition of the award-winning BOF Mailbag!

OK, the #BOFMAILBAG hasn't ever won any awards, but I still think St. Patty's Day is awesome!

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Although I know out of respect you wouldn't do it, has anyone approached to you with a movie pitch or ideas for your contacts like Mr. Nolan or your friend Mr. Uslan?

JETT SAYS: Josue, yep, many times. More times than not, they want me to give them Mr. Uslan and Mr. Nolan’s contact info. And of course, the answer is always “NO.” While most people understand, some don’t and get mad. But yes, this has happened a lot over the years.

What do you think the chances are that Warner Bros. will chicken out on calling SUICIDE SQUAD "Suicide Squad" and go with something more PC, like "Task Force X" or "The Squad"?

JETT SAYS: I don’t believe that’s going to happen Stephen. With the film’s pre-production almost complete and filming beginning in a few weeks, they’ve been officially calling it “Suicide Squad” from the beginning and I don’t see ‘em changing. If they were anal about the title, I’m sure WB would have opted for another title from the start.

What possible theories do you have about Scott Snyder's "New Batman?” I'm guessing this will be very short term (ie. one or two issues) and may even be an imposter that Batman isn't very happy about. Or it could be an "Elseworlds" like story?

JETT SAYS: Nick, all I can say is that it’s yet ANOTHER comic book stunt from DC and I probably won’t be reading ‘til it runs its course. Ugh!

I have to ask when do you think the viral marketing will start up?

JETT SAYS: For BvS? Who said there was going to be any viral marketing for the film? Really, there hasn’t been any sort of viral marketing for a DC comic book film since 2007-2008 with THE DARK KNIGHT. Perhaps WB will do something viral for BvS, but I wouldn’t expect anything near what we experienced with TDK.

With WONDER WOMAN supposedly rumored to start filming this September when do you think we will hear of more casting announcements?

JETT SAYS: Probably during the Summer – that’s my best guess.

I just saw that the new MISSION INPOSSIBLE film wrapped production and will be out by July 31st. How can a movie be ready that quick, yet BvS takes 1+ years? Is that all for CGI?

JETT SAYS: Seth, there is indeed A LOT of work that will need to be done in post to complete the film. Based on the fact that a significant amount of it was shot indoors on soundstages, then it’s safe to assume that the use of CGI is significant. There’s no way it could be ready for a Spring of Summer 2015 release as filming didn’t wrap until late 2014. Now, I think they could’ve had it ready for a November of December 2015 release, but they want this film to be a “Summer Blockbuster,” if you will. And yes, I do believe that late March is now under the Summer movie release umbrella.

Since it's the 75th anniversary of Robin, what comic incarnation was your favorite? Alternate Earth's and versions that aren't necessarily canonical are fair game.

JETT SAYS: Comic book-wise, I like the Dick Grayson (though I like him better as Nightwing) and Tim Drake versions of the character. However, when it comes to a single story, Carrie Kelly from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is probably my favorite. I’m also keen on Robin from the animated BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD because he doesn’t like sidecar.

How would you rank all theatrically released Batman films?

JETT SAYS: OK, if we’re going ALL that were “theatrically released,” we’ve got to included BATMAN ’66 and MASK OF THE PHANTASM. I’ve done this before (many times), but here’s my ranking without the benefit of looking at any of my previous lists…


Hey Jett. Being a fan of 90s comics I'm wondering since they did a DEATH OF SUPERMAN movie, do you think they'll ever do an animated KNIGHTFALL film? I'm guessing no but what do you think?

JETT SAYS: Adam, it’s possible, but at this time, I’d say it’s unlikely. It looks as if they are getting away from doing straight-up adaptations (like YEAR ONE and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and are going with films that are “inspired by” various comic book Batman stories (like SON OF BATMAN and BATMAN vs. ROBIN).

We are going to get the BATMAN v SUPERMAN teaser trailer in May; do you think we will see a full trailer in July around Comic Con, and do you think that is too soon?

JETT SAYS: I do believe that Warner Bros. will drop something relating to BvS in early July to coincided with Comic Con ’15 in San Diego – though I’m not sure it’ll be a trailer. I suspect the second trailer for BvS will drop in November/December.

Did Tim Burton originally intend to use Billy Dee Williams' "Harvey Dent" in BATMAN RETURNS?

JETT SAYS: I believe the original plan had Williams’ Dent in RETURNS. However, they removed Dent from the script and replaced him with the Max Shreck character (played by Christopher Walken). When Dent was still in the script, he was to be scarred during the finale by Catwoman (via the kiss with the power cable) and then would return in BATMAN 3 (which eventually become BATMAN FOREVER) as the main villain. When Burton was invited to leave by Warner Bros. and Joel Schumacher came on board, the latter director replaced Williams with Tommy Lee Jones.

My question for you Jett sir is what is your favorite Batman videogame and with which game system do you play it?

JETT SAYS: While I have had a gaming system since I was a kid – I actually had Pong, if anyone remembers that one back in the mid-70s – I’ve never been what you would call a “gamer.” But my favorite Batman videogame (and I’ve had just about every one of them ever released) is ARKHAM CITY and I play it on a PS3. And yes, I’m upgrading to a PS4 shortly so I can play ARKHAM KNIGHT when it’s released in June. Speaking of gaming systems, here are the ones I’ve owned: Pong, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Nintendo ES, Super Nintendo ES, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3. Hell, I’ve even had a Nintendo Gamecube in the house for my kids!

Are you concerned that Zack Snyder is drawing too much influence from THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS? It's literally the only inspiration that's been cited for all of the Bat-related characters in Snyder's universe; such as (allegedly) making Carrie Kelly Robin – who no one in the general public will recognize.

JETT SAYS: Mance, not really concerned at all – and that’s probably due to the fact that I’m a big fan of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Look, it’s not a surprise to me at all that Zack is heavily influenced by RETURNS as he’s always wanted to do a live-action adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel. With BATMAN v SUPERMAN, the two JUSTICE LEAGUE movies, and the solo Batman film with Ben Affleck, this will probably be as close as he gets to doing it.

How would you cameo/ introduce Batman into the SUICIDE SQUAD?

JETT SAYS: I’d either have him cameo with either Amander Waller or The Joker. Of course, if I’m Warner Bros., I’m going to save our first look at Batman vs. The Joker – Ben Affleck and Jared Leto – in the next solo Batman film.

Since St Patrick's Day is almost upon us, and the world celebrates Irishness, I was wondering if you have any Irish roots yourself? Secondly, as Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy had big roles in "The Dark Knight Trilogy," if you could pick any Irish actor for a role in a Batman film, what would it be? Thanks for all you do for us fans of Batman on film! "Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!"

JETT SAYS: Great question “Joe from Ireland!” Yes, while I am a bit of a mutt – as most Americans are – I do indeed have a bit of Irish ancestry on both sides of my family! It’ll never happen, but I’ve always wanted to see Daniel Day-Lewis in a Batman film – and I do believe he was approached about playing Henry Ducard/Ra’s Al Ghul in BATMAN BEGINS, but declined.

Can you just imagine what DDL could do with The Joker? Or Hugo Strange? Or Paul Dekker? ANYWAY…

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Colin Farrell come to mind, though I don’t know what Batman role I’d cast them in. JRM once portrayed Elvis, so in my world of fandom, I’m good. Of course, Farrell damn near was Batman if Wolfgang Petersen’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN had come to fruition back in the early 2000’s.

Thanks for the great question Joe and Sláinte!

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