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Welcome to the Labor Day 2015 BOF Mailbag! In honor of today's holiday, I've posted a picture of my grandfather's hard hat from back in the day. Apparently, he was the Golden Age Flash and never said a word about it.

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JETT SAYS: I’m confident that it was a collaboration and that both Mr. Snyder and Mr. Ayer had a lot of input on the character’s aesthetic and backstory.

If Ben Affleck came to you asking for inspiration on his Batman movie in which Two-Face is the main baddy, what would you encourage him to read?

JETT SAYS: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, totally. I'd also suggest “The Eye of the Beholder” from BATMAN ANNUAL #14 (1990) and “Half an Evil” from BATMAN #234 (1971).

How would you rank the final scenes of every Batman movie?

JETT SAYS: Excluding the 40s movie serials and BATMAN ’66, here goes Rob…

4) BATMAN ‘89

FYI: I attempted to be as objective as possible when putting together this list. Objectivity aside, the ending to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is my personal favorite ending to a Batman film. I also think there’s a HUGE gap between BATMAN RETURNS at #5 and the rest starting with B89 at #4. And frankly, the endings of “The Dark Knight Trilogy” films are the absolute best of the lot.

JETT SAYS: Yes I did and I loved them both! I remember how hard it was to beat The Penguin when he was flying around on one of his umbrellas! Hell, I even had the BATMAN FOREVER game – which was maybe on Nintendo 64, yes? I’ve actually had many Batman videogames over the years on many different systems.

Are you thrilled for THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS 3? Do you believe it is going to be better than STRIKES AGAIN?

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if I’d say I’m “thrilled” for it, but I’m definitely looking forward to reading TDK3. I’m really glad that Brian Azzarello is involved as its writer and Mr. Miller is, from what I’ve been told, basically a consultant on the project. And yes, I think it'll be better than TDKSA because that one sucked big time.

If they reboot the Batman comics again, would you like to see them start over with Dick Grayson as Robin's? No Tim, no Jason, no Barbara (yet) and definitely no Damien? I've heard that due to poor sales Bruce will be back in the cowl again sooner than expected. Also, what were your thoughts on how Bruce Wayne survived the battle with Joker? Do you think the memory machine thing is lame?

JETT SAYS: Well Mance, I think it’s a given that at some point in the future, DC will hit the reset button on Batman comics yet again. I think going back to the very beginning ala 1939 is an interesting way to do it. No Robins, no sidekicks, and more importantly, no continuity to deal with.

In regards to Bruce being alive but not knowing he was ever Batman, yeah that’s lame. In fact, the whole “Gordon is the new Batman” thing is lame as well. It’s very “we’ve already been there and done that” and everyone knows that ultimately, Bruce will again don the cape and cowl and be the one true Batman yet again. Regardless of how Batman comics are selling, this was the plan all along as Bruce will be Batman again come Spring of 2016.

You alluded to the possibility of Ben Affleck playing Batman in team-up and solo Batman films – maybe more than just one of the latter in the previous mailbag. Does this mean you've heard whispers of expanding interest from Warner Bros. for a trilogy of Batman films starring Affeck?

JETT SAYS: Aaron, I think that Warner Bros. knows where there bread is buttered and want Batman to be the centerpiece of the DCEU.

JETT SAYS: I don’t know. I’m not sure if they want to have a character in the DCEU Batman universe to literally have been dead and then brought back to life.

Bill, when do you think we will get word on casting for WONDER WOMAN – which starts filming later this year? And the JUSTICE LEAGUE film(s)? Finally, if Ben Affleck does do three solo Batman films, will be write/direct all of them?

JETT SAYS: Glen, we already know that Chris Pine is playing Steve Trevor in WONDER WOMAN. With filming beginning shortly, I’m sure we’ll hear something soon. Regarding JL casting, I’m sure we’ll start hearing stuff early in 2016. Finally, I’m not sure that Ben Affleck will write and direct three Batman films – if he does three Batman films. Let’s say he does a trilogy of solo Batflicks, OK? I don’t know if his busy schedule will allow him to take on such a huge job. Maybe he writes/directs the first one and then passes the torch to someone else. Even if that happens, the dude will still be HEAVILY involved and will have a role more than just an actor.

Much has been said of how the BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s Batman is based on Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Did Snyder simply put Miller's character in another story – do we already "know" this Batman? I'm concerned because not a lot has been said about how different/fresh the film's character is from Miller's source material.

JETT SAYS: While I believe this DCEU Batman is heavily inspired by Miller’s THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, I don’t think his backstory and history is a carbon copy of TDKR’s Batman.

I'm bummed with all the speculations that there may not be any more solo Superman films. Is there any truth to those rumors?

JETT SAYS: Adam, I doubt the rumors – as reported – are true. Is Warner Bros. concerned about Superman on film when it comes to more solo movies? Maybe. I think we’ll know more about the future of the Superman film franchise after BvS. Regardless, it’s clear that the studio plans on spotlighting in the DCEU and feels good about the future of Batman on film with Ben Affleck as its star/writer/director.

Jett! One of the most fun parts of knowing these movies are coming are fan casting write-ups and speculation. It’s probably super early, but what say you?

JETT SAYS: Will, I’m not too big on fan casting theories and speculation as more times than not, fanboy casting suggestions are ridiculous. Personally, I avoid it because I’m not very good at casting suggestions quite frankly. And in regards to DCEU film casting, we already know who is playing whom for the most part. If you – or anybody else reading – has some good DCEU casting suggestions, please post them in the comments section below.

If they did a Batman musical, what genre/style of music would it be?

JETT SAYS: Travis, let’s hope that never happens! I still shudder at the thought that a Batman musical almost came to fruition with Tim Burton at the helm! But if it were to happen, I guess the music would be similar to PHANTOM OF THE OPERA or something along those lines. Though this is pretty cool...

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