The BOF Mailbag - July 27, 2015
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
July 27, 2015

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JETT SAYS: HA! Sorry man, I’m sworn to secrecy about that one!

When do you think the fanboys and naysayers are gonna eat crow?

JETT SAYS: Karle, I assume you are referring to the fanboy rage against Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman, yes? Probably never. Fanobys will conveniently “forget” that they railed against Batfleck and hail him as the greatest Batman on film in the history of Batman on film. When it comes to the naysayers, they’ll probably dig in and continue with the archaic “Ben Affleck sucks dude!” nonsense. Personally, I don’t care what either group thinks – especially fanboys who like to hate everything.

What is your interest level of a flashback Batman and Robin sequence in a future Batman film? Mine is high! Thanks Jett!

JETT SAYS: Adam, if The Joker is indeed kill a Robin, I certainly would like to see that scene in a Batman film – though I suspect we’re going to see it in BvS. I suspect that at some point – be in via flashbacks or a prequel film – we’ll see “Batman and Robin” together as a team in a solo Batman film.

Hey Jett. Is it my imagination but it appears that whenever there's some excitement for BATMAN v SUPERMAN something negative appears online. Take for example the recent news that Grant Morrison doesn’t like BvS’s Wonder Woman – do you know if Morrison has seen a cut of the film? Another example is the latest news that the trailer for SUICIDE SQUAD has beaten the new BvS trailer by having more views on YouTube, why does a positive for SS have to be a negative for BvS? Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed both trailers but the last thing I was thinking was that one trailer beat the s%*t out of the other trailer. (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: I don’t know Dave, I guess I just don’t worry about that sort of stuff. I’m sure that the SS trailer had more hits because it was the first trailer and Jared Leto’s Joker was in it – plus, Margot Robbie is certainly nice on the eyes. Dude, if you’re excited for BvS then that’s all that matters.

Which do you prefer for Batman movies: cinematic recreations of iconic comics, or all original story lines?

JETT SAYS: Cody, I prefer original storylines myself. However, I do like when a film is influenced by classic Batman stories or moments. For example, there’s a little YEAR ONE in BATMAN BEGINS; THE LONG HALLOWEEN in THE DARK KNIGHT; and, NO MAN’S LAND and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I wouldn’t really be interested in a straight-up adaptation of a Batman comic (ala Zack Snyder’s WATCHMEN) for a Batman film.

Do you think Warner Bros. HAD to release the SUICIDE SQUAD trailer? If not, why do you think they did it?

JETT SAYS: Gabe, I had heard that Warner Bros. had planned to reveal it regardless – but maybe they really didn’t plan to release the trailer. Regardless, I believe that once it went online illicitly, Warners did the right thing by releasing it. I do feel bad for the folks who saw it in Hall H at SDCC ’15 and had waiting in line for HOURS for the WB presentation. I think that stuff that is exclusive to Comic Con should stay exclusive. The studio dug their feet in the ground in 2014 and refuse to release the BATMAN v SUPERMAN teaser that was shown despite the fact that it popped up online. I don’t have any proof, but I think they planned to drop the SS trailer from SDCC ’15 online despite them saying otherwise. They probably just did it sooner than they expected.

Given that you consider THE KILLING JOKE overrated, what other Joker-centric story would you think deserves more recognition?

JETT SAYS: Two: THE MAN WHO LAUGHS by Ed Brubaker/Doug Mahnke and JOKER by Brian Azzarello/Lee Bermejo.

JETT SAYS: For the record, I’m not withholding information from my readers/fans out of arrogance. Frankly, there’s some stuff that I know about BvS that I feel (well, know) would be a considered a spoiler and/or the filmmakers don’t want revealed. It’s been my longstanding policy not to post spoilers and stuff a filmmaker doesn’t want the audience to know. With all that said, I know very little about BvS overall and I am not spoiled either.

What is your opinion of how Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and/or Tim Drake should be handled in the DCCU? Would you like to see Robin or Nightwing in this universe?

JETT SAYS: Hey Steven! Man, I don’t really know. If the dead Robin of the DCCU isn’t Dick Grayson as I have hypothesized, then I wouldn’t mind seeing Nightwing in a Batman film at some point in the future. I like what we know: Batman had a Robin partner and that Robin was killed by The Joker…probably.

You are firmly in the camp that Batman comes first, and his rogues gallery is a reaction to him. However, do you think that Batman leaves the city better than he found it? Meaning, do you think that while his presence attracts people like the Joker and The Riddler, that by the end of his career, Batman is at least somewhat successful in making Gotham better?

JETT SAYS: So Rob, in my mind, does Batman “win?” I believe that Gotham is indeed better off with Batman than without him – even with the rise of the supervillains such as The Joker and the others. I also think that Gotham will always need a Batman, so I subscribe to the idea that the Mantle of the Bat is passed down from one person to the next. In the Batman Universe that exists in my head (and heart), Dick Grayson becomes Batman after Bruce and the latter lives happily ever after with, you guessed it, Selina Kyle. This is one of the reasons I LOVE THE DARK KNIGHT RISES so much.

Is WB still planning on starting filming for Wonder Woman in September?

JETT SAYS: Chance, I know as much about that project as you do, honestly.

I remember seeing Dick Grayson's leaked gravestone photo. Could Grayson's death in BvS be similar to his death in “Forever Evil” leading him to be Batman’s spy in the Suicide Squad? And could Scott Eastwood be Grayson?

JETT SAYS: Anyone ever consider that the "leaked" Grayson headstone was a red herring by the fimmakers? Chris Nolan did the same thing in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES with what ended up being Bruce's headstone "engraved" in post-production. That’s certainly an interesting hypothesis there Peter. However, I don’t think that’s the case. I believe that Dick Grayson is the dead Robin in BvS; and if he isn’t, then he’s likely Nightwing in the DCCU. The thing is that I heard that all the Nightwing stuff in BvS was cut once Chris Terrio took over writing the script. I’m of the opinion that they removed the DG/Nightwing stuff and made him the Robin that was killed by The Joker.

Is Scoot McNairy playing Metallo who will feature in MAN OF STEEL 2 (solo sequel)?

JETT SAYS: Oliver, I really don’t know who Scoot McNairy is playing other than his character will have some sort of prosthetic legs. I’ve heard that he might be Jimmy Olsen who was injured during the Superman vs. Zod battle in Metropolis – but that’s just pure speculation. I do know that he’s not The Flash! I will say that Metallo being in the film – as the government’s first response to Superman – has been floating around for a while now; though I don’t believe McNairy is that character even if Metallo is in the film. Oh by the way, I LOVED the old Ultraman reruns show here in the States when I was a kid in the 70s!

While the BvS trailer was the one many of us were waiting for, do you think SUCIDE SQUAD in a way "won" Comic-Con? Though I loved the BvSSS one really caught me off guard…and in a great way.

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if SUICIDE SQUAD “won” SDCC ’15, but the trailer made one hell of an impression! As I’ve said before, I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that this is our first look at the film, Leto’s Joker, and a hot Harley Quinn.

What are your thoughts on Metropolis being next to Gotham in BATMAN v SUPERMAN? Does that mean Superman will be fighting crime in Gotham and will that make Batman obsolete?

JETT SAYS: Matthew, growing up, I always imagined Gotham and Metropolis were east coast cities that were relatively close to each other (see map below from the late 1970s). Basically, Batman and Superman fight different types of crime, don’t they? While The Dark Knight battles smaller-scale street crime as well as organized crime, The Man of Steel saves people (and the world) and battles super-powered beings. I don’t think that Gotham and Metropolis being “sister cities” in the DCCU means Batman is obsolete.

The Wayne murders in BATMAN v SUPERMAN and Robin's death in SUICIDE SQUAD. Shouldn't all these flashbacks be used for the solo Batman film?

JETT SAYS: Well first of all, if Robin’s death at the hands of presumably The Joker (Jared Leto) will be a flashback in BvS and not in SS. Regardless, the purpose of these flashbacks in BvS is to give us a little information and background on this new Batman on film (Ben Affleck). We actually discussed this in a bit of detail in the latest BOF PODCAST.

Assuming that each DC film will have their own unique tone and directorial freedom, do you think they will overall have a sense of visual continuity to help establish a cohesive looking universe? So far what we've seen in recent trailers for BvS and SS, the filters that they use look similar enough.

JETT SAYS: Anthony, as someone who favors and lobbies for these DCCU films to director-driven as opposed to studio or producer-driven, I’m certainly happy that that is the way Warner Bros. is going with their DC superhero films. With that said, with “realistic” mandate that has been imposed on the films of the DCCU, I believe that’s enough to keep enough visual and aesthetic continuity between these films.

Are there plans to give Batfleck a love interest, whether it's Wonder Woman or otherwise? Are we likely to see Catwoman opposite Batfleck and of a similar age? Or is she a character that would be saved for prequels? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Hi Sarah! I’ve heard nothing about Bruce Wayne having a love interest in BvS, though the second trailer implies something might be happening between Diana Prince and Bruce, but that could be nothing more that red herring editing.

In regards to Catwoman/Selina Kyle, I’m positive that she’s not in BvS – but I’m also sure that she exists in the DCCU. As a result, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see her in the solo Batfleck Batfleck that Ben is going to direct. (And I’d love to see Carla Gugino cast in the role!)

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