BOF Mailbag for April 3, 2015
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
April 3, 2015

Hey now! To those who celebrate, Happy Easter and a heartfelt Bababooey to you all!

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People have very little faith in Warner Bros. don't they? I mean, the company that brought you “The Dark Knight Trilogy” and MAN OF STEEL, didn't it? But what people fail to understand is, Warner Bros. is probably letting Zack Snyder do his own thing with BATMAN v SUPERMAN, I mean they brought in a new writer [Chris Terrio] for BvS, and writer/director David Ayer will be responsible for SUICIDE SQUAD. The DC Cinematic Universe is nothing like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where they (Marvel) have to have films that "fit," solely within that universe, which is why Edgar Wright left ANT-MAN. (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: John, Warner Bros. is certainly doing things differently when it comes to the DCCU than Marvel has done (and will continue to do) with the MCCU. And that’s a good thing because WB should should go their own way and not copy Marvel.

I’d say the biggest difference between Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios is that the former will allow the filmmakers involved with their DC Comics films much more creative freedom and leeway than the latter. I’m sure this is something that WB learned from the success they experience when giving Chris Nolan free reign with “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” On the other hand, Marvel makes their MCCU films in more of an assembly line fashion and it’s worked out pretty good form them as well. While I prefer WB’s method when it comes to making their comic book/superhero films, I certainly can’t – and wouldn’t – argue that Marvel is doing things the wrong way. To use two clichés: to each his own and different strokes for different folks.

When it comes to your assertion that people have little faith in Warner Bros. and their comic book endeavors, I don’t think that claim is representative of the majority. I find that folks are tremendously excited for BATMAN v SUPERMAN and the buzz over SUICIDE SQUAD is pretty positive. I think all the negative vibes towards WB, BvS, and DC on film is from, yet again, the “screaming loudest” minority of fanboys on internet message boards, talk backs, and on web pages comments sections. My suggestion is to pay this group no mind even though their immaturity and idiocy is maddening. And trust me, I’m trying to practice what I preach despite how hard it is!

JETT SAYS: Hard? Yes. Futile? No. It all depends on how you use your social media and where you get your movie news.

Happy Easter to you and yours! As it's a holiday, do you think we will have a future Batman film set at any holidays; like BATMAN RETURNS was set at Christmas and BATMAN FOREVER included Halloween? Obviously Warner Bros. won't do a straight up adaptation of THE LONG HALLOWEEN, but could a holiday theme be the basis of a future Batman film, or will it be excluded in order to generalize the character further? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Joe, I think it’s certainly possible. If a talented writer came up with a story set during a particular holiday and the narrative made sense, I could see it happening. With that said, I don’t think it’s a must or that a filmmaker should start with the premise of “Let’s do a Batman film set during a holiday!” and then create a story around it. If a holiday organically made sense as the backdrop of a Batman film, I’m OK with that.

Now that Crazy Quilt has hit the "big-time" by appearing in Scott Snyder's BATMAN, have you been lobbying the powers that be to finally cast you in your publicly coveted role as Crazy Quilt in the DC Cinematic Universe? Keep on keeping on brother! (via EMAIL

JETT SAYS: Verne, Warne Bros. knows me and knows how to find me whenever they’re ready to put the great character of Paul Dekker in a Batman film. Is there no question that Crazy Quilt is the greatest Batman villain of all time?

Which Batman videogame did you enjoy the most?

JETT SAYS: Nick, I think I have had just about every single Batman videogame ever created! Hell, I remember playing the heck out of the BATMAN ’89 videogame adaptation on a NES back in the day! But if I had to pick a “favorite,” I guess that would be BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY. However, this will come from left field, but I also really liked the BATMAN BEGINS videogame adaptation. If you played it, it kinda laid the ground for the ARKHAM games in terms of gameplay.

How long do you think the trailer will be? Do you think we'll see a lot of action in it?

JETT SAYS: Adam, I figure the trailer will run around 1 minute and 58 seconds and be the definition of a “teaser.” Can’t wait to see it!

Just a reminder to include Sean and Mark’s rankings of the Batman films.

JETT SAYS: As promised, here they are…

Sean’s Rankings: 8) BATMAN AND ROBIN, 7) BATMAN RETURNS, 6) BATMAN FOREVER, 5) BATMAN (1966), 4) BATMAN (1989), 3) BATMAN BEGINS, 2) THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, 1) THE DARK KNIGHT. Sean also says, “If we were going to include BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM since it's animated, but if so, I'd put it at #4 and everything else would slide down a spot.”

Mark’s Rankings: 8) BATMAN AND ROBIN, 7) BATMAN RETURNS, 6) BATMAN (1966), 5) BATMAN FOREVER, 4) BATMAN (1989), 3) THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, 2) THE DARK KNIGHT, 1) BATMAN BEGINS. Mark also says, “I don't include MASK OF THE PHANTASM because it's only 1 hr 16 minutes long and not live-action. If we were to include it, it would come after BATMAN FOREVER on my list,”

There you go. Make sure to check out Sean over at MODERNMYTHMEDIA.COM and Mark at FORBES.COM. Those two are my boys and will always be a part of BOF!

Have you ever thought about an R rated Batman movie? Since THE DARK KNIGHT, I’ve been fantasizing a lot, and I see endless possibilities.

JETT SAYS: Mario, I have thought of it, have zero interest in it, and believe it would be a horrible idea quite frankly. What would a Batman film need to be R-rated for other than to include excessive violence, blood, bad language, or sex? I think THE DARK KNIGHT proved that a Batman film be “mature” without including all that stuff I listed to make it R. And it’s really a moot point because it’ll never happen.

JETT SAYS: Honestly, I haven’t heard anything about it. The only thing I can base the thinking it will indeed be awesome is that Zack Snyder is good at that sort of stuff in films and the clip I saw from the film at San Diego Comic Con last Summer – which I presume is right before the big throw down – was, well, awesome.

Hey Jett, I’m a HUGE Cowboys fan like you – though I live in Virginia outside of D.C. (Yes, dab smack in the middle of enemy territory, I know!) My question is not Batman-related, I hope that’s OK. Who is the greatest Dallas Cowboys player of all time? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Mark, I hear-tell that there are A LOT of Cowboys fans in Virginia, true? Anyway, yes, it’s certainly OK to ask non-Batman questions – especially when they are about America’s Team! On to your question…

The 12 year old Jett (or “Billy” as my Mom called me as a child) immediately says Roger Staubach. However, level-headed, almost 50 year old me says it’s clearly Emmitt Smith. Roger The Dodger is still my boyhood hero (along with Batman, Evil Knievel, and Col. Steve “The $6 Million Man” Austin), but “Double Duce” is clearly the greatest Cowboy of all time.

JETT SAYS: BvS had a production budget of $131 million. However, that doesn’t account for post-production, marketing, and additional filming outside of the Detroit, Michigan area where most of it was filmed.

Hi Jett, with the recent announcements that King Shark and Killer Croc will be making an appearance in SUICIDE SQUAD, do you think it likely that DCCU Godfather Zack Snyder would have whispered in David Ayer’s ear regarding their origin in trying to keep in line with the whole “grounded in realism” thing? And is Hugo strange being in this as The Joker’s psychiatrist still a rumor at this point?

JETT SAYS: Aaron, I think that while Warner Bros. is allowing the directors of their DC Comics films a lot of creative freedom – David Ayer on SUICIDE SQUAD for example – these films are still part of a cinematic universe that requires some continuity. Therefore, I’m sure that SS will have the same levels of realism and the fantastical as MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN v SUPERMAN. Case in point, I don’t expect Killer Croc to be depicted as a half man/half crocodile (Actually an alligator, as Waylon Jones is usually depicted as being Louisiana Cajun and there are no crocodiles in the U.S. other than the southernmost part of Florida. I guess “Killer Gator” didn’t sound as good as “Killer Croc.”). I suspect he’ll aesthetically look more like the character did in JOKER as drawn by my friend Lee Bermejo. And yes, I do think Zack Snyder has a lot of say when it comes to all of the DCCU films.

As far as your question about Hugo Strange and The Joker, I’d still chalk that up as rumor, but it seems highly likely and probable that it’ll happen.

JETT SAYS: Yep, me. >>> Told y’all this back in January.

Which version of The Flash (Barry Allen, Wally West, etc.) would you like to see brought to the big screen?

JETT SAYS: Well Andrzej, I’d prefer Barry Allen as that was The Flash of my childhood. However, if I had to guess, I think that Ezra Miller will portray a Flash that is not Barry Allen. I can’t wait to see what sort of costume they’ll come up with for the live-action version of the character as I suspect it’ll be adapted quite liberally from the comic books. Speaking of The Flash, I’m a big fan of The CW series – though I’m very happy that the DCTVU and the DCCU are not going to mix and mingle.

Are you expecting a teaser trailer or full length trailer for BATMAN v SUPERMAN when it comes out next month? If it is only a teaser, do you think we will get the full length trailer at the San Diego Comic Con?

JETT SAYS: Chance, I believe the trailer being dropped next month will be a classic teaser trailer. I don’t expect a “full trailer” until the Fall when the marketing will really start to kick into gear. I suspect that in July, Warner Bros. will have a full panel at Comic Con with Zack Snyder and the cast and he’ll show another SDCC clip from the film that will be exclusive to the crowd in Hall H.

What is it about The Joker vs. Batman rivalry that makes it one the most well-known and popular rivalries in fiction today?

JETT SAYS: Well Gabe, I’d say that it’s due to several things. First and foremost is that Batman and The Joker are probably the most popular comic book superhero and villain, respectively, in history. Also, the fact that they are mirror opposites of each other adds to the intrigue. Plus, both are just cool as hell.

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