The BOF Mailbag - August 30, 2015
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
August 30, 2015

Below you will find the latest BOF Mailbag.

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Now, on with this weekend's mailbag...

Throughout the years, the shape and location of Gotham has changed many times, and in BATMAN v SUPERMAN, they're making Gotham and Metropolis sister cities. Is there any one incarnation of Gotham you prefer and consider the definitive shape and location of Gotham? I've always considered Gotham an east coast city in the New York or Boston area.

JETT SAYS: John, I don’t have a favorite shape or location of Gotham. To me, Gotham is basically a mix of New York and Chicago aesthetically and historically and located on the east coast of the U.S.

As for as Gotham and Metropolis being sister cities in BvS, there is precedent in the comics.

What Batman villains would you like to see on film that we haven't seen before on film? Second question but similar, what villains would you like to see in previous films that you think weren't done justice?

JETT SAYS: Rob, for your first question, Hugo Strange and The Wrath. As far as your second inquiry, I’d say The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and Poison Ivy in live-action films have sucked and have yet to be done right – though I’m not sure I’d want to see the latter two in a live-action film again in the future.

Do you think we will know for sure about all the cameos in BvS once the next trailer surfaces?

JETT SAYS: I’m not sure why many folks think this film is full of cameos. We know that Jason Momoa, Michael Shannon, and Jeffery Dean Morgan have cameos as Aquaman, General Zod’s corpse (and likely a Bizzaro Zod/Doomsday creation), and Thomas Wayne respectively. If there’s any other cameos – like Jenna Malone and who she’s playing for example – I believe they want to keep that all a secret until the film is released.

Rank the live-action Batmobiles.

JETT SAYS: Here you go Peter…

5) BATMAN & ROBIN, 4) BATMAN FOREVER, 3) BATMAN ’66, 2) BATMAN ‘89/BATMAN RETURNS, and 1) The Tumbler from “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” I really like the BvS Batmobile, but since the movie is yet to have been released, I won’t rank it.

I remember when Christopher Nolan talked about escalation being one of the main themes behind his approach to THE DARK KNIGHT. With BvS, I get the sense that WB/Snyder are using the idea of escalation to expand the DCEU. Do you think this is becoming a trend for WB/DCEU and that it will continue?

JETT SAYS: Gabe, I’d say that certainly looks to be the case. Zack Snyder has said that when Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) turned on that ancient Kryptonian scout ship in MAN OF STEEL it not only alerted General Zod, but Aquaman and Woman Woman as well. Also, in the SUICIDE SQUAD trailer, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) says that Superman is perhaps some kind of beacon for people with abilities.

Jett, what have you heard on the rumor of Warner Bros. shifting focus back to Batman and shelving MAN OF STEEL 2? I know that Batman's their moneymaker; however, is this credible or is this just something started by someone who hated MAN OF STEEL and can't let go of SUPERMAN '78?

JETT SAYS: John, yes, I’ve seen that rumor. I’m really not sure what Warner’s plans for Superman on film are right now (though I’ve got my finger’s crossed for at least one sequel to MOS) other than the character will be in BvS, both JUSTICE LEAGUE films, and Henry Cavill will play the Man of Steel. As far as Batman on film is concerned, yes, Ben Affleck’s Batman will play a – probably THE – major role in the DCEU going forward. Expect to see him as Batman in not only team-up films, but a solo movie or three as well.

Any word on the [Joel] Schumacher comics?

JETT SAYS: Mance, I’ve heard nothing about Mr. Schumacher’s comic book mini-series – which is supposed to tell his Batman on film story/trilogy the way he actually intended – other than that original story saying it was in the works. Here’s hoping it comes to fruition.

Being a 90's kid and growing up with BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, I always loved Mr. Freeze. Do you think there's ever a chance of having him in a Batman film again? Is he too out there to be done “seriously” in a movie and not done like as portrayed in BATMAN & ROBIN?

JETT SAYS: Mike, I think that the character of Mr. Freeze could be adapted for a Batman film and the DCEU that are keeping things serious and “relatively realistic.” I think the character would have to be modified a bit – I can’t see them going with a suit that looks anything like the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger sported in B&R (which was pretty damn faithful to the comics and B:TAS). You’d probably have to change Victor Fries’ backstory as the one he had in B&R was lifted from B:TAS. Now, will it happen, I don’t know.

What is your favorite Batman comic book cover. Thanks Jett! Only 7 months to go!

JETT SAYS: Adam, my favorite Batman comic book cover is the one from BATMAN #251 (“The Joker’s Five Way Revenge!”) and I have a print of it framed and hanging in my office.

Do you give any credibility to the rumors that Warner Bros. is going to reveal their new slate of DC films? If so, do you think this new slate will include films from their Vertigo print?

JETT SAYS: Chance, I’ve heard nothing about an announcement coming, sorry man. The only thing I’ve had confirmed to me is that the DCEU is indeed going to be centered around Batman and Warner’s is looking forward to a new series of solo Batman films.

JETT SAYS: Wow, great question! How about my fellow Texan Matthew McConaughey.

I don't think it would ever get a live-action adaptation from Warner Bros., but I do think WB should look into making an animated Grey Ghost film.

Have you beaten ARKHAM KNIGHT yet? And if so, what did you think of the ending?

JETT SAYS: Brian, I’m only about 6% complete dude! In fact, I’m stuck on the part where you have to take out the tanks and Arkham Knight flying in that helicopter gizmo. It’s right after Batman saves the dude and comes out of that malfunctioning elevator. Can anyone help me?! If so, post your help suggestions in the comments below! Also, I’ve just got MADDEN ‘16 and have been playing it quite a bit in my spare time – which currently have very little of as I’ve returned to the football field to coach again. I’m retiring from education in 2 years (but not from BOF) and I decided to go back to my football coaching roots after hanging up my whistle and Bike coaching shorts 6 years ago.

After hearing you discuss BATMAN & ROBIN on the “Shanlian on Batman” podcast, it got me thinking can we officially "unblame" George Clooney for the film. The man has fallen on his sword for this film throughout the years many times and, in my opinion, unnecessarily. We can now place the blame squarely on Joel Schumacher & Akiva Goldsman.

JETT SAYS: Alex, we’d be wrong to “place the blame squarely” on Mr. Schumacher and Mr. Goldsman as well. The blame for that film should be placed unequivocally on the folks running Warner Bros. back in the 90s. They are the ones who mandated that B&R be even lighter than BATMAN FOREVER and made it essentially a 2 hour and 5 minute commercial for Batman toys and merchandise. Schumacher and Goldsman, as director and screenwriter respectively, simply delivered exactly what head honchos at Warner Bros. at that time wanted – though neither are completely blameless either. Like Mr. Clooney, Joel has also apologized – i.e. “fallen on the sword” – many times over the years for B&R. I think it’s past time for us to forgive him and give him his proper due for “saving” the Batman film franchise in 1995 with BATMAN FOREVER. I am by no means suggesting Mr. Schumacher should be praised as much as Chris Nolan for what the latter did for Batman on film (and the comic book film genre) in 2005 with BATMAN BEINGS. However, people seems to conveniently forget how big FOREVER was in 1995 and how it rejuvenated the cinematic Batman franchise after BATMAN RETURNS three years prior.

What do you think the timeline is between BATMAN v SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD?

JETT SAYS: JWB, I’d say that both BvS and SS take place roughly at the same time. However, I think the stuff with Batman in SS is a flashback and is connected to Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) origin story in the film.

Do you think you would have been able to accept it if Christian Bale had continued to play Batman, but a different version of the character, in the DCEU?

JETT SAYS: Stephen, I would not – even though Bale is my favorite Batman on film of all time (to date). I understand that the same actor playing a character in different film continuities (Judi Dench as “M” in the Bond film series as you brought up as an example) has happened before, but I don’t see it working with Batman. With “The Dark Knight Trilogy” ending with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and a new Batman/Bruce Wayne being a part of the DCEU, I 100% believe that getting a new actor to play a new Batman was the right thing to do. Furthermore, while Bale would’ve played Batman again after RISES and Warner’s did contemplate the ideas of Bale playing another version of Batman, Christian wouldn’t have done it without Chris Nolan directing.

Frankly, it would’ve been too damn confusing to the mainstream audience if Christian Bale continued to play a Batman that wasn’t the Batman of the “Trilogy.” While comic book fans understand the idea of different continuities and universes, “Average Joe Moviegoer” does not.

Not giving credence to the fan-theory one way or another, how would you FEEL if Jared Leto's Joker turned out to be an ex-Robin?

JETT SAYS: Deric, that would be one of the most idiotic and stupid “adaptations” of a comic book character to film EVER. I still can’t believe that some legit and respected websites gave that BS any run whatsoever.

Yeah, I’d be pissed if they actually did something as stupid as that to two iconic Batman characters. I don’t want to know who the frick The Joker was before he was the damn Joker! The character having no backstory whatsoever – he just “IS” – definitely is the way to go. Here’s hoping and praying that there’s no “Red Hood,” vat of acid, or failed comedian nonsense in store for the DCEU Joker.

If Warner Bros. were willing to give funding to a special one-off Batman film that was one of the proposed previous Bat-Films that didn't make it, which one would you want to see you made? Also, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Killer Croc are Bat-Villains but who are the other Suicide Squad members villains of?

JETT SAYS: Hello again Travis, thanks for the questions! The one unmade Batman film that I’d want to see would be BATMAN TRIUMPHANT without a doubt.

As far as your Suicide Squad villains question, (Captain) Boomerang is, traditionally, an adversary of The Flash. Slipknot, Enchantress, and El Diablo are not really a rouge to any particular DC superhero. Katana, historically, has been more of a hero/antihero and aligned to the Batman sector of the DC Universe.

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