The May 31, 2015 BOF Mailbag
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
May 31, 2015

Hello everyone!

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Now, on with this weekend's mailbag...

It seems we know a hell of a lot more and have seen more of SUICIDE SQUAD than BATMAN v SUPERMAN. I have a theory: I believe Warner Bros. wants the public to be more award of SUICIDE SQUAD and is using Batman to gain an audience; whereas with BvS, the title sells itself. What do you think?

JETT SAYS: Todd, I think itís quite possible Ė I donít think Warner Bros. was too upset with the images of Batman that emerged from the set of SUICIDE SQUAD in Toronto. Batman being in the film will certainly help no doubt about it as it is basically free publicity. Here's director David Ayer's take...

On the other hand, when you film on location in a city as big as Toronto, pictures taken by fans and media outlets are inevitable. Check this out...

Iím sure that director David Ayer and the studio were well aware of what would be captured on film by bystanders and took the proper methods to ensure nothing more sensitive was witnessed and captured by cell phone cameras.

DC comes to you and says "Jett, there is too much Batman in pop culture. We want to preserve the character but we can only have him one medium: TV, Film, Comics or Games. You choose.Ē Which one do you want to keep him in and why? Keep in mind that the future of Batman fandom would be in your hands.

JETT SAYS: Film, hands down. Why? Because Batman on film reaches more people than the character in any other medium.

It hasn't been until recent years that Batman in the movies has been able to turn his head. Before that, we had what's become known by some as the ďBat Turn.Ē Did that ever bother you Ė the lack of turning the head, not the moniker?

JETT SAYS: You know Rob, the only film were it was really noticeable and looked fairly goofy was BATMAN í89. I think the suitís technology improved with each subsequent Batman film, so it wasnít as conspicuous. In fact in BATMAN BEGINS (2005), they actively tried to create a Bat-suit that would allow Christian Bale to turn his head while wearing the cowl (go watch the extras for BATMAN BEGINGS as thereís a whole segment on this topic). Then in THE DARK KNIGHT, they simply separated the neck/shoulder area from the cowl to allow for full head movement.

If you could cast one Batman actor in another Batman project, what would it have been?

JETT SAYS: How about Michael Keaton as The Riddler in BATMAN FOREVER?

What are your thoughts on Chris Pine being rumored to play Steve Trevor in WONDER WOMAN?

JETT SAYS: I think it would be good casting and it would certainly help give the film a bit of buzz.

I know you're not going to report on the set videos/pictures from SUICIDE SQUAD, BUT some of the video from the set (especially the outdoor scene) has to be getting you pretty excited for that movie right?

JETT SAYS: Joseph, I was fired up for this film before any of those set pics and video hit the Net!

Not sure if you already answered this, but could Scoot McNairy be playing The Riddler?

JETT SAYS: No, I donít think so. It looks like whomever heís playing will have prosthetic legs which will be CGIíed in post. I suspect heíll be someone who was significantly injured during the Battle of Metropolis between Superman and Zod in MAN OF STEEL. There was some buzz that McNairy could be playing Jimmy Olsen, and I could certainly see that being a possibility.

Now that we know that it was indeed the Batwing that attacked and blew up those trucks and (seemingly) armed men, do you think we're seeing a return of the "killer Batman" from the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher era, or could the Batwing be under the control of someone else?

JETT SAYS: Iíd say that we donít know the context of that scene, so the idea that Batman is killing people is nothing more than an assumption at this point. And for the record, I donít believe Batfleck will be a killer.

Will Chris Nolan be an executive producer for the JUSTICE LEAGUE films?

JETT SAYS: I believe that he and Emma Thomas will be listed as executive producers on those films. Of course, that doesnít mean anything as Chris and Emma are not actively involved with any of these new films; BATMAN v SUPERMAN included. Itís just good for business having Chrisís name in the credits.

Which era (artist, writer, decade etc.) of Batman comics is your favorite? That's a hard question for me, but I'm particularly fond of Englehart/Rogers..

JETT SAYS: Ryan, three quickly jump to my mind: Denny OíNeil/Neal Adams on BATMAN in the early 70s; Steve Englehart/Marshall Rogers on DETECTIVE COMICS in the late 70s; and, the Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo run thatís currently still taking place in BATMAN.

How did you like the ďConvergenceĒ event that DC launched through the entirety of May?

JETT SAYS: I donít know if I wouldíve liked it or not as I didnít ready any of it. These big ďeventsĒ have grown tiresome and I have no interest in them.

Technically not an "on film" question but whatever happened to the Joel Schumacher Batman graphic novels that were announced at NYCC last year? Haven't heard anything in a while.

JETT SAYS: Iím not sure as I havenít heard anything since the original announcement. Iím assuming the parties involved are currently working on the project as these things do take some time.

I find the lack of security on SUICIDE SQUAD to be on purpose. I don't think Warner Bros. would be so lax if they didn't want to be. How do you feel about the extreme difference with security between the BATMAN v SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD sets?

JETT SAYS: Iíd say the biggest difference is that most of BvS was filmed inside on soundstage sets, while SS is going a lot of filming outside on location. Like I said, a few questions back, Iím sure that Warner Bros. isnít totally upset with the pictures and video of Batman (and that was a stuntman, not Ben Affleck) on top of The Jokerís car as it is good free publicity for the film. However, I do know for a fact that they actively to measures to get the video of the scene between Jared Letoís Joker and Margot Robbieís Harley Quinn removed from the Net.

Look, this happened with all three of Chris Nolanís Batman films Ė especially the latter two where most of filming was on location. Itís just going to happen Ė particularly in this day and age of technology in everyoneís hands Ė when you film outside as opposed to on a soundstage.

And quite frankly, if you donít want to see it, stick to websites that you know what post that sort of stuff. ;)

Hey Jett , what's your all-time favorite monthly bat-book that isn't BATMAN or DETECTIVE? Mine's the original run of BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS.

JETT SAYS: That would be LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT that started in 1989 and ended in 1997. Great book!

Jett, do you ever see a non-Caucasian actor landing the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in a future Batman film?

JETT SAYS: What an interesting question with many layers. If I say no, then some may say Iím being racist. If I say yes, then itís said Iím being blasphemous. Hereís how I look at it: I believe there are a few iconic comic book superheroes that shouldnít be altered at the core Ė race included Ė and Batman is one of those characters. On the other hand, Iíd have no problem if Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, of even Alfred were depicted as Black in a Batman film or comic book story. Is that me being hypocritical? Probably a little bit. And If I really analyze it, Iím sure there is a bit of racism involved. But racism also can be found in every facet of society and in just about everybody. However, that doesnít make them Ė myself included Ė a racist. Again, this is a very interesting and thought-provoking question that can Ė and should Ė be discussed in more detail and length. What do you all think? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

You've expressed your dislike of BATMAN RETURNS as being on par with BATMAN AND ROBIN. While I can see your POV as a Batman fan, how would you compare the two in terms of quality film making?

JETT SAYS: Nick, I actually dislike RETURNS more than B&R. However if Iím honest attempt to be unbiased, Iíll say that RETURNS is better made piece of cinema that B&R.

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